James Comey

Nut Job III — drain your own damn swamp

Featured image The latest anonymous leak/news story, the New York Times’s “nut job” scoop, troubles me for at least three reasons. First, it’s disturbing that this kind of leaking occurs. In one week, among other leak-grounded stories, (1) Politico reported, based on a leak that must have originated with someone close to President Trump, that the president screamed at the television in response to a story about the FBI’s Russia investigation and »

Obstruction of Justice

Featured image The Democrats are accusing President Trump of obstruction of justice–absurdly, in my opinion, although Paul and I have disagreed on this somewhat. But I am quite certain that James Comey will agree with me. When he finally testifies under oath–perhaps a year or more from now–he will say that he did not understand Trump’s “hope” that Comey might “see his way clear” to leaving Mike Flynn alone as an attempt »

Preliminary thoughts on the “Comey memo” [UPDATED]

Featured image I want to pick up on a point John made in a post earlier tonight regarding the New York Times’ claim that President Trump asked James Comey to stop the Flynn investigation. John wrote: [W]hat if Comey hadn’t been fired? Would we have heard anything about. . .alleged efforts by the president to influence the Flynn investigation? Presumably not. The conversation documented by the memo took place in February, and »

NY Times: Trump Asked Comey to Stop Flynn Investigation

Featured image Apparently the Democratic Party press has anti-Trump stories lined up and ready to drop every two or three days. The latest comes from the New York Times, which headlines: “Comey Memo Says Trump Asked Him to End Flynn Investigation.” As usual, the paper’s sources are anonymous moles within the federal bureaucracy, presumably the FBI: President Trump asked the F.B.I. director, James B. Comey, to shut down the federal investigation into »

Ignorance + Malice = James Clapper

Featured image Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper was one of Barack Obama’s worst appointees, which is no small distinction. Today Clapper appeared on CNN’s State of the Union. He had no new information of any sort, but he and host Jake Tapper pushed the Democratic Party line relentlessly. No surprise there. But check out this exchange: TAPPER: Let’s take a wider view of this for one second, and then I »

The presumption of regularity

Featured image During the past week, President Trump fired FBI director Comey at least in part due to dissatisfaction with an investigation the outcome of which matters to Trump. At first, the administration said the firing was based on the recommendation of the Deputy Attorney General, who believes Comey mistreated Hillary Clinton and hasn’t acknowledged his error. Later, the president admitted that he would have fired Comey regardless of what the Deputy »

Comey declines to appear before Senate intel committee

Featured image James Comey will not appear in a closed session before the Senate Intelligence Committee next Tuesday. He had been invited to testify by Chairman Richard Burr and top Democrat Mark Warner. Any way you look at it, Comey’s decision makes sense. Comey surely could some time to decompress. He’s probably had his fill of testifying before Congress. Assuming that Comey wants to fight back against President Trump, an understandable desire »

Senate Dems: Appoint a special prosecutor or we’ll hold our breath until we turn blue

Featured image Democrats are threatening to slow the Senate to a crawl in response to President Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey. On Wednesday, Sen. Dick Durbin (remember him?) objected to the Republicans’ routine request to allow 13 committee hearings to take place. Durbin gave the firing of Comey as his reason. His leader, Sen. Chuck Schumer, is demanding the appointment of a special prosecutor for the Russia investigation. Democrats also »

How much more black could this be?

Featured image It’s all Comey all the time in the mainstream media. Following in the footsteps of addled guitarist Nigel Tufnel on Spinal Tap’s comeback tour of the United States in the film named after the group, the talking heads of the mainstream media have turned the volume up to 11. By the lights of the mainstream media, Trump’s firing of Comey, well, it’s Nixon, or Hitler, or something. Whatever it is, »

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Shuts Down the Democrats

Featured image I promised not to write more about President Trump’s firing of James Comey, but what can I say? I lied. This is everywhere, so you may already have seen it. Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Mike Huckabee’s daughter and the Principal Deputy White House Press Secretary, took on the slavering Democratic Party press corps earlier today. Ms. Sanders clearly has inherited some of her father’s talents. Watch and enjoy: Ms. Sanders may »

A Final Word About James Comey

Featured image After spending nearly the whole three hours of the Laura Ingraham show this morning talking about President Trump’s firing of James Comey, I hadn’t intended to contribute further to the Democrats’ hysterical fit du jour. But this, from the Young Cons on Instagram, is too funny to pass up: »

Report: Rosenstein resisted original Trump narrative on Comey firing

Featured image Last night, I noted what I thought was Team Trump’s change of tune on the Comey firing. Originally portrayed as a “bottom-up” decision triggered by the new Deputy Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein, the administration later acknowledged the president’s role, saying that he was furious with Comey’s investigation and had been considering sacking the director before receiving Rosenstein’s memo. This report in the Wall Street Journal, if accurate, helps explain the »

Democratic Situational Ethics on Comey

Featured image To adapt an old line, if liberals didn’t have situational ethics, they wouldn’t have any ethics at all. The Republican National Committee has put together this nice little compilation of Democrats who wanted Comey fired—before they didn’t want him fired. (Waiting on John Kerry to weigh in with, “I was for the firing before I was against it.”) Anyway, enjoy (just 1:47 long): »

Why the Comey firing raises concern [UPDATED]

Featured image The British historian Lewis Namier wrote: “The crowning attainment of historical study is to achieve an intuitive sense of how things do not happen.” We don’t know exactly how the firing of James Comey happened. However, I think we have a sense of how it didn’t happen. It probably didn’t happen either as Trump supporters initially said or as his fiercest critics say. The initial pro-Trump line was that the »

Comey sacking creates no momentum for a special Russia investigation

Featured image Democrats have persistently called for a special congressional investigation of all matters at the intersection of Russia and the 2016 presidential campaign. The firing of James Comey has renewed such calls and made them more vociferous. But has it created momentum for such an investigation? As of now, the answer appears to be: no. Don’t take my word for it. Amber Phillip of the Washington Post writes: President Trump just »

Firing on Comey

Featured image In the spirit of William F. Buckley, Jr., herewith a few thoughts briefly stated on President Trump’s firing of James Comey as FBI Director. I usually try to sleep on significant developments before commenting on them. In this case I have slept on it over two nights. At this point I would like to go back to bed until it’s safe to come out to play. We await the definitive »

Team Trump changes its tune on the Comey firing

Featured image Politico reports that President Trump “had grown enraged by the Russia investigation” and “frustrated by his inability to control the mushrooming narrative around Russia.” It also reports that Trump repeatedly asked aides why the Russia investigation wouldn’t disappear and sometimes screamed at television clips about the probe. Politico’s Josh Dawsey attributes the first part of this report — Trump growing enraged by the Russia investigation — to two advisers. He »