Are House Democrats Getting Cold Feet?

Featured image A number of right-leaning news sources speculate that House Democrats are having second thoughts about impeaching President Trump. Such speculation is based in part on polls that generally show opinion turning against impeachment, especially among independents. A lot of attention–too much, I think–has also been paid to a radio interview given by Michigan Democrat Brenda Lawrence, in which she said “I don’t see the value of” impeaching Trump. Lawrence advocated »

The Nadler imperative

Featured image District of Columbia United States District Court Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson has upheld the subpoena issued by the House Judiciary Committee to former White House counsel Don McGahn in the nattering Nadler spinoff of the Mueller probe. Although obviously relevant to current issues in the Schiff show, the opinion already feels something like a walk down memory lane. The Dems nevertheless won’t let their dream of impeachment die. Judge Jackson »

The peasants are revolting, cont’d

Featured image Star Tribune readers seem to have escaped the impeachment hysteria that has manifested in a big way among the Democrats and their media adjunct. I refer, of course, to Schiff impeachment theater. The Star Tribune features syndicated articles peddling the hysteria as big news every day on its home page, yet its readers continue to direct their attention elsewhere. Below are the Star Tribune’s top five most read online stories »

Fredo in free fall

Featured image In a hilarious footnote to Schiff impeachment theater, CNN’s Chris “Fredo” Cuomo conducted an on-air experiment to disprove President Trump’s doubt about the (brief) overheard phone call that somehow resulted in the 40-minute lecture on Ukraine policy by State Department official David Holmes. Video of the CNN segment is embedded in the tweet at the bottom. This, as they say, is CNN (in the age of Trump). The New York »

Most valuable players

Featured image The GOP members of the House Intelligence Committee performed like all-stars in the Schiff impeachment theater, the stalwart Ranking Member Devin Nunes foremost among them. We have previously recognized Rep. Elise Stefanik for her work during the Schiff show. The rest of the GOP members also excelled. I would like to recognize them by name: Mike Conaway (Texas), Mike Turner (Ohio), Brad Wenstrup (Ohio), Chris Stewart (Utah), Will Hurd (Texas), »

“They got caught”

Featured image I haven’t had a chance to absorb all of today’s House Intelligence Committee impeachment theater, but I did catch Devin Nunes’s opening statement. In in he reiterated one of the basic points he has made throughout the hearings concerning the Democrats’ bad faith with special attention to Adam Schiff. The statement is full of ad hominem digs at Schiff. If you have suffered through as much of these hearings as »

Why No One Cares About Impeachment

Featured image Like most Americans, I am paying little or no attention to Adam Schiff’s impeachment hearings. I knew everything I needed to know about the Ukraine hoax when I read the transcript of the Trump-Zelensky call, weeks ago. Why is impeachment generating so little interest? Erick Erickson compiled this video which, although it ends around a year ago, provides a large part of the explanation. After years of false hysteria, most »

The peasants are revolting

Featured image The Star Tribune home page turned its online home page into a hotbed of Trump Derangement Syndrome from the first days of the administration. Of course, every jot and tittle of the Democrats’ impeachment theater has found a prominent place on it. For some reason, however, Star Tribune readers prefer stories pursuing other interests. The screenshot below captures the Star Tribune’s top 5 most read stories this morning. Go Gophers, »

The sound of Sondland

Featured image Observing the many hours of EU Ambassador Gordon Sondland testifying in the impeachment theater now running on the House Intelligence Committee, I think this is the short version. Gordon Sondland, I presume. Gordon Sondland: I presume. What a strange performance. Sondland seemed to be a victim of Stockholm syndrome, yukking it up with his captors. Why is this man laughing? That is one question I can’t answer. Sondland’s presumptions gave »

Confirmed, no harm to Ukraine military from hold on aid

Featured image The Washington Post tries to find harm that resulted from the brief hold President Trump placed on aid to Ukraine. However, its reporters acknowledge that the withheld aid did not disrupt Ukrainian military activities. Undaunted, the Post insists that the delay sowed doubt in Ukraine about America’s commitment to that country. If so, this must not have been a first. President Obama refused to provide lethal military assistance to Ukraine, »

The Vindman variations

Featured image I stuck with yesterday’s impeachment theater to the bitter end last night. Testifying with Ambassador Kurt Volker, I thought that former National Security Council staffer Tim Morrison was an impressive witness. He foresaw the political damage that the transcript of President Trump’s phone call with Zelensky would do. Events have unfolded more or less as he anticipated; his fears, as he observed in his prepared statement, “have been realized.” Ambassador »

Dems mull Mueller impeachment count

Featured image House Democrats reportedly are considering whether to pursue in their impeachment inquiry matters arising from the Mueller investigation. Specifically, they are looking at whether President Trump lied to Robert Mueller. The Washington Post’s report on this development is based on representations made by House Democrats to the federal appeals court in Washington, D.C. The Dems told the court that they need secret grand jury evidence from the Mueller probe to »

Senator Johnson’s letter

Featured image Senator Ron Johnson attended the inauguration of Volodymyr Zelensky as president of Ukraine in May and returned on an official trip in September. He has been in the middle of several crucial investigations from his perch on Senate committees including Homeland Security and Foreign Relations. He has also been a vocal supporter of lethal military aid to Ukraine. On Monday he sent a 10-page letter dated November 18 to House »

Run all the crimes

Featured image When the Democrats undertook their current impeachment jag — to be distinguished in temporal terms from the Russia hoax — they accused President Trump of betraying his oath of office and undermining national security. For some reason, they omitted violation of the emoluments clause of the Constitution, but it’s not over yet. Then they made a smooth transition to quid pro quo. I am a former high school Latin teacher »

Please support Elise Stefanik

Featured image By puncturing the Democrats’ impeachment pretenses, Rep. Elise Stefanik has made herself a prime target in the 2020 elections. Her Democratic opponent is fundraising off Rep. Stefanik’s stellar performance and she is taking incoming such as the vile tweet from one George Conway noted in Ryan Saavedra’s Daily Wire story “‘ABUSIVE CREEP’: George Conway Blasted For Smearing Elise Stefanik With Alleged Doctored Image, Calling Her ‘Trash.’” Brit Hume responded in »

Quigley on evidence: Hearsay edition

Featured image I observed earlier this week that there is a classic satire of democratic politics struggling to escape from the House’s impeachment inquiry. It was only yesterday that the Obama administration refused to provide lethal military aid to the Ukraine. Now the provision of lethal military aid appears to have become a holy sacrament in the evolving Democratic orthodoxy, one with its own martyrs and rites and hymns. You know, like »

The Yovanovitch farce

Featured image I want to add two points to the ones Scott makes about the testimony of Marie Yovanovitch. First, Yovanovitch had nothing of significance to say about issues relevant to impeachment. Second, her testimony was an attempt by Adam Schiff to play the identity politics card. Yovanovitch was not the ambassador to Ukraine during the period when the Trump administration withheld military aid. She has no knowledge as to why the »