Identity Politics

Another Crash at the Intersectionality

Featured image It was only four years ago that Los Angeles City Councilman Kevin de Leon was the new shiny object for California progressives. He finished second in California’s jungle primary for the U.S. Senate seat held by Dianne Feinstein, and even if he couldn’t beat the fellow Democrat in the general election, he appeared set up to succeed her when she finally retired or resigned from office. Just today Feinstein, who »

Unsinkable Ship of Fools?

Featured image Updating John’s item last night about the recording of blatantly racist remarks by Los Angeles City Council President Nury Martinez and others, the latest news is that Martinez has resigned as council president—but has not resigned as a member of the council.  I wonder if her $207,000 salary—the highest city council salary in the nation—has something to do with it. Like most political hacks, it is doubtful Martinez could ever command »

Today in Crazy

Featured image So this turns out to be a real thing: When is the IPO happening? I want to be in on the ground floor for this one. Certain to be the next Facebook. »

It’s Official: “Diversity” = Leftism

Featured image One of the definitions in Power Line’s lexicon of modern leftist terms is “Diversity: Where everyone looks different, but thinks the same.” Virtually every office of “diversity, equity, and inclusion” is a Soviet-style ideological enforcement bureau, a campus Stasi. And now the New York Times has made it official: “diversity” is a synonym for “leftism.” Britain’s new prime minister, Liz Truss, has appointed a cabinet without a single white male. »

Case Study in Leftist Ideology Path Dependence

Featured image Cast your mind back to the early 1980s for a moment, and the early innings of the AIDS epidemic. It was widely understood that AIDS was predominantly spread through high-risk or unprotected homosexual contact, and public health authorities, even in San Francisco, initially said that gay bathhouses that were venues for casual and largely unprotected sexual encounters should be closed down. In those days, however, the ethic of “liberation” and »

It Always Goes Back to Marx, Somehow…

Featured image Leftists will get impatient or roll their eyes when they hear someone like Jordan Peterson describe postmodernist “critical theory,” critical race theory, or any aspect of identity politics (especially the phenomenon of “gender fluidity”) as “cultural Marxism.”  And yet. . . Michael Anton drew my attention to a passage in the transcript of Leo Strauss’s seminar on Marx that he taught at the University of Chicago in 1960 (emphasis added): Partly »

Robert Reich vs Dave Chappelle on Economics (& Common Sense)

Featured image As you may have heard, Robert Reich, who increasingly looks like a parody of an old man yelling at clouds, is very concerned about equality. Very very concerned. Almost obsessively concerned. Actually, strike “almost” from the previous sentence. His egalitarianism extends to the WNBA. Reich finds it scandalous that WNBA players aren’t paid the same as NBA players. Never mind getting schooled by any libertarian walking down the street, as »

Letter from the Highlands

Featured image PITLOCHRY, Scotland—You’d think up here in whisky headwaters of the Scottish Highlands you’d be blissfully free of all the intersectional identity politics nonsense afflicting the United States. And you’d be wrong. The headline over the weekend in The Scotsman (the New York Times of the north country) ran: “Scottish cricket board resigns amid damning racism report.” Maybe The Scotsman is written by the New York Times, given the content of »

Turn the Page

Featured image Jordan Peterson has been banned from Twitter for dissenting from gender ideology in the case of actress Ellen Page who decided to become Elliot Page, and submit to extensive surgery to remove her breasts and become as manly-appearing as possible.  I notice Page hasn’t been cast in many film roles lately, after a number of excellent performances over the last 20 years. The banning has gone beyond Peterson: Here’s my »

Womxn, Latinx—Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off

Featured image With all the attention directed at the elite leftist bigotry behind trying to force “Latinx” upon an unwilling minority group, I had almost forgotten about the much older term popularized by feminists a while ago now: “womxn.” I don’t know how to say this any better than “Latinx,” but fortunately we have the University of California at Irvine’s Womxn Center for Success on the job helping us out. Though they »

Have We Reached a Turn Against Wokism?

Featured image As noted here yesterday, the Washington Post decided to boot out an entitled Millennial, which comes in the same week that San Francisco voters booted out a woke prosecutor, and we know that Netflix has told its own staff that anyone who doesn’t like offerings like Dave Chapelle or Ricky Gervais might want to seek employment elsewhere (and then cancelled a planned children’s show based on the “work” of Ibram »

AOC to Dems: Drink the Kool Aid!

Featured image There is no finer representative figure for the transformation of Democrats into the party of the faculty lounge and identity politics uber alles than her self-worshipness, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Despite repeated surveys showing hispanics don’t use the term “Latinx” (with a large plurality hating the term), here we see AOC chiding Democrats for not using the term: Curiously, she more or less contradicts herself when she says Democrats should change the »

What Is a Woman?

Featured image It has long been supposed (mostly tongue-in-cheek, except for Freudians) that the great unanswerable question of all time is, “What do women want?” Forget that. Today the unanswerable question—not tongue-in-cheek—is, “What is a woman?” Matt Walsh of the Daily Wire has produced a documentary about this question which is out late this week. I haven’t see it yet, but I have seen some excerpts, and this short trailer makes one »


Featured image The phrase “transitional housing” has been around a long time, but San Francisco has come up with a whole new dimension. Behold, a recent Tweet from the mayor: Turns out the mayor has included $6.5 million in next year’s budget with the intent of eliminating trans-homelessness over the next five years. San Francisco is estimated to have up to 20,000 homeless living on the streets. How many are trans? “According »

Has the Transgender Trend Peaked?

Featured image Surveys over the last several years have found an increasing number of young people  “identify” themselves as transgender or “non-binary,” with some surveys finding the number as high as 30 percent. (Most report it around 20 percent.) Some of this may be peer pressure and wanting to be part of the latest trend, the way every Oxford or Cambridge student used to become a Communist for a week or two. »

The Worst People on Campus

Featured image There is sharp competition for the prize of the worst people at universities these days. Egregiously radical faculty usually get the most attention, followed by the “diversity, inclusion, and equity” (DIE!) staff. But the admissions staff tend to get a pass, partly because they don’t make public pronouncements that attract attention. The admissions process is, however, the tip of the spear for the race-mongering that is central to the left »

What’s the Matter with Oklahoma?

Featured image From time to time we like to highlight academic job ads as an indicator of how badly politicized our universities have become. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, along comes the University of Oklahoma with a job ad so jaw-dropping bad that it sets a new standard. In this case, for a musical theater performance slot. The full ad is quite long, but I’ve excised some of the »