Impeachment without a crime

Featured image The House has voted to impeach President Trump. The historical significance of this event lies mainly in the fact that, until now, no president has been impeached without some allegation in an article of impeachment that he committed a crime. This was also the first impeachment proceeding that had no support in the House from a single member of the president’s party. Legal scholars disagree as to whether impeachment requires »

Send in the clowns

Featured image His political opponents have been out to impeach Donald Trump roughly since the day after the 2016 election. Their efforts come to fruition in the two articles of impeachment that the Democrats will adopt some time today. The Democrats’ media adjunct has kept ranks with impressive exactitude as they marched along with the Democrats. The rank dishonesty and maniacal partisanship underlying impeachment have made for a sorry spectacle. What can »

On impeachment, an invitation to a motion to dismiss

Featured image Chuck Schumer’s moan that “the facts” need to “com[e] out” before a full impeachment trial can occur is an invitation to a motion to dismiss the House’s articles of impeachment, once they arrive. The House had its opportunity to develop the facts. If it didn’t develop facts sufficient to support removing the president, the Senate shouldn’t waste its time on the matter. Mitch McConnell reportedly is considering a motion to »

Chuck Schumer’s impeachment moan throws House Dems under the bus

Featured image House Democrats are highly unlikely to follow Larry Tribe’s suggestion that they decline to transmit their articles of impeachment to the Senate for a trial. Thus, Senate Democrats will need a trial strategy. Byron York tell us that a major part of the strategy will be to demand more information. What information? Mainly testimony from past and present administration officials like Mick Mulvaney and John Bolton. Possibly grand jury testimony »

Trump Unbound

Featured image Today President Trump delivered a blistering six-page letter to Nancy Pelosi, attacking the Democrats’ misconduct dating from the election campaign of 2016 and culminating in the current impeachment farce. The letter is embedded below. When I saw that Trump had delivered such a letter, I assumed it was written by White House Counsel Pat Cipollone. Having read the letter, I think it is written in Trump’s own voice. With genuine »

Impeachment: Two developments, neither bad

Featured image It looks like, with near unanimity, House Democrats are going to vote to impeach President Trump. The more moderate Democrats who considered voting the other way now say they must vote their conscience. President Trump may have hoped to pick off the votes of enough Democrats to be able to characterize his impeachment as a left-liberal affair. It may be precisely that, but with Democrats who aren’t left-wingers falling into »

Fake news about Elise Stefanik

Featured image This Washington Post story is called “A moderate congresswoman went all-in for Trump. Her constituents think they know why.” The story is fake news at several levels. First, the Post didn’t take a survey of Stefanik’s constituents. Thus, the Post doesn’t know whether her constituents think they know why their congresswoman, who has a moderate voting record in the House, is backing President Trump so strongly during the impeachment process. »

The Never-Ending Impeachment

Featured image Democrats have been talking about impeaching President Trump since before he was inaugurated. They didn’t really need an excuse, they just needed a majority in the House of Representatives. Once they won that majority last November, impeachment was a foregone conclusion, Nancy Pelosi’s crocodile tears notwithstanding. They thought the Russia collusion hoax would be their rationale, but when that collapsed, they scarcely missed a beat, transitioning seamlessly to the Ukraine »

The peasants are revolting, cont’d

Featured image Well, yesterday was a big day in the Dems’ impeachment theater. The Star Tribune features it at the top of the center column on its home page this morning. As we approach 7:00 a.m. (Central), however, readers are pursuing other interests. I find the list of the most read and most emailed stories this morning (below) almost as funny as Steve’s week in pictures. Power Line readers will be glad »

The peasants are revolting, cont’d

Featured image The Star Tribune features two impeachment-related stories at the center of its home page this morning (with more posted under each of the two stories), but readers are turning their attention elsewhere. The Star Tribune’s most read and most emailed stories as of 8:45 a.m. (Central) this morning are listed below. My theory here is that laughter is the best medicine. »

The Democrats’ Bad Poker Faces

Featured image Everyone who plays poker is familiar with the “tell,” that is, a nervous tic or subtle mannerism that betrays when a player has a strong or bluff hand. I think the Democrats’ behavior this week includes several “tells” that their impeachment hand is weak, and might cause them to lose the whole political pot next year. The first is the US-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) that John notes immediately below. It was »

Censure Schiff, not Trump

Featured image Politico reports that a small group of House Democrats — about ten of them — are floating the idea of censuring President Trump instead of impeaching him. All of these Democrats represent districts carried by President Trump three years ago. Among them are Josh Gottheimer (D-N.J.), Kurt Schrader (D-Ore.), Anthony Brindisi (D-N.Y.), and Ben McAdams (D-Utah). Schrader explained: I think it’s certainly appropriate and might be a little more bipartisan, »

About those phone records (6)

Featured image Yesterday’s Wall Street Journal included a brief editorial on the phone records obtained and published by Adam Schiff for his impeachment report. Having read the new book by Journal editorial board member Kim Strassel — Resistance (At All Costs) — I infer that the editorial is by the great Ms. Strassel. Picking up on one of the Sunday gabfests we overlooked, the editorial reports that Margaret Brennan of CBS asked »

I’ve Had It With Impeachment

Featured image Apparently the Democrats held another impeachment hearing today, at which I take it they heard “testimony” from their own lawyers. I see on Twitter that the broadcast networks all covered this farce live, and then cut away when the Republicans started talking about the Biden bribe. I knew all I needed to know about the Ukraine hoax when I read the transcript of the Trump-Zelensky call, and everything I needed »

About those phone records (5)

Featured image Ranking Intelligence Committee Member Devin Nunes appeared on Maria Bartiromo’s Sunday Morning Futures show on FOX News yesterday morning. It’s the best Sunday morning talk show by far. Bartiromo, incidentally, makes a flattering cameo appearance in Lee Smith’s The Plot Against the President: The True Story of How Congressman Devin Nunes Uncovered the Biggest Political Scandal in U.S. History. The video of the first segment of the interview yesterday is »

When you’ve lost the intelligent voices on the Washington Post’s op-ed page. . .

Featured image In both its news and opinion sections, the Washington Post has been beating the drum for impeaching President Trump. However, two op-eds in today’s paper, both by writers with a strong aversion to Trump, are unimpressed with the case for impeachment. The op-eds are good evidence that the impeachment process isn’t playing out the way Democrats had hoped it would. Kathleen Parker, a moderate, argues with “disappointment” that the case »

Impeach Trump Because of…Slavery?

Featured image Congressman Al Green has become one of the Democratic Party’s top spokesmen. Which is a good thing, because Green is generally unfiltered, and therefore gives us a glimpse into his party’s id. This, for example, is revealing: Rep. Al Green (D-TX) said on Saturday during an interview on MSNBC that President Donald Trump needed to be impeached “to deal with slavery.” Green, who has previously stated that Trump must be »