Ilhan Omar


Featured image There I was, placidly reading Michael Barone’s excellent column “The Proximal Origin of a Scientific Fraud.” Referring to the recently released emails that reveal the “Proximal Origins” deceit, Barone concludes: I found the cynicism revealed in these emails shocking, even though I have written critically, in July 2021 and March 2023, about government scientists’ attempts to discredit the lab leak theory. I note that statistics guru Nate Silver, not a »

Omar persists

Featured image Speaker Kevin McCarthy marshaled the votes to remove Minnesota Fifth District Rep. Ilhan Omar from the House Foreign Affairs Committee on grounds of her anti-Semitic bigotry. David Harsanyi comments on her removal in this New York Post column. Anticipating her removal, Omar had this to say on the House floor: “I am a Muslim. I am an immigrant. And, interestingly, from Africa. Is anyone surprised that I am a target?” »

Applying Pelosi’s precedent

Featured image AP congressional reporter Farnoush Amiri report via Twitter (below) that Speaker Kevin McCarthy will follow through on his promise to remove Reps. Eric Swalwell (Intelligence), Adam Schiff (Intelligence), and Ilhan Omar (Foreign Affairs) from their committee assignments. Of the three, I think Schiff is the worst. He should be tarred and feathered and run out of town for abuse of his position as Intelligence Committee chairman to perpetuate the Russia »

One of the all time worst political liars

Featured image Peggy “High” Noonan devotes her weekly Wall Street Journal column to the case of Rep.-elect George Santos. Noonan might have gone into a trance and produced it via automatic writing. On second thought, she probably didn’t need to go into a trance to produce it, but I’ll stick with the automatic writing part. She gives us the predictable screed in “Why George Santos’s lies matter.” She advises the GOP: “They »

The Santos clause & an addendum

Featured image I detect Seth Lipsky’s characteristic prose and train of thought in the New York Sun editorial “Yes, Virginia–There Is a Santos Clause.” Seth’s hand in the editorial makes sense: he is the editor of the Sun. The subject of the editorial is the post-election discovery that Rep.-elect George Santos is not who he said he was. The subhead summarizes the gist of the editorial: “All the falsehoods George Santos is »

Omar Gets the Boot [Updated]

Featured image At the Republican Jewish Coalition’s meeting in Las Vegas yesterday, incoming Speaker Kevin McCarthy announced that he intends to kick Ilhan Omar off the House Foreign Relations Committee: “We watch anti-Semitism grow, not just on our campuses, but we watched it grow In the halls of Congress,” McCarthy said…. “I promised you last year that as speaker she will no longer be on Foreign Affairs, and I’m keeping that promise,” »

Two Kinds Of Hypocrisy

Featured image If the worst anyone can say of you is that you are a hypocrite, congratulations: you are on the fast track to Heaven. On the whole, hypocrisy is perhaps a good thing because hypocrites at least uphold a standard to which they and others are presumed to aspire. That is what I always thought, anyway. But there are two kinds of hypocrisy, one much worse than the other. We normally »

In free lunch fraud: A media note

Featured image Today’s Star Tribune features a profile of Bock, the indicted mastermind of the free lunch fraud that we have been covering since this past January. The profile draws heavily on the reporters’ interview of her in the immediate aftermath of the FBI raids that made the scandal public. The only really new element is its mention of my friend Abdi Nur at the top of the story: Aimee Bock’s organization »

Mayor Frey on Ilhan Omar

Featured image Everyone knows Ilhan Omar is a vile ingrate and egregious liar, but these may be among her less detestable qualities. I had nevertheless yet to hear her called out in public by a prominent Minnesota Democrat in the fashion she was last night by Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey (video below). Frey’s condemnation of Omar reflects his personal experience and it is something more than the weak tea we have come »

Uncuff me here: The fact-check

Featured image FactCheck.Org serves up a reductio ad absurdum of the fact-check form in “Ocasio-Cortez Was Arrested at Abortion-Rights Protest, Contrary to Social Media Posts.” Confirmed: AOC was detained and fined $50, almost like Martin Luther King in Birmingham: Following the arrests, various Facebook posts falsely claimed that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York pretended to be arrested. One post showed multiple pictures of Ocasio-Cortez being held by a Capitol Police officer, »

Uncuff me here!

Featured image Everything about Ilhan Omar is a fraud, including her name. When it comes to civil disobedience, for example, it’s all show business. Omar was one of the the 16 or 17 brave congressmen protesting the tyranny of the Supreme Court decision authorizing states to treat abortion as they see fit. Giving it up for Roe, Omar and AOC briefly restricted their freedom of movement by holding their hands behind their »

Police Brutality In Washington

Featured image Earlier today, there was a pro-abortion demonstration outside the Supreme Court building in Washington. A number of Democratic politicians participated. The protesters blocked traffic so as to get themselves “arrested” as an act of political theater. What is funny about this is that several of them, including Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar, put their arms behind their backs, pretending to have been handcuffed by police officers. A liberal’s gotta suffer, »

Ilhan inquiries

Featured image We reported on Power Line earlier this week that Ilhan Omar departed for London with husband Tim Mynett on Sunday after getting booed off the Target Center stage Saturday evening. The political reporters at the Star Tribune are still churning out copy and sending out their daily Hot Dish newsletter, but the news about Omar is missing. I wrote the Star Tribune Hot Dish account this morning: I’m a faithful »

The Omar omertà

Featured image A huge Somali audience booed Ilhan Omar when she took the stage at Suldaan Seeraar’s Target Center concert in downtown Minneapolis this past Saturday evening. She was unable to get in a word edgewise. What gives? Surely there is an interesting story there. We posted the video here first thing Sunday morning. The video went viral on Twitter. We followed up here in the post reporting that Omar left town »

Exclusive: Omar blows town

Featured image If you want to keep up with the news about Ilhan Omar, the Daily Mail has been a good place to turn over the past several years. Minneapolis’s Star Tribune — not so much. Today the Daily Mail’s US homepage features the story we reported yesterday morning: “‘Get the f*** out of here’: Squad member Ilhan Omar is booed by 10,000-strong Somali music festival crowd in her OWN district – »

She who gets booed

Featured image The huge Somali community in the Twin Cities is celebrating Somali Week (presented by Amazon, with UnitedHealthCare designated the week’s official healthcare partner). The week runs from July 2 through July 17 (I can’t explain). The highlight of yesterday’s kickoff was to be the first North American appearance of global sensation Suldaan Seeraar at Target Center in a show also featuring DJ Flavio and DJ Challo (I can’t explain). One »

A roadmap for Jew-haters

Featured image The Boston Globe’s Jeff Jacoby has written a valuable and scrupulously detailed column exploring the handiwork of BDS Boston in “A roadmap for Jew-haters.” You may not have heard much about the roadmap. The news would have been blasted around the world and repeated for days on end if some American minority group other than Jews were the subject of the map. The derangement it manifests is familiar to Power »