Hong Kong

Under cover of COVID

Featured image Having spread the COVID-19 epidemic to the rest of the world, the Chinese Communist Party has put it to its own uses. Reporting from Hong Kong, the Washington Post’s Shibani Mahtani and Timothy McLaughlin noted one such use that has mostly escaped notice. It is cracking down on Hong Kong. The Post’s troubling April 24 story is headlined “One country, one system: The week that China shredded its promise on »

Raptor Fans Come Out For Freedom

Featured image Heh. With NBA stars like Lebron James and James Harden firmly in the oppression corner, a group of Toronto Raptors fans have decided to join the freedom team. They will distribute pro-Hong Kong t-shirts at the opening game of the Raptors 2019-20 season: The saga of Hong Kong vs. China vs. the NBA continues in Toronto next week with the distribution of more than 7,000 fan-made “The North Stand with »

Land of the Free

Featured image The New York Times may say that America is the land of “land grabs, enslavement, rape and genocide,” but oppressed people around the world know better. Earlier today in Hong Kong, demonstrators marched to the American embassy, waving American flags and calling on President Trump to support them in their fight for the freedoms that were promised when China reclaimed possession of the territory: Sunday’s crowd waved US flags and »

Tiananmen Square and Hong Kong: The same showdown [UPDATED]

Featured image So says Claudia Rosett, writing in the Wall Street Journal. She should know. She has been present for both. It’s true that the two showdowns are 30 years apart and arise in different venues. But in both cases, China’s control of a major city was challenged by a population seeking freedom. In the first case, rather than give in to legitimate demands, the Communist Party resorted to guns and mass »