Joe Biden

Why is Biden so unpopular?

Featured image Harry Enten, formerly of FiveThirtyEight and now of CNN, takes up the question. He writes: While the causes of Biden’s decline are numerous (e.g. declining trust of his handling of the coronavirus pandemic and the American troop withdrawal from Afghanistan), perhaps the biggest one is that Americans believe there are big economic problems and that Biden isn’t focused nearly enough on them. I think that’s right. Enten notes, as we »

Tuning Biden out

Featured image The Hill’s Joe Concha reports on the ratings for the CNN town hall with President Biden this past Thursday evening: President Biden turned to CNN to perform a town hall on Thursday night, marking the second time the White House has chosen the network in the past three months in this kind of format. And the ratings were horrific, even by Biden’s standards. According to early numbers from Nielsen Media »

Help wanted

Featured image My favorite fast food spot is Zantigo on West Seventh Street at the southwest edge of St. Paul. It is a former Zapata and Taco Bell outlet that is now part of a strictly local chain. I go back to the Zapata days. I’ve been a customer all the way along since 1969 or so. The local chain has taken to closing on Sundays because of staffing issues. I don’t »

High anxiety

Featured image President Biden’s CNN town hall with Anderson Cooper in Baltimore this past Thursday night should be a source of disquiet and consternation to anyone who cares about the United States. Fielding what must have been screened questions submitted by a friendly invitation-only audience, Biden required a number of clean-ups in aisle 46 back in the White House. Dominic Green touches on a few particulars in the Spectator column “Biden builds »

Biden at the Border [Updated]

Featured image Joe Biden is a habitual liar. One of the whoppers he told during his “town hall” yesterday is that he has gone to the Mexican border. Today Jen Psaki was asked about Biden’s claim by Peter Doocy (who else?). She had her response ready: Biden passed near the border on a campaign trip in 2008! DOOCY: "Why did President Biden say [last night] that he has been to the border?"@PressSec: »

“There is a lot of anxiety people have”

Featured image My favorite bumper sticker is “Support mental health or I’ll kill you.” President Biden put me in mind of it last night during his CNN Town Hall with Anderson Cooper when he encouraged people to get help (CNN story and video here). We tend to think Biden himself is in need, so I thought this demonstrated a worrying lack of self-knowledge. Seek help! “There is a lot of anxiety people »

Let’s go Brandon, the precursors

Featured image My conservative cousin, formerly of New York, looks at past instances in which leaders have been publicly abused by disenchanted citizens. He writes: There are plenty of precedents for political leaders being jeered by sports fans. In ancient Constantinople the appearance of the Emperor at chariot races sometimes caused jeering Hippodrome crowds to erupt in violence. American crowds are a bit less raucous in displaying disapproval of their leaders. Some »

People Are Catching On (2)

Featured image I wrote here about Trafalgar poll data indicating that most Americans (56%) think that Joe Biden is not directing policy and agenda for “his” administration. A doughty minority of 36%, in that poll, thought that Biden was really in charge. That was in July. Since then, things have gone badly downhill. This is the latest of many, many instances where Joe Biden clearly appears not to be in full possession »

Good news: “Let’s go Brandon” not banned

Featured image PJ Media’s VodkaPundit post on the purported banning of the phrase “Let’s go Brandon” under the auspices of an arm of the Canadian government seems to have been deleted without notice or comment. John Hinderaker relied on the Vodkapundit post — it used to be here — in passing on what turns out to be fake news, according to this Reuters Fact Check and several other sources. The memo on »

The Bidens: Corrupt or crazy?

Featured image Yesterday Matt Taibbi published the column “‘The Bidens’: Is the First Family Corrupt, or Merely Crazy?” Subhead: “Politico reporter Ben Schreckinger’s new book is an equal opportunity offender that may push a reluctant national media to re-examine ugly questions about President Joe Biden.” Taibbi posted the column to his TK News Substack site. Taibbi is probably overoptimistic about the effect of Schreckinger’s book on the national media. His column nevertheless »

“Look at Me”: The Latest From Our Confused Old Man in the White House

Featured image How long can the charade of “President” Joe Biden go on before senior officials in Washington start to chat amongst themselves about how to end it? This 14-second video below shows Biden trying to talk over the band that has started to play, and DOCTOR Jill Biden walking quickly up to him to stop the embarrassment. It sounds like she says “Look at me,” following which the “President” begins to »

“Let’s Go Brandon” Banned…[updated]

Featured image …in Canada. Via PJ Media, the Canadian government has apparently banned the phrase “Let’s go Brandon” in any government communications. It appears that some Canadian officials have been getting rambunctious in their memos and correspondence; hence the need to prohibit “the uses of colloquialism or sayings with intended double meaning or offense.” But in particular, there must have been an outbreak of “Let’s go Brandon,” and one suspects that this »

Nine months into Biden’s presidency, faith in government has plummeted

Featured image Dan Balz, the Washington Post’s senior writer about politics, looks at the results of a recent Gallup poll on trust of government. Based on these results, he suggests that the public’s souring on government bodes ill for Joe Biden’s agenda. That’s a fair conclusion. Gallup conducts an annual survey of attitudes about government. Last year, as the pandemic raged, 54 percent of Americans said the government should do more to »

Annals of Biden weirdness

Featured image President Biden spoke at the renaming the Thomas J. Dodd Research Center as the Dodd Center for Human Rights at the University of Connecticut this past Friday. The White House has posted the transcript of Biden’s remarks here. (The transcript faithfully notes Biden’s use of the nonword “interdiced” in lieu of “introduced.”) Thomas Dodd was the father of Biden’s former Senate colleague Christopher Dodd — Senator Thomas Dodd. The elder »

Carter blues again

Featured image We did not reach the full flowering of the catastrophic Carter era until the final year of Jimmy Carter’s single term as president. Carter achieved failure on a grand scale in both domestic and foreign policy, culminating in the Iran hostage crisis and related fiascos. This is of course ancient and unknown history to most Americans today. Joe Biden has given us that “Memphis Blues Again” feeling in the first »

Yanking our supply chain [with comment by Paul]

Featured image If there was ever an administration unequal to the challenge of mitigating product shortages and lowering inflation, it must be the Biden administration. They know they have to do something, but they do not have a clue except in the public relations department. In the real world, the administration’s actions and proposals either have aggravated or will aggravate the underlying problem(s). Yesterday President Biden stepped forward to read from a »

The case of Hunter Biden

Featured image The alliance of the Democratic Party with the mainstream media and Big Tech serves to suppress politically inconvenient news and promote fake news such as the Shamala space video. What is Hunter Biden good for? The story of Hunter Biden and his laptop can serve as a useful case study. His story certainly makes for his highest and best use (not that there is a lot of competition in that »