Hope for the Future

Disinformation, American style (2)

Featured image The students holding down the fort at the University of Chicago’s Chicago Thinker give us hope for the future. The Thinker’s motto is “Outthink the Mob.” In this case, the Mob includes the mainstream media bigwigs featured at the University of Chicago Institute of Politics/Atlantic Disinformation Conference this week. The Thinker’s Christopher Phillips posed a pointed question to CNN’s Brian Stelter. It stumped Stelter (video below). The Thinker covers it »


Featured image Bob Dylan’s allusive lyrics in “Jokerman” include the line “False-hearted judges dying in the webs they spin.” The line may well apply (or may apply well) to the judges who bought the arguments why the jury’s death penalty verdict in the case of Dzhokar Tsarnaev should be overturned. Justice Thomas and five colleagues held otherwise on Friday in United States v. Tsarnaev (opinion embedded below). Adding to the absurdity of »

12 Republicans who flipped House seats

Featured image As of this morning, with five races yet to be called, RealClearPolitics notes that Republicans have picked up a net of 9 House seats. RCP projects that Republicans will pick up a net 10-13 seats when the counting is done. A few more excellent candidates helped the GOP hold House seats where there was no incumbent. I am thinking, for example, of Beth Van Duyne, one of the successful candidates »

Georgia H walks away

Featured image Georgia H has contributed her story of walking away from the Democrats to the #walkaway series posted on YouTube. She says that Teach for America made her “abandon the racism of the left. AOC made me abandon the left altogether.” The video has registered more than 800,000 views, but it was brought to my attention by a reader. The reader comments: A lovely, young, very articulate and intelligent woman who »

Candace Owens unexpurgated

Featured image Candace Owens came to town on Tuesday to speak before a packed audience in the ballroom of the Marriott City Center in downtown Minneapolis. The event was sponsored by the Center of the American Experiment, the conservative Minnesota think tank of which John is the president. The center writes: “We loved the way she thinks way before Kanye West, and we certainly love her more after Candace Owens inspired a »

Candace Owens comes to town [updated]

Featured image The Center of the American Experiment hosted Candace Owens at the Marriott City Center over lunch this afternoon in the hotel’s packed ballroom with 550 guests in attendance. Congratulations are in order to John and his gang at the center. It was a spectacular and spectacularly successful event. Candace is a powerful speaker. She is an inspirational figure. She is young and beautiful. She displayed poise and easy eloquence in »

“Wild in the Streets” Indeed

Featured image I can’t recall whether we’re supposed to think that popular culture is a leading or lagging indicator of things, but it seems Hollywood anticipated the recent children’s crusade for banning guns—and lowering the voting age to 16—exactly 50 years ago, in a film that I never heard of (“Wild in the Streets”), but which a sharp-eyed Power Line reader pointed out to me. See if this doesn’t capture a fair »

Not the end of the world as we know it, maybe

Featured image Can fans of Bernie Sanders be persuaded to support elements of the GOP tax bill that was just enacted despite the Democrats’ visions of the apocalypse? It seems impossible, but Ami Horowitz may have have opened a few minds of Sandernistas waking the streets of the East Village by creatively ascribing them to Sanders (video below). I’m not sure Ami persuaded anyone on lowering the corporate tax rate from 35 »

Bill Maher, Neocon?

Featured image If we recur to the older definition of a neoconservative as a liberal mugged by reality, we have to be open to the possibility that lefty comedian Bill Maher is on his way to becoming a neoconservative. In a rant on his last show, he takes after the impulse of liberalism to regulate everything. Of course, he doesn’t understand that this is the telos of modern liberalism, but sooner or »

Public Service Announcement for Geeks Everywhere

Featured image In case you’re hiding under a rock—or are one of our faithful readers who wait exclusively for Power Line to certify what is truly important news—tonight the newest trailer for the forthcoming Star Wars movie was released. You’re welcome. »

Dartmouth Happy

Featured image My youngest daughter is a happy Dartmouth junior. She loves college and she loves Dartmouth. Outside of the classroom, her sorority is at the center of her life on campus. She loves her sorority sisters, and we understand why. They are outstanding young women. I therefore throw up my hands at the negative publicity a few bad apples have created on campus, and the administration’s surrender to them. If the »

Two New Sites of Note

Featured image Two new info-rich websites are worth noting and bookmarking for frequent visits (after Power Line, of course).  The first is HumanProgress.org, a project of the Cato Institute.  It is an ambitious project aimed at debunking the relentless gloom of the neo-Malthusianism of everyone who wants to extend more and more political control over people and resources.  As the title suggests, the real story of the human race is relentless progress.  »

Scenes from the Bush Institute debate

Featured image At the George W. Bush Institute they believe better education about economic principles is fundamental to achieving stronger economic growth. That’s why the institute launched a national economic debate program last year for high school debaters. Last October more than 100 high school students from around the country converged on Dallas to debate the issues of infrastructure, property rights, and economic growth. The weekend was a huge success. They have »