Joe Biden

People Are Catching On (2)

Featured image I wrote here about Trafalgar poll data indicating that most Americans (56%) think that Joe Biden is not directing policy and agenda for “his” administration. A doughty minority of 36%, in that poll, thought that Biden was really in charge. That was in July. Since then, things have gone badly downhill. This is the latest of many, many instances where Joe Biden clearly appears not to be in full possession »

Good news: “Let’s go Brandon” not banned

Featured image PJ Media’s Vodkapundit post on the purported banning of the phrase “Let’s go Brandon” under the auspices an arm of the Canadian government seems to have been deleted without notice or comment. John Hinderaker relied on the Vodkapundit post — it used to be here — in passing on what turns out to be fake news, according to this Reuters Fact Check and several other sources. The memo on which »

The Bidens: Corrupt or crazy?

Featured image Yesterday Matt Taibbi published the column “‘The Bidens’: Is the First Family Corrupt, or Merely Crazy?” Subhead: “Politico reporter Ben Schreckinger’s new book is an equal opportunity offender that may push a reluctant national media to re-examine ugly questions about President Joe Biden.” Taibbi posted the column to his TK News Substack site. Taibbi is probably overoptimistic about the effect of Schreckinger’s book on the national media. His column nevertheless »

“Look at Me”: The Latest From Our Confused Old Man in the White House

Featured image How long can the charade of “President” Joe Biden go on before senior officials in Washington start to chat amongst themselves about how to end it? This 14-second video below shows Biden trying to talk over the band that has started to play, and DOCTOR Jill Biden walking quickly up to him to stop the embarrassment. It sounds like she says “Look at me,” following which the “President” begins to »

“Let’s Go Brandon” Banned…[updated]

Featured image …in Canada. Via PJ Media, the Canadian government has apparently banned the phrase “Let’s go Brandon” in any government communications. It appears that some Canadian officials have been getting rambunctious in their memos and correspondence; hence the need to prohibit “the uses of colloquialism or sayings with intended double meaning or offense.” But in particular, there must have been an outbreak of “Let’s go Brandon,” and one suspects that this »

Nine months into Biden’s presidency, faith in government has plummeted

Featured image Dan Balz, the Washington Post’s senior writer about politics, looks at the results of a recent Gallup poll on trust of government. Based on these results, he suggests that the public’s souring on government bodes ill for Joe Biden’s agenda. That’s a fair conclusion. Gallup conducts an annual survey of attitudes about government. Last year, as the pandemic raged, 54 percent of Americans said the government should do more to »

Annals of Biden weirdness

Featured image President Biden spoke at the renaming the Thomas J. Dodd Research Center as the Dodd Center for Human Rights at the University of Connecticut this past Friday. The White House has posted the transcript of Biden’s remarks here. (The transcript faithfully notes Biden’s use of the nonword “interdiced” in lieu of “introduced.”) Thomas Dodd was the father of Biden’s former Senate colleague Christopher Dodd — Senator Thomas Dodd. The elder »

Carter blues again

Featured image We did not reach the full flowering of the catastrophic Carter era until the final year of Jimmy Carter’s single term as president. Carter achieved failure on a grand scale in both domestic and foreign policy, culminating in the Iran hostage crisis and related fiascos. This is of course ancient and unknown history to most Americans today. Joe Biden has given us that “Memphis Blues Again” feeling in the first »

Yanking our supply chain [with comment by Paul]

Featured image If there was ever an administration unequal to the challenge of mitigating product shortages and lowering inflation, it must be the Biden administration. They know they have to do something, but they do not have a clue except in the public relations department. In the real world, the administration’s actions and proposals either have aggravated or will aggravate the underlying problem(s). Yesterday President Biden stepped forward to read from a »

The case of Hunter Biden

Featured image The alliance of the Democratic Party with the mainstream media and Big Tech serves to suppress politically inconvenient news and promote fake news such as the Shamala space video. What is Hunter Biden good for? The story of Hunter Biden and his laptop can serve as a useful case study. His story certainly makes for his highest and best use (not that there is a lot of competition in that »

Happy Indigenous Peoples’ Day?

Featured image Tomorrow is Columbus Day. Or, at least, it used to be. In many places around the country, like Minnesota, Columbus is out of favor. Last year, “activists” encouraged by the state’s governor and lieutenant governor tore down the statue of Christopher Columbus that stood on the grounds of the Minnesota Capitol. The statue has never been restored, and its removal exemplifies a new intellectual order premised on the belief that »

Brandon—The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Featured image “Let’s go Brandon” is bidding to go down in political history as one of the most memorable slogans—and greatest media blunders—of all time. I think it is going to be around through election day 2024 (though whether Joe Biden makes it that long is another story). In this first short clip, enjoy the pranking that took place at Chicago O’Hare airport a couple days ago: And in the event you »

Fakin’ it

Featured image The Biden presidency is weird in multifarious ways. One such weirdness is the animatronic quality we have observed in the Biden speeches. The ridiculous lying about “extraordinary success” of the Afghanistan bugout and the malicious disparagement of border enforcement agents have established another front of deep weirdness. The multifarious quality of the weirdness is what strikes me about the story of fake White House set and the related headline “Truman »

That’s easy for him to say

Featured image On Thursday President Biden spoke at the Clayco data center construction site in Elk Grove Village, Illinois. Biden was promoting compulsory Covid vaccinations (White House transcript here). Has OSHA — the federal agency assigned to promulgate the regime of compulsory vaccinations on the private sector — gotten around to issuing the “emergency” regulation Biden has ordered up? Answer: No. On Thursday the White House also issued a 26-page report on »

Let’s Go, Brandon!

Featured image Joe Biden’s catastrophic slide in the polls has robbed him of the persuasive power that more successful presidents enjoy. We see this in the way the deep split in the Democratic Party is playing out: Biden wants to tip the scales toward the far left, but he lacks the ability to do so. Thus he casually lets it be known that Kyrsten Sinema isn’t returning his phone calls: While it »

Ruling Class in Free-Fall?

Featured image I’m going to have a long piece up here later today or over the weekend with a novel theory explaining the vindictiveness of the left today, but for the moment, let’s take up a sidebar about collapsing public approval of President Biden, Democrats, and the news media. First, the Quinnipiac Poll that reports Biden’s public approval rating collapsing to 38 percent, with respondents finding Biden “not competent.” I can’t remember »

Biden’s “bounce back” on hold as Americans realize he’s a fraud

Featured image FiveThirtyEight notices that Joe Biden’s approval number isn’t “bouncing back” after the Afghanistan fiasco. Its pundits had suggested that the number might well bounce back as news of that debacle faded. But, they acknowledge, “we’re now more than a month removed from Biden’s difficult August, and there have been no signs of a rebound in his approval rating.” Why? The FiveThirtyEight crew now says “the decline in Biden’s approval rating »