George Soros

Soros-backed prosecutor gives child molester “woefully inadequate” sentence

Featured image Steve Descano is the left-wing, Soros-backed commonwealth’s attorney for Fairfax County, Virginia. We tried to rally support for his opponents — first a Democrat, then an independent — when Descano sought the chief prosecutor’s job in 2019. Descano prevailed in part because of the extraordinary financial backing of Team Soros. In addition, his promise not to prosecute “low-level” crimes such as marijuana offenses probably resonated with many Fairfax County voters. »

Judge slaps down radical LA prosecutor

Featured image George Gascón is the far-left district attorney in Los Angeles. He’s among those prosecutors who, with the backing of George Soros, have gained power and are using it to let criminals walk, or at least to treat them leniently. To the latter end, Gascón issued a directive to his attorneys forbidding them from seeking longer sentences for repeat offenders under the state’s Three Strikes Law, as well as in several »

Report: Patricia McCloskey’s gun was inoperable

Featured image Kim Gardner, the odious and incompetent St. Louis prosecutor, has filed charges against the McCloskeys, the couple that brandished firearms to deter a mob that had trespassed onto their property and, they say, threatened them. There are a number of problems with this prosecution. One is the Castle Doctrine which, in Missouri, apparently allows people to defend not only their homes but also their property. Another problem is that the »

Soros comes to aid of rogue St. Louis prosecutor

Featured image We’ve been writing about Kim Gardner, the incompetent leftist St. Louis prosecutor, who is persecuting the McCloskeys for defending their home against a mob. We’ve also been encouraging readers to contribute here to the campaign of Mary Pat Carl, who is running against Gardner in next month’s primary. The importance of this primary is highlighted by news that a George Soros-linked group has contributed $78,000 to Gardner’s campaign. This is »

Soros-funded leftists dominate Facebook censorship board

Featured image Judicial Watch has taken an in-depth look at the members of Facebook’s recently-appointed oversight board that will decide which posts get blocked. It found that the board “is stacked with leftists, including a close friend of leftwing billionaire George Soros who served on the board of directors of his Open Society Foundations (OSF).” Indeed, more than half of the 20 board members have ties to Soros. The standout among the »

Soros-funded candidate loses prosecutor race in upstate New York

Featured image George Soros, the Hungarian billionaire, succeeded in toppling two fine Northern Virginia prosecutors this year in Democratic primaries. Pouring unheard of amounts of money into local prosecutor races in Arlington and Fairfax Counties, Soros was able to take down Commonwealth Attorneys Theo Stamos in Arlington and Raymond Morrogh in Fairfax. They will be replaced by prosecutors who are borderline qualified, if that, and who very likely will adhere to the »