Joe Biden

Of slimy filaments & dirty threads

Featured image Democrat Rep. Dan Goldman made news at a House hearing last week. He alleged without a scrap of evidence that the Hunter Biden laptop hard drive might have been altered by Rudy Giuliani. According to Goldman, the hard drive “was not authenticated as real.” It’s as real as Goldman is fake. The episode reminded me of one of Alger Hiss’s claims of innocence following his conviction of perjury. According to »

Democracy, Democrat style

Featured image I had my say on “My Cousin Dean” (i.e., Rep. Dean Phillips) just before he announced his campaign to challenge President Biden for the Democratic nomination for president. I intend to leave it at that unless events transform the shape of the nomination contest — and the Democrat powers-that-be are doing their best to make sure that doesn’t happen. Jonathan Turley observes Dean’s treatment to democracy, Democrat style, in his »

He’s sorry

Featured image The Biden administration is doing its best to engineer Israel’s submission to Hamas, or so it seems to me. Caroline Glick reads the tea leaves in her JNS column “Biden is the primary obstacle to Israeli victory.” In the column Glick picks up on Biden’s apology to five unnamed but “prominent Muslim Americans” as reported by the Washington Post. The Post story relates that Biden had voiced skepticism about the »

Where Are the Americans?

Featured image On October 7, Gaza murdered 31 Americans and is believed to have kidnapped 13 more, including a three-year-old child. Yesterday an initial exchange of hostages for prisoners was carried out. Ten Thais and one Filipino were let go, but no Americans were released: The U.S. does not know when the Americans held hostage would be released or all of their conditions, Mr. Biden said. We don’t know what their conditions »

The Bonfire of Biden’s Vanities

Featured image By now I imagine most readers have seen the photo of Joe Biden’s birthday cake, which is the greatest moment of presidential self-immolation since Jimmy Carter was attacked by a rabbit or George H.W. Bush threw up on the Japanese prime minister. The amazing thing is that someone in the White House thought it was a keen idea to release this photo. Which wasn’t even competently shot. What’s up with »

Biden’s wisdom

Featured image President Biden turns 81 today. Everyone outside the White House sees that he is too old for the job. Everyone inside the White House sees it too, which is why they have taken measures to camouflage his infirmity. These measures have not proven effective. They are like trying to disguise a camel with sunglasses. Biden’s likely Republican opponent has his own problems and Biden may yet win the 2024 election. »

Slow Joe turns 81

Featured image President Biden turns 81 tomorrow. We wish him a happy birthday in the privacy with which he is bound to celebrate it. He doesn’t want to draw attention to his achievement in longevity, though I can’t think of another positive achievement he can claim. Eighty-one might not be too old to be president, but Biden gives evidence in every public appearance that it is, at least in his case. His »

Biden Bashes Axelrod

Featured image Joe Biden has called David Axelrod a “prick,” doubtless a response to the Obama narrator’s suggestion that Biden consider stepping down from the 2024 presidential race. If the Delaware Democrat wants to push back harder, he might recall an episode from 2008. Republican John McCain was contending that Barack Obama was weak in foreign policy. To counter those charges, Obama touted his three-week trip to Pakistan in 1981, a journey »

Thought for the day

Featured image Jonathan Martin is Politico’s senior political columnist and politics bureau chief. He wrote This Will Not Pass with Alexander Burns on the 2020 election. He ardently believes that Joe Biden must be reelected to save the republic from Donald Trump, or vice versa. He is full of advice for how Biden can pull it off. Martin observes that “2024 will be an extraordinary election, and it demands extraordinary measures.” Why »

The worst of Peggy Noonan

Featured image Peggy Noonan’s weekly Wall Street Journal column dated November 2 dispensed advice for Israel in its current fight for survival. Noonan advised Israel not to fight. I criticized the column for its stupidity yesterday. I can’t say it’s the most stupid column of the past 25 years, but it must be tied with others for that distinction. While patently stupid, the column reeks of Noonan’s precious self-regard. She relishes every »

Saving Private Biden

Featured image I seriously doubt that President Biden could pass a Medicare cognitive ability test. It’s not exactly challenging, but Biden is too far gone. Everyone sees it. Everyone knows it. We are in any event way beyond the emperor-wears-no-clothes phase of inhibition controlling the unruly multitude. The mainstream press continues to serve as a sort of bodyguard for Biden, but the New York Post blurts it out on the cover today: »

Leave It To Believer

Featured image Based on recent polls, Democrat strategist David Axelrod believes Joe Biden would be “wise” to drop out of the 2024 presidential race. Axelrod comes billed as a “former Obama advisor,” but that sells him short. The New York Times hailed him as “Obama’s narrator,” and he signed off on his client’s every word. In 2015 Axelrod authored Believer: My Forty Years in Politics. “Authenticity is an indispensable  requirement for any »

Things have changed

Featured image Politico was the purveyor of the statement signed by the Deep State 51 asserting that the New York Post reporting on Hunter Biden’s laptop reflected a Russian information operation. Former Politico reporter Natasha Bertrand wrote the story and posted the statement along with it. In reality, as any fool could figure, Bertrand’s story and the accompanying statement reflected a Biden campaign information operation. Now Politico’s Ben Schreckinger tells us: “Fresh »

Gavin Biden/Joe Newsom

Featured image On his recent trip to China, California Gov. Gavin Newsom got into a pick-up basketball game and knocked over a Chinese student about half his size. In his own frequent falls, Joe Biden has yet to take down a bystander, but the two men have more in common than people might think.  Consider, for example, their troubles with reading and writing. “For years, Newsom has been very open about the »

A Paid Agent of a Foreign Power

Featured image Is it possible that we will actually see a Biden-Trump rematch in 2024? I have been confidently predicting for a long time that it won’t happen, but filing deadlines are starting to go by, and no one has entered the race against Joe Biden except Dean Phillips (I don’t count Marianne Williamson). Democrats are nervous about Biden because 1) everyone has now noticed that he is senile, 2) Bidenflation has »

Do you remember when?

Featured image In Minnesota yesterday, President Biden called for a “pause” in the Hamas-Israel war. I don’t think Biden himself explained the rationale. The AP supplied this explanation: “In his comments, Biden was exerting pressure on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to give Palestinians at least a brief reprieve from the relentless military operation that’s left thousands dead and mired the 141-square-mile strip in a roiling humanitarian crisis.” The AP also drew »

Biden’s Freefall Continues

Featured image Ordinarily presidents enjoy some upward bump in their approval rating when there is a world crisis such as the new war in Israel, but Biden continues to sink despite his high-profile visit to Israel and Oval Office speech. According to the latest Gallup Poll Biden’s approval rating has fallen four points from 41 percent last month to 37 percent now—an all time low in Gallup’s series. Most significant is that »