Illegal immigration

A Nation of Illegal Immigrants?

Featured image When I was a kid we were taught in school that America is a nation of immigrants. It was seen as something to be proud of, even if it arguably left out Native Americans. But now the phrase is taking on a whole new meaning, as illegal immigrants threaten to take over from childbirth as our main source of population growth. Via InstaPundit: Without the mass deportation of tens of »

No Need to Swim the Rio Grande

Featured image The Biden administration is doing all it can to maximize the number of illegal immigrants entering the country before a Republican administration can take over and stop the bleeding. The Center for Immigration Studies has used a FOIA request to shed light on an almost unbelievable aspect of the administration’s selling out of America: A little-known part of the Biden administration’s CBP One parole program permits inadmissible [Ed.: Illegal] aliens »

Why Won’t Biden Close the Border?

Featured image British Home Secretary Suella Braverman is coming to Washington. At the top of her agenda is illegal immigration. She wants American help in resisting the tide of illegals that is swamping much of Western Europe as well as the U.S.: Ahead of the visit, she said: “Illegal migration and the unprecedented mass movement of people across the globe is placing unsustainable pressures on America, the UK, and Europe. “We must »


Featured image Former Federal Election Commission member Hans von Spakovsky brought up the term in 2000 Mules, and politiqueros will doubtless draw a blank from many voters. Once upon a time National Public Radio actually directed a beam of light at this issue. “In Rio Grande Valley, Some Campaign Workers Are Paid To Harvest Votes,” the July 7, 2015 Morning Edition explained. Politiquero or politiquera means “campaign worker,” and these workers are involved »

New Yorkers Aren’t Buying It

Featured image New York has long been a “sanctuary city,” but when busloads of illegal immigrants began showing up, that changed rapidly. Mayor Eric Adams says that the presence of 58,000 or so illegal immigrants threatens to destroy the city, and blames the Biden administration. He’s right about that. A group of New York pols that included Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Gerald Nadler, and others toured the Roosevelt Hotel, epicenter of the fiasco, and »

Gov Abbott Reacts to Biden’s ‘Remain in Texas’ Proposal

Featured image After preliminary data showed the number of migrants entering the U.S. illegally had hit an all-time high last month, three U.S. officials told the Los Angeles Times the Biden administration is considering a plan to force some illegal migrants to remain in Texas “while awaiting asylum screening, effectively limiting their ability to travel within the U.S.” According to the Times, “Supporters of the remain-in-Texas idea, which has yet to be »

Panic Over the Border at the White House?

Featured image Never mind the latest polls showing Trump running even or ahead of Biden in a head-to-head matchup which are causing political panic among Democrats. More immediate is the rebellion of blue states and blue cities against Biden’s open borders policy, as related yesterday. This is shaping up as a political disaster for Democrats. So what is Biden going to do about it? Close the border! Finally! Oh, wait—he’s going to »

NYC Mayor Adams: Trump Was Right About the Border

Featured image The headline isn’t strictly accurate, but remember when Trump or some Trumpster supposedly said uncontrolled immigration would lead to a taco truck on every corner? Well, New York’s hapless Mayor Adams, who presides over a virtuous “sanctuary city,” now says that continued uncontrolled arrival of migrants will “destroy New York City” and its surrounding suburbs, which is implicit confirmation of Trump’s immigration stand in 2016. He and other Democrats whose »

The Immigration Disaster, New York Edition

Featured image Of all the Biden administration’s failures, its abandonment of the Southern border ranks near the top. No one knows exactly how many people from around the world have entered the country illegally since Biden took office, but the number is in the millions. The burden has now spread outward from the border states to places like New York City, now home to around 60,000 “refugees.” The Daily Mail has an »

From the Saborit file: A bitter postscript

Featured image I did a lot of digging to report on the case of Alexis Saborit, the illegal alien who beheaded America Thayer in Shakopee, Minnesota on July 28, 2021. I focused on Saborit’s status as an illegal immigrant because the Star Tribune has kept this aspect of the case a deep secret. (By contrast, Crime Watch MN/Alpha News has led with it.) America was murdered in broad daylight in Shakopee. At »

Reflections on the riots in France (2)

Featured image Last week I quoted from Christopher Caldwell’s Reflections on the Revolution in Europe and its discussion of the 2005 riots to provide what I thought was useful background on the current riots. Caldwell also has an excellent essay on the current state of French politics in the current issue of the Claremont Review of Books. I would guess this must have been written three or more months ago, but it »

Life & times of VDH

Featured image Victor Davis Hanson is probably my favorite living historian and observer of the current scene. Peter Robinson caught up with him at his family farm in central California for his most recent installment of Uncommon Knowledge. This installment is the first of two parts: “In part one of this two-part interview, we cover Hanson’s rich and fascinating family history and the sweeping changes he’s lived through in terms of both »

Mayor Adams Has a Good Idea

Featured image Our best hope for closing the southern border–too late, perhaps, after five million illegals have streamed in on Joe Biden’s watch–is that blue state and city officials will be horrified by their own minuscule dose of illegal immigration and will demand that the nation’s laws be enforced. In California, Governor Newsom and the Mayor of Sacramento are squealing for relief after a mere 16 illegals were dropped off in that »

CA Gov, AG Incensed After 16 Illegals Dropped off at Sacramento Church

Featured image California Gov. Gavin Newsom and Attorney General Rob Bonta were not too happy on Saturday to hear that 16 illegal immigrants from Texas had been dropped off, “without warning,” at a Sacramento church. Newsom has ordered the state’s Department of Justice to investigate. Specifically, he wants to determine “who paid for the travel of the migrants and whether they were misled, given false promises or kidnapped,” according to KCRA News. »

Illinois: Slightly Off On That Estimate!

Featured image Illinois instituted a program to pay medical expenses for illegal immigrants. Shockingly, more illegals showed up than had been anticipated, and a program estimated to cost $2 million to $4 million now weighs in at $1.1 billion. They were only off by 27,500 percent! Close enough, I suppose, for government work: Update from already-broke Illinois: — Guy Benson (@guypbenson) May 19, 2023 The problem is that “the state needs »

From the Saborit file: Finale

Featured image I did a lot of digging to report on the case of Alexis Saborit, the illegal alien who beheaded American Thayer in Shakopee, Minnesota on July 28, 2021. I focused on Saborit’s status as an illegal immigrant because the Star Tribune kept this aspect of the case a deep secret. (By contrast, the current story on Saborit’s case by Crime Watch MN published by Alpha News leads with it.) America »

Displaced by illegals [updated]

Featured image The New York Post reports that homeless vets have been displaced from their lodging to make room for illegal aliens (a/k/a “migrants”) shipped north of the city by Mayor Eric Adams: Nearly two dozen struggling homeless veterans have been booted from upstate hotels to make room for migrants, says a nonprofit group that works with the vets. The ex-military — including a 24-year-old man in desperate need of help after »