John McCain

Joe Biden and John McCain

Featured image According to this report in Politico, Cindy McCain will be featured tonight at the Democratic National Convention, such as it is. She will outline the “unlikely friendship” between her husband and Joe Biden. “I was honored to accept the invitation from the Biden campaign to participate in a video celebrating their relationship,” she tweeted. Politico says it’s unclear whether Cindy McCain’s appearance will amount to an official endorsement of Biden. »

BIden claims he’d consider a Republican running mate.

Featured image Joe Biden said today that he will consider choosing a Republican for his running mate if he’s the 2020 Democratic presidential nominee. Biden added, though, that the Republican would have to be “simpatico with him,” and that he can’t think of such a Republican right now. I can’t either. John McCain is dead. Anyway, McCain’s ACU rating was around 80 percent. In other words, as a Senator he voted for »

“The Straight Talk Express” and “No Malarkey,” a comparison

Featured image During his campaigns for president, John McCain famously traveled on a bus he called The Straight Talk Express. Joe Biden, hoping to energize his Iowa campaign, has been traveling around the state in a bus he calls No Malarkey. McCain’s bus was aptly named. If anything, McCain talked too straight on it. During my one stint on the Straight Talk Express, he conceded that he wasn’t strong in the area »

We get it, Trump never liked McCain

Featured image The late John McCain was capable of true graciousness, but if you got on the wrong side of him he was a nasty piece of work. You could say the same thing about President Trump, if you took out the part about graciousness. Once candidate Trump ridiculously denied that McCain was a war hero, the Senator’s nasty piece of work side was always going to prevail in his approach to »

Politicize a Funeral? Last Time, It Didn’t Turn Out Well

Featured image As Paul noted last night, Democrats (and some Republicans) turned John McCain’s funeral into an orgy of Trump-bashing. Evidently they thought it made political sense. It reminds me of another politicized funeral, 16 years ago. In the fall of 2002, Minnesota Senator Paul Wellstone was running for re-election against Norm Coleman. Tim Pawlenty was running his first race for Governor. And, of course, it was the first midterm election of »

McCain’s funeral turns into resistance meeting

Featured image Susan Glasser of the New Yorker calls John McCain’s funeral “the biggest resistance meeting yet.” I think Glasser is right, but is this a good thing? Glasser certainly thinks so. She seems ecstatic about it. McCain probably would have thought so too. He was a world class grudge holder. McCain was also capable of forgiveness, but that capacity ran in only one direction — left. It’s rich, though, that Meghan »

The Self-Regard of McCain

Featured image It would be much easier to refrain from reciting the litany of John McCain’s defects, and side with him against the predictable bumptiousness of President Trump, were it not for the fact of the news reported today that Sarah Palin is not invited—in fact may have been specifically dis-invited—from his memorial service. Palin has never been anything but gracious to McCain and grateful for his selection of her to be »

The plot thickens on naming McCain’s successor

Featured image Yesterday, Arizona Democrats nominated David Garcia to run for governor. Garcia is a left-wing candidate, but a reasonably attractive one. He’s the Democrats’ highest-performing statewide candidate of the last 12 years, having almost won his 2014 race for state superintendent. And he is Latino. Incumbent Doug Ducey will be favored to defeat him, but can’t take the race for granted. This raises the stakes in Ducey’s selection of a replacement »

Who should be appointed to replace John McCain?

Featured image With the passing of Sen. John McCain, it falls to Arizona governor Doug Ducey to name a replacement. The replacement will hold the seat until 2020, when it will be up for grabs in an election. This article looks at candidates whose names have been floated as potential appointees. Of those on the list, my least favorite choice is Cindy McCain. I’m not confident she’s a conservative. There is speculation »

Trump Does It Again

Featured image I find my facility with mathematical notation has gone to the dogs, as I have been trying (but failing) to put together the equation that postulates that the probability of all conversations leading to Trump over time is 1.0. Certainly this is true in Washington, DC. Maybe one of our readers from the ranks of engineers can put it together for me in the comments. In any case, it is »

Riding on the Straight Talk Express

Featured image I concur fully with Scott’s post about Sen. John McCain. McCain was an American original and, I would add, an American hero. Like Scott, I disagreed with McCain’s positions on some very important issues. Yet I found the occasions when I spent time in McCain’s company to be personal highlights. That’s particularly true of the time I spent riding with him on the Straight Talk Express in New Hampshire in »

Faith of his fathers

Featured image Despite whatever political disagreements I had with Senator McCain over the years, I am deeply saddened by the news of his death today at the age of 81 from the aggressive form of brain cancer with which he has been contending over the past year. I found the occasions on which I spent time in his company to be a personal highlight. He was an American original. The New York »

Brett Kavanaugh and the McCain factor

Featured image Yesterday, I noted that Sen. John McCain has strongly backed the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh. I think McCain’s endorsement bodes well for the nominee even if McCain isn’t physically able to vote for him because it’s indicative of how Kavanaugh is viewed by moderate Republicans. Obviously, the endorsement bodes even better if McCain is able to vote for Kavanaugh. In that scenario, the judge can be confirmed even with »

McCain backs Kavanaugh

Featured image Senator John McCain has expressed his strong support for the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh. McCain tweeted: Judge Brett Kavanaugh has impeccable credentials & a strong record of upholding the Constitution. He is widely respected as a fair, independent & mainstream judge. I look forward to the Senate moving forward with a fair & thorough confirmation process. We don’t know whether McCain will be physically able to vote for Kavanaugh’s confirmation. »

Rumor: Cindy McCain to succeed her husband

Featured image In a few hours, when we turn our calendars to June, Arizona governor Doug Ducey will, in the event Sen. John McCain dies or resigns, be able to appoint a successor to McCain who can serve until January 2021. Rumor has it that Ducey will appoint Cindy McCain, the Senator’s wife. I have no idea whether this is true. I do know that Ducey met yesterday with Cindy and John »

Time for McCain to Resign (Updated)

Featured image (See UPDATE at the end.) It is unfortunate that a careless person in the Trump White House made the callous remark—even if in a supposedly private setting—that John McCain doesn’t matter because “he’s dying anyway.” First, that staffer, Kelly Sadler, obviously doesn’t know the first rule of Washington, which is that nothing is ever truly off the record, especially in White House staff meetings, though coming in a close second »

The Worst Republican Senator

Featured image There really ought to be a statute of limitations on how long John McCain can play the tortured war hero card. His war hero status was exhausted with me a decade ago over a single instance. Brad Smith, who as chairman of the Federal Election Commission and law professor dared to criticize the McCain-Feingold campaign finance law on constitutional grounds (later vindicated in several Supreme Court cases culminating in the »