For the children, Times style

Featured image I’m guessing most Power Line readers missed the May 26 New York Times page-one feature on the Gaza war — “They were only children.” As Robert Satloff writes, the Times spread displayed thumbnail photos of “69 youths under 18 years old – 67 Palestinians and two Israelis, one Arab and one Jewish – killed in the 11 days of conflict between Israel and Gaza-based Palestinian terrorist groups Hamas and Palestinian »

Gazans survey damage, but will they reflect on it?

Featured image On Saturday, the Washington Post chose as its lead story a piece about Gazans surveying the damage caused by Israel’s response to rocket attacks by Hamas. Those rocket attacks were mentioned only in passing. The Post’s headline story wasn’t exactly news. Everyone knows that Gaza was damaged by Israeli strikes. The story’s only purpose was to garner sympathy for Gazans. Indeed, the story was so slanted that it could almost »

Elizabeth Warren gets the Middle East backwards

Featured image Yesterday, Elizabeth Warren tweeted: This ceasefire is good news, but it won’t bring back the hundreds of innocent civilians killed or prevent future violence. The Biden administration must press for a just, lasting two-state agreement, and that starts with taking all appropriate steps to end the occupation. Warren has it backwards. It was Israel’s decision to stop occupying Gaza that led to the deaths of “innocent civilians” there. If Israel »

Biden’s tunnel to Iran

Featured image The Times of Israel reports that “Hamas claims victory as Palestinians celebrate after first night of calm,” and maybe they have a point. Before we take up the point, consider the problem that Israel faced in the hostilities just terminated, however tentatively. The New York Post’s Yaron Steinbuch draws attention to the Israeli military video showing the scope of its airstrikes against Hamas tunnels. Steinbuch links to the video to »

Report: Israel announces cease fire

Featured image The Washington Times reports that Israel has announced a cease fire in its battle against Hamas: Israel on Thursday announced a cease-fire in the bruising 11-day war against Hamas militants that caused widespread destruction in the Gaza Strip and brought life in much of Israel to a standstill. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office announced the cease-fire after a late-night meeting of his Security Cabinet. It said the group had unanimously »

Associated Press, Hamas propagandists

Featured image In my posts on the IDF bombing of the Gaza office tower in which the Associated Press was holed up with Hamas military intelligence, I have been groping toward a condemnation of the AP as a Hamas collaborator. The AP has called for an independent investigation of the bombing. I have called for an independent investigation of the AP. The AP’s collaboration with Palestinian terrorists is an old story. I »

Israel’s current struggle with Hamas and the Abraham Accords

Featured image Trump haters at the Washington Post, the New York Times, and elsewhere portray the latest conflagration in Israel as evidence that former president Trump’s Middle East deals — the Abraham Accords — weren’t worth celebrating, after all. In my view, this line misapprehends what the Accords were about. Trump may have overstated what the Accords meant. Like many a politician, and to a greater degree than most, he oversold nearly »

Photo of the Year

Featured image I’m sure most readers have seen this stunning photo from Israel from a few nights back, showing a Hamas rocket attack that was likely attempting to overwhelm Israel’s “Iron Dome” missile defense system. The early reports on this photo didn’t make clear which was which; I assumed (correctly it turns out) that the missiles on the right are the Hamas rockets, and the unusual swirl pattern of the launches on »

The AP goes Sgt. Schultz

Featured image “I know nothing” was the comic catchphrase of Sgt. Schultz on Hogan’s Heroes. He occasionally varied or elaborated on it, adding “I see nothing.” In the clip below, for example, he declares, “I see nothing. I was not here. I did not even get up this morning.” After its customary warning to protect civilian life, the IDF took out the 12-story Jala Tower housing Hamas military intelligence offices as well »

Israel’s crisis spills into English Premier League

Featured image This week, the Arabic-language social media sites of two English Premier League football teams voiced support for Hamas in its latest confrontation with Israel. The two clubs are Wolverhampton Wanderers (Wolves) and West Ham United. The Wolves’ tweet stated, in Arabic: You don’t need to be Palestinian to speak, you just need to be human. Our hearts and prayers are behind Palestinians. God save the people of Jerusalem & Palestine. »

A tunnel too far

Featured image The IDF may have pulled off a tactical coup by luring Hamas leaders to shelter in their tunnel network late Thursday night/early Friday morning when it publicly intimated that it was undertaking a ground offensive into Gaza. Yaakov Katz reconstructs events in some detail for the Jerusalem Post story “Did IDF deception lead to massive aerial assault on Hamas’s ‘Metro’?” Arutz Sheva removes the question mark and adds a metaphorical »

Israel’s fight against Hamas

Featured image Elliott Abrams is author of the memoir Tested By Zion: The Bush Administration and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict and senior fellow for Middle Eastern studies at the Council on Foreign Relations. He served, most recently, in the Trump administration State Department as Special Representative for Iran and Venezuela. Mosaic editor Jonathan Silver called on Abrams for a live briefing on the Hamas hostilities against Israel via Zoom yesterday afternoon. In the »

Why won’t Israelis let themselves be killed?

Featured image Democrats such as Minnesota Fifth District Rep. Ilhan Omar have become advocates of terrorists and murderers. To borrow the cliché, the silence here — the silence of the Star Tribune — is deafening. In his current Spiked column Brendan O’Neill poses the persistently relevant question about the peculiar double standard Omar and her ilk apply to Israel: The judgement and treatment of Israel by a double standard is one of »

Hamas attacks on Israel divide Democrats

Featured image What do Chuck Schumer, Robert Menendez, and Stenny Hoyer have in common? At least two things. First, all three are Democrats who support Israel’s right to defend itself against the missile attacks launched by Hamas. Second, all three are at least 67 years old. Schumer is 70, Menendez 67, and Hoyer 81. Israel’s support from Democratic lawmakers is largely confined to old-timers. The new generation of congressional Dems is either »

Twitter has banned Trump, but permits celebration of attacks on Israel

Featured image Donald Trump, the former president of the Untied States and the current de facto leader of the Republican Party, is barred from Twitter. The ban is permanent. Twitter says that even if Trump were to run for president again, he could not use its platform. The ban is for “inciting violence.” I think it’s true that Trump’s words inspired violence on January 6. However, Trump did not advocate violence, nor »

The news from Israel

Featured image Jewish Insider’s Daily Kickoff drives me nuts on most days, but this morning it leads off with a useful summary of the latest from Israel (links omitted below): Violence between Gaza and Israel intensified last night, with Hamas shooting hundreds of rockets towards the Tel Aviv metropolitan area for the first time since 2018. More than 1,000 rockets have been fired at Israel since the latest round of clashes began. »

Meet Noa Tishby

Featured image I was unfamiliar with Noa Tishby before reading Robert Sarner’s Times of Israel profile “Israeli actress Noa Tishby’s ‘Simple Guide’ to Israel shakes up US progressives.” Tishby is an Israeli native and left/liberal Zionist who has undertaken the defense of Israel from her perch as a Hollywood actress and producer. The Times of Israel headline refers to her new book Israel: A Simple Guide to the Most Misunderstood Country on »