Google, Censor of the World?

Featured image The debate over the role of the tech giants and how they influence public speech is ongoing, and a huge subject. This is a First Amendment frontier: the tech companies (Google, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, Apple) are not arms of the government, but they largely control the public square. It is somewhat as though, in the 18th Century, manufacturers of printing presses had dictated that flyers could only be printed on »

Prager U vs. YouTube [Updated]

Featured image Prager University produces a wide variety of educational videos that have become very popular, especially with young people. They are some of the highest quality materials available on the internet. As with most other video producers, Prager U’s most important outlet is YouTube, which is owned by Google and is the platform on which 90 percent or more of videos are watched, worldwide. For several years, YouTube has suppressed Prager »

Tulsi Sues Google

Featured image Yesterday, presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard’s campaign sued Google, alleging that the company wrongly suspended the campaign’s Google Ads account during the critical hours following the first Democratic debate. The Complaint is venued in federal court in central California. Its allegations are explosive. Gabbard accuses Google of trying to sabotage her presidential campaign because she, like Elizabeth Warren, has argued in favor of reining in the tech monopolies, including Google. Here »

Ted Cruz Wants to Know

Featured image I wrote here about the explosive Project Veritas report on Google’s left-wing bias, which featured testimony from a whistleblower and surreptitious video of a Google executive, along with some company documents. There was a follow-up, which I wrote about here, involving a Google “transparency and ethics” group that characterized Dennis Prager, Jordan Peterson and Ben Shapiro as “Nazis.” Yesterday the Senate Commerce Committee held a hearing on tech companies’ use »

Google vs. Conservatives, Continued

Featured image Project Veritas has released an email it says it received from a Google whistleblower, following up on the video that we wrote about yesterday. On its face, the email appears to be part of a discussion among members of Google’s “transparency and ethics” group. It describes Prager University, Jordan Peterson and Ben Shapiro as “Nazis” and addresses the question how their influence can be reduced. Click to enlarge: As the »

A Smoking Gun Against Google?

Featured image Project Veritas’s latest project is exposing the left-wing bias that pervades “big tech.” That such bias exists is no surprise, but documenting it–and, more important, its effects–is something else. Yesterday Veritas released a new video, about 25 minutes long, on Google. It consists of two parts: an interview with an unidentified Google employee whose voice is altered so that he sounds like Darth Vader, and footage secretly taped of a »

Google’s Bias, Quantified

Featured image The Daily Mail reports on a Northwestern University study that attempted to quantify the liberal bias of Google’s “top stories” feature: Google’s bias towards left-wing media outlets has been laid bare by an algorithm which detected that it favors sites including CNN and The New York Times over others. According to data compiled by researchers from Northwestern University, the search engine promoted those sites over others repeatedly in November 2017. »

Banned by Google for Opposing Infanticide

Featured image America’s PAC is a conservative political action committee run by Tom Donelson. It produces, among other things, radio and television advertising on behalf of, and in opposition to, politicians. Today America’s PAC revealed that it has been permanently banned from advertising by Google: In their on-going corporate campaign against political speech and advertising by Conservatives, Google has permanently suspended Americas PAC’s advertising account saying, “We’ve confirmed that your account is »

Google Swings Left Again

Featured image Google has done away with its Artificial Intelligence Ethics Board, apparently because leftists at the company objected to inclusion of Heritage Foundation President Kay Coles James on the board: [E]mployees immediately claimed that James’s position on transgender identity involved advocating violence against them. An employee leaked an internal discussion on the issue, and the comments proved terrifying. *** Some employees defended James’s addition to the board in the name of »

Let’s Prosecute Google For Illegal Campaign Contributions

Featured image If we are going to start prosecuting illegal campaign contributions–sadly, too late to go after Barack Obama’s two scofflaw campaigns–maybe we should begin by charging Google and its executives with federal crimes. Earlier today, Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai, testified before the House Judiciary Committee on, among other things, Google’s apparent attempt to help Hillary Clinton win the 2016 presidential election. Tyler O’Neil at PJ Media reports: On Tuesday, Google CEO »

Is Trust-Busting the Answer?

Featured image Our friend Glenn Reynolds has an op-ed in USA Today in which he urges antitrust enforcement actions against the dominant tech firms: “Donald Trump must bust Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Google monopolies like Teddy Roosevelt.” Roosevelt built a strong reputation by going after the trusts, huge combinations that placed control of entire industries in the hands of one or a few men. He broke up John D. Rockefeller’s Standard Oil, the »

Google’s Algorithm: the Cartoon

Featured image I wrote about the leaked Google video on Wednesday: It’s Official: Google Is a Democratic Party Front. That post got quite a bit of attention, including this riff by Rush Limbaugh: John Hinderaker at Power Line wrote about this in what many people think is the definitive analysis of the Google video. Headline: “It’s Official: Google is a Democrat Party Front.” And here are some of Hinderaker’s takes on this, »

DOJ Considers Breaking Up Big Tech

Featured image I wrote last night about the leaked Google video that confirms, once and for all, that Google is an arm of the Democratic Party. Now, word emerges that the Department of Justice has invited 24 state attorneys general to meet for the purpose of discussing possible antitrust actions against the dominant technology platforms: On Thursday, the Department of Justice (DOJ) announced that nearly half of the state attorneys general would »

It’s Official: Google Is a Democratic Party Front [Updated]

Featured image Someone leaked to Breitbart an hour-long video of an “all hands” Google meeting that was held just after the 2016 election. The video features Google’s co-founder, Sergei Brin, its CEO, Sundar Pichai, and numerous other high-ranking “Googlers” speaking in turn about the election’s tragic outcome. It is stunning. All of the speakers express grief over Donald Trump’s election. All of the speakers assume that every Google employee is a Democrat »

Memo: Google Tried to Help Hillary Win by Driving Latino Vote

Featured image I’ve written several times about the fact that the Left has outsourced censorship to the giant tech firms of Silicon Valley. Given that much political debate now takes place on social media, generally thought of as a public space, it is a handy way around the First Amendment. But the role of the giant tech companies goes beyond suppressing conservative voices, to include promoting liberalism and the Democratic Party. The »

Whose Side Is Google On?

Featured image The Senate Intelligence Committee held a hearing on Wednesday, to which representatives of Google, Facebook and Twitter were invited. Google declined to attend, perhaps because its representative would have been questioned about why Google privileges the governments of Russia and China over that of the United States. Top executives of Facebook and Twitter–Sheryl Sandberg and Jack Dorsey–did show up. Tom Cotton noted Google’s empty chair while questioning Sandberg and Dorsey »