January 6

The Real January 6

Featured image David Horowitz authored this op-ed on the real lessons of the January 6 demonstration. Have the Democrats gotten the mileage they hoped for from their plan, which certainly was in place on that day, and perhaps before it? I doubt it. According to a report by the Inspector General, Donald Trump offered to provide thousands of national guard troops to protect the U.S. Capitol on January 6th, 2021. Trump was »

Was January 6 Pelosi’s Fault?

Featured image I haven’t paid much attention to the January 6, 2021, demonstration in Washington because it was not one of the 50 worst U.S. riots in the 12 months that bracketed it. It wasn’t even the most destructive riot, or the second most destructive, in Washington during that time. If you want to see a destructive riot, come to Minneapolis. But none of the Minneapolis rioters were arrested, held in solitary »

Climax of a Farce

Featured image It was a foregone conclusion that Nancy Pelosi’s absurd “January 6 Committee” would recommend to the Department of Justice that it bring criminal charges against Donald Trump. That was always the point. For the record, the committee’s referral includes obstructing an official proceeding, conspiracy to defraud the government–whatever that means–and inciting or assisting an insurrection. It is common for Congressional committees to send such referrals to the Justice Department. Usually »

Strangest Story of the Day

Featured image Don’t tell my wife, but I downloaded a dating app today. It is called The Right Stuff and is said to be intended for conservatives. It is new, and now is the subject of a very odd story: “Right-wing dating app users on ‘The Right Stuff’ contacted by FBI.” Users of a right-wing dating app founded by former Trump staffers have reported that they’re receiving calls from the FBI after »

The Harassment of Ginni Thomas

Featured image Ginni Thomas, the wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, is a lawyer and conservative activist. She was called to testify before the “January 6 Committee” on Thursday. The first question is: about what? As to what purported criminality is she a witness? NPR says that the committee’s chief focus was Thomas’s communications with John Eastman, quoting California Democratic Rep. Pete Aguilar: “I’ll say broadly that the committee has been »


Featured image The White House thinks they have struck gold with their attack on “MAGA Republicans” as “semi-fascist” and all the rest. President Biden’s minders in the daycare operation at the White House are wheeling him out for a primetime campaign speech addressing “the soul of the nation” tomorrow night. The speech is to take place outside Independence Hall in Philadelphia. I am following Politico’s story on the speech here. My working »

Cheney Versus Cheney

Featured image There is no clear dividing line between the legitimate purposes of a congressional investigation and the partisan purposes of the majority party that leads the investigation, but the balance usually devolves toward partisan agendas even when the underlying matter is serious, like Watergate. The only way to contain partisan motivations properly is for the minority party to have vigorous members on the investigating committee to hold the majority accountable and »

Sympathy for Ray Epps

Featured image In “The new Kremlinology” Matt Taibbi gives a lesson in how to read the New York Times. The text of Taibbi’s column is available only in part to nonsubscribers, but it gives you the idea. We’ve been reading the Times in the Kremlinological style for quite some time now. This week’s sympathetic Times profile of January 6 agitator Ray Epps by Alan Feuer presents a serious challenge to interpretation. The »

Today at the Show Trial

Featured image I tuned in for quite a bit of today’s January 6 committee hearing with “surprise” witness Cassidy Hutchinson, and it was gripping viewing indeed. Many of the things she related in her videotaped deposition (excerpted liberally in her committee room appearance) sounded plausible, such as alleged statements by Trump on January 6. And Hutchinson seemed a credible witness. But second thoughts ought to grow in the aftermath of her appearance. »

A Painter passing through (again)

Featured image Unless you are a faithful Power Line reader, you may have missed the reference to University of Minnesota Law School Professor Richard Painter in David Jensen’s message to me yesterday. Without naming him, Jensen cited Painter to illustrate the ideological diversity at the law school as a member of the faculty who has “advised and worked with (or in)” the (George W.) Bush administration. Painter is a left-wing flake and »

Show trial ratings are in

Featured image TV Rating Guide’s Rebecca Bunch posts the ratings for the January 6 Committee’s show trial hearing this past Thursday evening. The headline declares the ratings “decent.” Well, that is disappointing if accurate. If you take your television viewing from the broadcast networks, however, your only choice was to turn the thing off. The networks graciously handed their prime time slots over to the committee’s motley crew in unison, Soviet style. »

Peter Navarro Arrested

Featured image Former Trump economic adviser Peter Navarro was arrested today for refusing to comply with a subpoena from the Democrats’ committee investigating the protests of January 6, 2021: Former White House economic adviser Peter Navarro contested the charges against him in federal court in Washington, DC, on Friday, after he was arrested by the FBI on two counts of contempt of Congress for defying the January 6 committee. …He confirmed that »

The Latest Trump Scandal: Never Mind

Featured image Two days ago the media and TDS sufferers everywhere got a fresh hit of dopamine from the latest Trump scandal: the Oval Office telephone call logs had a seven-hour gap on January 6, 2021, when the “insurrection” was under way up at the capitol. This made the famous 18 minute gap in Nixon’s Watergate tapes seem minor league by comparison. Trump must have been using “burner” cell phones to direct »

Matthew Rosenberg re Jan. 6

Featured image Project Veritas has captured New York Times reporter Matthew Rosenberg delivering news that has somehow been deemed unfit to print in the paper (video below). PV’s post on the video comes under the heading “Pulitzer Prize Winning New York Times Reporter: January 6 Media Coverage ‘Overreaction,’ FBI Involved, Event Was Not Organized Despite Ongoing Narrative.”. PV’s post leads with a set of bullet points highlighting quotable quotes. PV invites readers »

Leftist cable news Jan. 6 programming falls flat

Featured image CNN went all-in on the anniversary of January 6. It spent the day discussing the unpeaceful protests, with coverage culminating in a two-hour show from Statuary Hall inside the Capitol. Nancy Pelosi appeared for an interview. MSNBC also devoted hours and hours to similar coverage. Personally, I thought the anniversary of the rioting was a good time to reflect on it. But not all day. And certainly not with CNN »

January 6 in Pictures: Dem-Media Overreach Edition

Featured image As a footnote to yesterday’s leftist jamboree about January 6, let’s note the signs and symbols that the left is waaaayyy overreaching with this. I hope they keep up with this narrative, as it is certain to alienate more and more Americans, even ones with little or no sympathy for Trump. (There are several surveys, in fact, finding a majority of the public regards the events of last January 6 »

Who Are the “Insurrectionists”?

Featured image Something called the Chicago Project on Security and Threats at the University of Chicago yesterday published a fascinating report on the “American Face of Insurrection” that looks closely at the demographics of the more than 700 individuals who were arrested for the dire events at the capitol a year ago. While the report is couched in the conventional media language of how the January 6 “insurrection” was “an act of »