Ilhan Omar

Memorial Day weekend with Omar & Ellison

Featured image The category of vile Democrats is a large one and the competition for most vile is stiff. As a Minnesotan, I would nominate Fifth District Rep. Ilhan Omar and Attorney General Keith Ellison for the honor. I have been writing about them for about as long as they have been running for office — since 2016 in Omar’s case, since 2006 in Ellison’s case (running for Congress, Ellison was a »

Beyond Madam Minitrue

Featured image Ahmed Nur Said Elmi moved from London to join other members of his family including his sister Ilhan Omar in Minneapolis. My Somali sources have explained to me that Omar’s father wanted Elmi in town with the family to rescue him from the flagrantly homosexual lifestyle he was living in London. As I understand, Omar was to lend a hand in taking him from what their father saw as a »

Ann Coulter defies Madam Minitrue

Featured image Madam Minitrue has relegated the story of Ilhan Omar’s fraudulent 2009 marriage to brother Ahmed Nur Said Elmi — the marriage was officiated by Christian minister Wilecia Harris — to the category of “domestic Russian disinformation,” akin to the far-out New York Post story about Hunter Biden’s laptop from hell. Ann Coulter is not taking the cue from Madam Minitrue. Ann takes the occasion of an Omar warning to issue »

From the desk of Madam Minitrue

Featured image The Alpha News story by assistant editor Rose Williams flags some of the perceptive work by Ministry of Truth czar Nina Jankowicz. The story embeds the edited video below showing Madam Minitrue declaring stories that Ilhan Omar married her brother and Kamala Harris slept her way to the top forms of “domestic Russian disinformation.” Looking around on online, I take it that the video is edited from Jankowicz’s April 2021 »

In free lunch fraud, the Times takes note

Featured image Guhaad Hashi Said’s image instructing Somalis to keep quiet — I lifted it from his Facebook page — is the avatar I have used for this series. Long-time Power Line readers may recall that Hashi is Ilhan Omar’s enforcer. That’s how I first heard about him in the course of my initial reporting on Omar’s marriage to her brother over five years ago. Preya Samsundar reported on Hashi in the »

Speaking of hate

Featured image I’m tied up today and wanted to post a column I wrote at the invitation of RealClearPolitics in 2018 shortly after the election of the untouchable Ilhan Omar to represent Minnesota’s Fifth District in Congress. Looking for something I wrote for RCP back in 2003 or so — I couldn’t find it — I came across the Omar column. It seems to me to have stood the test of time. »

In free lunch fraud, the friends of Ilhan Omar

Featured image We are in the early stages of the apparent USDA free lunch food fraud committed under the auspices of the Minnesota nonprofits including Feeding Our Future. So far, the FBI has unsealed three search warrants that have now been executed. The warrants and supporting affidavits lay out the (huge) underlying investigation along with the alleged facts of the case. The Center of the American Experiment’s Bill Glahn has posted a »

Somebody said something, Star Tribune style

Featured image The Star Tribune covers the latest developments in the matter of hometown Rep. Ilhan Omar and Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert in “Omar ends ‘unproductive call’ with GOP lawmaker who made anti-Muslim remarks.” Subhead: “The Minnesota Democrat said she wanted a direct apology from Rep. Lauren Boebert.” Reporter Hunter Woodall luxuriates in the allegations of Boebert’s bigotry and Republican inadequacy before inserting this apparent concession in the interest of fairness (link »

Somebody said something

Featured image Politico Playbook serves as a vehicle for Democrats to vent their thoughts and float their balloons. Playbook’s Rachael Bade leads this morning with Democrats’ mulling over the offense taken by Rep. Ilhan Omar to comments by Rep. Lauren Boebert. Bade’s Playbook report is headlined “Dems’ dicey decision: Punish Boebert or not?” Here is Bade’s accompanying report minus the links: IS AN APOLOGY ENOUGH? — The drama surrounding Rep. LAUREN BOEBERT’s »

The Luger letter in context

Featured image Yesterday I reiterated the questions raised by Andrew Luger’s August 2016 letter to counsel for Ilhan Omar. Luger saved Omar’s career when he sent out the letter in violation of Department of Justice policy and what I understand to be the essence of the facts. Now that President Biden has nominated him to serve a second tour as United Stats Attorney for Minnesota, perhaps he can answer a few questions »

Restatement on the return of Andrew Luger

Featured image Yesterday President Biden nominated Andrew Luger to serve as United States Attorney for Minnesota. The Star Tribune reported in early September that the FBI was conducting its final background check on Luger prior to his nomination. Something must have held it up. With Luger’s formal nomination, I am restating what I wrote this past September. This would be Luger’s second tour. He also served as United States Attorney under President »

Omar vs. the Star Tribune

Featured image The Minneapolis Star Tribune published an op-ed by Bret Stephens that criticized Rashida Tlaib and other far-left Democratic House members for their futile opposition to funding of the Iron Dome program. The Stephens op-ed originally appeared in the New York Times; the Star Tribune version included the headline “Omar, ‘squad,’ launch another anti-Israel strike.” This, along with other alleged sins by the Star Tribune, was too much for Omar and »

The Squad Descends On Minnesota [Updated]

Featured image It isn’t easy to assemble the entire Squad in one place, but reportedly it happened today in Minneapolis. The Squad held a press conference to demand that President Biden revoke the permit to construct Enbridge Energy’s Line 3 replacement pipeline. As usual, the activists’ claims are hysterical: The press conference came days after a letter from the United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination requested that the federal »


Featured image Earlier this week I wrote about the press release and web page on the investigation of Ilhan Omar’s 2009 marriage to her brother in “A tale of Minnesota crime & politics.” Toward the end of my post I noted Miranda Devine’s New York Post column on the investigation. Devine appeared for a three-minute segment on Tucker Carlson Tonight discussing her column. I wrote about it yesterday in “Omar’s Daily Beast »

Omar’s Daily Beast of burden

Featured image Yesterday I wrote about the press release and web page on the investigation of Ilhan Omar’s 2009 marriage to her brother in “A tale of Minnesota crime & politics.” Toward the end of my post I noted Miranda Devine’s New York Post column on the investigation. Last night Devine appeared for a three-minute segment on Tucker Carlson Tonight. I have embedded a clip of the segment below. Daily Beast contributing »

Hamas to Omar: Get Off Our Team!

Featured image We wrote here and here about Ilhan Omar’s latest outrage: tweeting that the United States, Israel, Afghanistan, Hamas and the Taliban have all been guilty of “unthinkable atrocities.” All on a par, apparently. Hamas, though, didn’t like being lumped with you, me and Israel: Hamas issued press release denouncing US Rep. Illhan Omar (@Ilhan) for equating the 'Palestinian resistance' to the 'crimes' of Israel & US invasion in Afghanistan. They »

The Omar clarification

Featured image Even some of her Democratic colleagues must be tired of Rep. Ilhan Omar. This tweet by Omar set off 12 Democratic colleagues who happen to be Jewish. We must have the same level of accountability and justice for all victims of crimes against humanity. We have seen unthinkable atrocities committed by the U.S., Hamas, Israel, Afghanistan, and the Taliban. I asked @SecBlinken where people are supposed to go for justice. »