Joe Biden

Let’s go straight to the fact-check

Featured image Having been coached in recent days on the art of fact-checking alleged instances of the mental debility of President Biden, I want to apply what I have learned. Most recently, Republicans have pounced on President Biden’s apparently confused answer to a question posed at yesterday’s press briefing (transcript here, video below). The reporter asked Biden: “Mr. President, on Title 42, sir, are you considering delaying lifting Title 42?” Biden responded: »

Politifact has ruled

Featured image In a late comic coda to President Biden’s remarks at North Carolina A & T last week — see posts here (April 15) and here (April 18) — Politifact has ruled. Joe Biden was gesturing toward his audience, not shaking hands with thin air. Statements to the contrary are “false.” I learned something from Politifact’s comments: “Facebook flagged the post [of radio station WDBO] and others like it on its »

Gerontocracy, Gender Confusion and Where to Put Illegal Aliens

Featured image On Saturday night I made one of my regular appearances on Outsiders, a terrific news program on Sky News Australia. Outsiders is hosted by Rowan Dean, James Morrow and Rita Panahi. They do excellent commentary and also have some fun. Some of the themes of my interview may be familiar to you from Power Line posts: »

Saved by the bunny

Featured image Having been coached by Snopes to scope out the different angles that might portray the president in a more flattering light, I have checked out a few views of the intervention of the Easter bunny in Biden’s conversation yesterday on the White House lawn. Each angle confirms that White House staff do not trust the president to wing it and that he does not take their supervision amiss. He dutifully »

Shaking it up

Featured image I commented on President Biden’s April 14 speech at North Carolina A & T in “Biden reaches out.” I watched the whole thing on a local news video posted to YouTube and linked to the C-SPAN video of the speech. Commenting on his remarks, I was relegated to the video because the White House itself posted no transcript. I concluded my comments with a look at the viral video of »

How low can Joe go?

Featured image Byron York has a terrific column exploring Joe Biden’s fall in the polls. He turns to three Republican pollsters and political consultants to ask if he has bottomed out or might have further to fall. My sense of humor is in a challenged condition, so forgive me, but their responses still have me laughing. I remember each of the points of reference they invoke. How low can Joe go? Byron »

Our Geriatric Political Class Needs To Go

Featured image Yesterday Joe Biden gave a speech that ended like this. He is a frail, elderly man obviously suffering from dementia: After Biden finished his speech, he turned around and tried to shake hands with thin air and then wandered around looking confused — Washington Free Beacon (@FreeBeacon) April 14, 2022 Joe Biden had been, for decades, a corrupt and incompetent pol. Today, he is either an extreme left-winger or »

Biden reaches out

Featured image President Biden traveled to Greensboro, North Carolina to speak at North Carolina A & T University yesterday. I can’t find a White House transcript. C-SPAN has posted the video here. He was pumped with a mélange of mindless twaddle promoting the gusher of government spending for which he stands. “Now we’re seeing the results of our economic vision,” he proclaimed. He credited the American Rescue Plan and yelled about reducing »

“My name is Jon”

Featured image President Biden traveled to Iowa yesterday to speak “on lowering energy costs” for working families. The White House has posted the transcript of his remarks here. He got off to a slow start. The transcript reflects that Biden introduced himself at the outset: “And I — my name is Jon- — Joe Biden.” As Biden himself might say, not joking. Not joking. “My name is Jon.” Next time, skip the »

Our Doddering President [Updated]

Featured image Yesterday Joe Biden introduced newly-confirmed Judge Ketanji Jackson at the White House. He spoke for around 17 minutes. Biden started out relatively strong, at least within a normal range. But this is what he sounded like at the end: BIDEN: “I was in the the foothills of the Himalayas with Xi Jinping, traveling with him, that’s when I traveled 17,000 miles when I was Vice President. I don’t know that »

In the foothills of his mind

Featured image President Biden celebrated the confirmation of Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson at the White House yesterday. Vice President Harris spoke first, then Biden and Jackson. Jackson expressed gratitude to many who helped bring her to the day. Having raised three daughters to aspire to the greatness of Lincoln, Churchill, Solzhenitsyn and others without regard to superficial characteristics, I am repelled by the emphasis on race and sex, but gratitude was the »

Of glamor and glitches

Featured image President Biden welcomed President Obama back to the White House yesterday in connection with the signing of an executive order to fix a “glitch” in Obamacare. Obamacare itself is the glitch, but never mind. Biden exercised executive authority to expand the law’s coverage. The White House has posted a transcript of the speakers’ remarks here. The Wall Street Journal’s James Freeman quotes Paragon Health Institute’s Brian Blase testifying before House »

In search of “the big guy”

Featured image We don’t need to be reminded not to get excited about Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden ever being brought to justice or even seriously embarrassed. The coverage of the longstanding grand jury investigation into Hunter Biden is nevertheless reaching a fever pitch. Today’s New York Post cover story reports that a grand jury witness was asked to identify “the big guy” in Hunter Biden’s laptop emails. Please spare me. The »

Biden: Still Sinking

Featured image Today’s bad polling news for Biden comes from the Marist Poll, which pegs Biden’s approval rating at 39 percent: President Joe Biden’s post-State of the Union job approval rating bounce has come back down. 39% of Americans approve of the job President Biden is doing in office, down from 47% immediately following his address. Biden’s current job approval rating is identical to the score he received in February and matches »

The case of the curious omissions

Featured image This week the Washington Post published a story on the contents of Hunter Biden’s very real laptop. The FBI have misplaced the laptop, but the Post has possessed the contents since June 2021. Now at least part of the story can be told. When the New York Post first broke the laptop story in October 2020, a few weeks before the presidential election, the Washington Post was not happy about »

Thanks for clearing that up

Featured image We’ve sought to follow a variety of “walkbacks” from President Biden’s logorrhea over the past week. Biden has a chronic case of the malady, but he aggravated it in Europe. That logorrhea — as in Jimi Hendrix’s “Manic Depression,” it’s a frustrating mess. Speaking with the 82nd Airborne in Rzeszów, Poland, on March 25 — White House transcript here — Biden sought to excite them over the sights they would »

Biden’s Gaffes: A Postscript

Featured image As everyone knows, Joe Biden made at least three important blunders while he was in Europe, that had to be corrected by the White House. But yesterday, having returned to the U.S., Biden denied that any of his comments had been walked back: “What’s getting walked back? … None of the three occurred.” Biden’s assertion is implausible as to all three of his gaffes, but I want to focus on »