Ilhan Omar

The Luger letter in context

Featured image Yesterday I reiterated the questions raised by Andrew Luger’s August 2016 letter to counsel for Ilhan Omar. Luger saved Omar’s career when he sent out the letter in violation of Department of Justice policy and what I understand to be the essence of the facts. Now that President Biden has nominated him to serve a second tour as United Stats Attorney for Minnesota, perhaps he can answer a few questions »

Restatement on the return of Andrew Luger

Featured image Yesterday President Biden nominated Andrew Luger to serve as United States Attorney for Minnesota. The Star Tribune reported in early September that the FBI was conducting its final background check on Luger prior to his nomination. Something must have held it up. With Luger’s formal nomination, I am restating what I wrote this past September. This would be Luger’s second tour. He also served as United States Attorney under President »

Omar vs. the Star Tribune

Featured image The Minneapolis Star Tribune published an op-ed by Bret Stephens that criticized Rashida Tlaib and other far-left Democratic House members for their futile opposition to funding of the Iron Dome program. The Stephens op-ed originally appeared in the New York Times; the Star Tribune version included the headline “Omar, ‘squad,’ launch another anti-Israel strike.” This, along with other alleged sins by the Star Tribune, was too much for Omar and »

The Squad Descends On Minnesota [Updated]

Featured image It isn’t easy to assemble the entire Squad in one place, but reportedly it happened today in Minneapolis. The Squad held a press conference to demand that President Biden revoke the permit to construct Enbridge Energy’s Line 3 replacement pipeline. As usual, the activists’ claims are hysterical: The press conference came days after a letter from the United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination requested that the federal »


Featured image Earlier this week I wrote about the press release and web page on the investigation of Ilhan Omar’s 2009 marriage to her brother in “A tale of Minnesota crime & politics.” Toward the end of my post I noted Miranda Devine’s New York Post column on the investigation. Devine appeared for a three-minute segment on Tucker Carlson Tonight discussing her column. I wrote about it yesterday in “Omar’s Daily Beast »

Omar’s Daily Beast of burden

Featured image Yesterday I wrote about the press release and web page on the investigation of Ilhan Omar’s 2009 marriage to her brother in “A tale of Minnesota crime & politics.” Toward the end of my post I noted Miranda Devine’s New York Post column on the investigation. Last night Devine appeared for a three-minute segment on Tucker Carlson Tonight. I have embedded a clip of the segment below. Daily Beast contributing »

Hamas to Omar: Get Off Our Team!

Featured image We wrote here and here about Ilhan Omar’s latest outrage: tweeting that the United States, Israel, Afghanistan, Hamas and the Taliban have all been guilty of “unthinkable atrocities.” All on a par, apparently. Hamas, though, didn’t like being lumped with you, me and Israel: Hamas issued press release denouncing US Rep. Illhan Omar (@Ilhan) for equating the 'Palestinian resistance' to the 'crimes' of Israel & US invasion in Afghanistan. They »

The Omar clarification

Featured image Even some of her Democratic colleagues must be tired of Rep. Ilhan Omar. This tweet by Omar set off 12 Democratic colleagues who happen to be Jewish. We must have the same level of accountability and justice for all victims of crimes against humanity. We have seen unthinkable atrocities committed by the U.S., Hamas, Israel, Afghanistan, and the Taliban. I asked @SecBlinken where people are supposed to go for justice. »

Will the Squad’s Implosion Fracture the Democrats?

Featured image Over the last few years, it has been considered a truism that the energy in the Democratic Party comes from the far Left, largely in the person of the Squad headed by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib. The conventional wisdom has also been that the extremism of that wing of the party is a problem, and that the party’s leaders need to tamp it down without alienating what »

Omar Around the Bend

Featured image The latest Ilhan Omar outrage is two days old, but I don’t believe we have commented on it yet. Nowadays, you just can’t keep up. On Twitter, Omar equated the U.S., Israel, Hamas, Afghanistan and the Taliban as committers of “unthinkable atrocities.” You have to see it to believe it: We must have the same level of accountability and justice for all victims of crimes against humanity. We have seen »

Hamas Strikes, the Usual Suspects Cheer

Featured image I don’t think we have yet written about the current conflict in Israel. In the last two days, Hamas has launched, as of the last total I have seen, more than 700 rockets into Israel. Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and other cities have come under attack. Several Israelis have been killed, despite that country’s robust civil defense system. Israel has responded in its usual fashion, with targeted strikes against Hamas leaders »

Introducing the OMAR Act

Featured image In her young career Minnesota Fifth District Rep. Ilhan Omar has made her mark in a variety of ways. To take one, she was the first member of the Minnesota legislature to take office while married to her brother (her first of three legal, sort of, husbands). Moving on to Congress, to take another, she was the first member of the House of Representatives ever to have been married to »

Tweet of the Year?

Featured image I know, the year is young. But today’s tweet by new Congresswoman Lauren Boebert is a contender: Hypocrisy 101: @IlhanMN cites my legitimate mileage reimbursements while she paid her husband* over $1 million in campaign consulting fees. *Not her brother, the new husband. — Lauren Boebert (@laurenboebert) February 4, 2021 Congresswoman Boebert represents Colorado’s 3rd District. From her official web site bio: Congresswoman Boebert is 34 years old and is »

F*** the Police?

Featured image On New Year’s Eve, Ilhan Omar tweeted this photo of herself with her daughter Isra Hirsi: The daughter’s necklace says “FTP” on one side and “BLM” on the other. FTP stands for “F*** the Police.” Ilhan obviously knows this, as does the daughter, who proudly posts radical, anti-American and anti-free enterprise messages. Nevertheless, this is the picture that Ilhan chose to publish on New Year’s Eve. This was, it is »

“Klan Rallies”

Featured image Joe Biden may be posing as the Great Unifier, but the rest of his party hasn’t gotten the message. Ilhan Omar, for example, who offhandedly and unironically refers to President Trump’s campaign events as “Klan rallies.” I don’t expect Omar to like President Trump–he certainly doesn’t think much of her–but this is ridiculous. Yet in the world of the Washington Post, it passes without objection: #Resist. »

A shout out from Trump

Featured image In October 2019 I met briefly with President Trump before his incredible Target Center rally in downtown Minneapolis. He complimented me on my work exposing the many frauds of Minnesota Fifth District Rep. Ilhan Omar. “You’re doing a great job,” the president greeted me, “but where’s the U.S. Attorney on this?” Good question! President Trump took up the Omar question again and gave me — I think it was me »

Tom Lyden versus Project Veritas

Featured image FOX9 is the local FOX channel in the Twin Cities. It’s not an affiliate. FOX owns it. Tom Lyden works as an investigative reporter on the news side of the operation. I have a healthy respect for Tom’s work and, in one case involving a story on Ilhan Omar that FOX9 deposited down the memory hole, even stood up for its accuracy when he has stood down. Tom got the »