Going Postal Revisited

Featured image Anyone remember the phrase “going postal”? It arose from the spate in incidents starting in the 1980s when disgruntled former postal workers, in at least 11 separate incidents, returned to a postal facility and shot up the place, killing 35 people according to Wikipedia. The phrase became common currently for workplace violence which spread beyond post offices, and sometimes the phrase was used casually, as in “I just might go »

Liberal Dems oppose breakthrough anti-smoking technology

Featured image Smoking remains an enormous public health problem in the U.S. Cigarette smoking is the leading cause of preventable death in this country. According to some studies, more than half of longtime smokers will die from smoking-related complications. David Abrams, a professor at New York University’s College of Global Public Health, estimates that 1,300 people die from smoking every day. E-cigarettes offer a partial solution to this perennial health crisis. They »

And Now for Something Completely Different: Stop Whining, Drink Wine!

Featured image We’ve long known that red wine reduces the risk of heart attacks and several other ailments, which is why daily consumption of red wine is part of my health regimen. But did you know wine also makes you smarter? It’s settled science! At least according to a new book, Neuroenology: How the Brain Creates the Taste of Wine, by Gordon Shepherd. Mike Meisner of Napa Valley’s Last Bottle Bar summarizes »

Inadvertent comic relief from Al Franken at the Price hearing

Featured image At Tom Price’s hearing yesterday, the Democrats focused on alleged ethics problems. One involved the purchase of Zimmer Biomet stock. John has discussed this purchase which was directed by Price’s stockbroker as part of ongoing management of the congressman’s investments. A second involved the purchase of Innate Immunotherapeutics, an Australian biotech company. The decision to make this purchase was Price’s. There is a dispute between Price and Sen. Patty Murray »

Mental Floss: Everything You Know Is Wrong

Featured image “Everything You Know Is Wrong” is the prospective title of a book I’ve long wanted to write about why the conventional wisdom about everything almost invariably turns out to be wrong. We’re seen it with all manner of diet advice, such as salt, low-fat fads, and so forth. (Turns out there are already a couple of books with this title and similar themes, so I’m late to the party I »

A New Kind of Dragnet

Featured image Holy RuPaul, Batman! Did you know that smoking is bad for you! The U.S. government must be satisfied that it has reached every teen in America with the message that smoking is a drag, but what about people who dress in drag? How could we have forgotten them? More about the whole ad campaign from Breitbart. »

Chris Christie’s reasonable position on vaccines

Featured image Chris Christie is taking plenty of heat today, and not primarily because he turned up at an Arsenal match wearing a Gunners scarf. The heat, which I consider undeserved, arises from a comment the New Jersey governor made about vaccinating children. Christie was asked to comment about the connection between the measles outbreak and decisions by parents not to vaccinate their children against the sickness. He responded that he and »

Vexing the Vaxers

Featured image Is there a vaccine for liberalism? I guess not. Maybe Big Pharma ought to get to work on one—or at least announce a research program for a cure for liberalism. Think of the comedy gold you’d get from the Left. Not so funny is the growing anti-vax movement, which is mostly on the Left but finds a few adherents on the conspiratorial Right as well. (Maybe Big Pharma could disseminate »

Zombies at the CDC

Featured image The theme of government bureaucrats as zombies is as old as vampires at least, but sometimes they go out of their way to ratify its inner truth. The CDC “Zombie Pandemic” preparedness manual pictured here is not a parody pic for Power Line’s “Week in Pictures”—it’s real publication the CDC put out a couple years ago.  (Here’s the web link for the CDC’s zombie preparedness project—screen shot below.)  Remember this »

Reports: Ebola nurse in “fair” to “good” condition

Featured image Nina Pham, the Dallas nurse who was infected with the Ebola virus, is in good condition and improving, according to Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital. Pham has been transferred to the NIH hospital here in Maryland for reasons of “staffing.” Dozens of employees at the Dallas hospital are treating only Pham, and this is jeopardizing the ability to care for other patients. NIH described Pham’s condition in less favorable terms. She »

The Ebola panic and good sense

Featured image Yuval Levin has a sensible article on NRO called “Lessons of the Ebola Crisis.” Levin believes that the Obama administration is basically right when it says we are not witnessing an outbreak of Ebola in the U.S. and that such an outbreak is unlikely in our highly developed public-health system. However, he also believes that critics are right to say we have witnessed serious failures in the response to the »

The Ebola panic, the media, and the limits of government

Featured image The federal government, like almost any large institution, will nearly always be wrong-footed when confronted by the unexpected, especially if it’s an emergency. The feds will be slow off the mark and too many of their initial decisions will be wrong. We saw this with Hurricane Katrina and we’re seeing it now with Ebola. Conservatives, of all people, shouldn’t be surprised. If the federal government were capable of performing well »

Ebola: What the U.S. can learn from the Africans [UPDATED]

Featured image My friend Craig Harrison recently traveled in Southern Africa, where he found the Ebola “protocols” superior to those of the United States. Today, the Los Angeles Times’ editors published the following letter from Craig: To the editor: I spent most of September in Southern Africa and, unlike the United States, the three nations I visited are taking the threat of Ebola seriously. All arriving passengers in Johannesburg are scanned by »

Ebola crisis provides warning to unprepared America

Featured image I don’t think we have written about the spread of Ebola in West Africa, and I confess that I haven’t even thought much about this tragedy, other than to find it odd that President Obama is sending in troops to help deal with the matter. Fortunately, our friend Tevi Troy (along with Scott Gottlieb) has written an excellent piece for the Wall Street Journal about the inadequacy of the response »