Consider a Tip to Go With a Hat Tip to Dave Deeble

Featured image With Ammo Grrll, David Deeble is Power Line’s other unofficial comedian, and you can follow his daily quips on Twitter, his longer form humor articles on Ricochet and his own website, and you can find lots of him on his YouTube channel. (My favorite and very topical 10-second joke at the clip below.) Pretty sure he contributes to the Babylon Bee from time to time, too. Today he offers “Americans »

Who Says Hollywood Doesn’t Make Great Movies Any More?

Featured image I don’t know who Power Tie is, but whoever he/she/they are, Power Tie is maybe my second-favorite YouTuber at the moment. This “trailer” for “2020: The Movie” is genius work: »

Canceling “Cancel Culture”?

Featured image Peggy Noonan’s unusually (even for her) peripatetic end-of-year Wall Street Journal column (Warren Zevon and impeachment??) ends with speculation about whether the “wokerati” at the core of “cancel culture” are going to get their comeuppance sometime this decade: “Everyone with an honest mind hates them. Someone will finally move effectively against them. Who? How? That will be a story of the ’20s, and a good one.” Maybe Ricky Gervais has »

Who Is Actually Tolerant?

Featured image Power Line’s favorite male comic, David Deeble (who one of these days we’re going to pair with Ammo Grrrl in a live event), has a very succinct explanation of the culture war and the issue of “tolerance” (just 28 seconds): Like all good comedy and satire, it depends on some connection with reality.* Liberals talk endlessly about “tolerance” and “inclusiveness,” but it is increasingly clear that leftists are the most »

A Very Remy April Fool’s Day

Featured image So it’s April Fool’s Day—the day when you’re supposed to fall for  . . . fake news. Which means it’s just another day for CNN. Yet another great American custom the media has ruined for everyone. (Though I am still skeptical of today’s news that Mick Jagger is getting a heart valve replacement operation soon. I think this is a deep cover story for his unfolding plan to become the »

The Ultimate Photobomb for the Holidays

Featured image Bear with me for a brief preface for the video below. Years ago—like almost 50 years ago—there was a thriving annual “UFO-Flying Saucer” convention out in the California desert that drew thousands of UFO believers from all over the country. (You can read about it here or here.) It was full of full-scale nutters. I know because I went several times as a little kid. Not to participate in UFO »

Opinion Rhapsody

Featured image I haven’t seen the new biopic about Freddie Mercury and Queen, but from the reviews and such it looks pretty good. But in the meantime, some enterprising YouTubers who go by the name of Dustin and Genevieve have produced this “Bohemian Rhapsody” knockoff for the age of anti-social media, and it hits the target squarely: Today’s chaser—I’d call this “bottom story of the day,” but that would be too cheesy: »

Hillary, Sacked!

Featured image This is the funniest thing I’ve seen all week, though of course the week is young and Cory Booker is still to be heard from. I’ve seen the original version of this video, but this adaptation is perfect: »

Liberals and the Death of Comedy

Featured image Everyone understands that the left is against comedy, because humor punctures their precious earnestness. It is widely understood that Mel Brooks couldn’t make Blazing Saddles today, even if Richard Pryor wrote most of the script again. But there’s another movie what can’t be made today: Monty Python’s Life of Brian. Although the film is mostly a satire of political extremism, at the time of the film’s release a lot of »

Ramirez for the Win

Featured image I didn’t think it possible even to equal today’s New York Post front page that Scott noted last night, but our favorite editorial cartoonist Michael Ramirez is on fire this week. His latest two offerings are just too good to sit in our regular Saturday gallery (which will have plenty of killers this week in any case). Enjoy: »

Yanny, Laurel, or….

Featured image As the evening draws to a close and we look forward to commenting on the latest limited modified hangout from the Deep State–“FBI used informant to investigate Russia ties to campaign, not to spy, as Trump claims!” says the New York Times–let’s finish with a little entertainment. If you don’t already know about the Yanny vs. Laurel controversy that has gripped the internet over the last 36 hours, it probably »

The Power Line Show, Episode 50: The Lighter Side of David Deeble

Featured image A few months back you may recall that I laid claim to David Deeble as “Power Line’s Next Comedy Legend.” Well a few days ago we tracked him down over in Germany, where he lives half the year (because he really likes a challenging audience for comedy), to talk about why most comics, like most other artists, are liberals, and several other topics. Turns out that I, too, have a »

The Millennial Job Interview

Featured image People often ask how the tender, safe-spaced, and cosseted “millennials” are going to fare in the real world. Fortunately we don’t have to wonder any longer: Daniel Brea of LA Reel House has put together this short video of how a job interview with the typical millennial might go. Looks accurate to me! »

Wake Up to Wokeness, or Something

Featured image We could use a little comic relief on a day of such grim news, so it’s worth taking in how Saturday Night Live once again skewers the political correctness of the left with their offering of “Woke Jeans.” Memo to campus crazies: when the pinnacle of liberal pop culture thinks you’re making a silly ass of yourself, you’re making a silly ass of yourself. Bonus flashback: This isn’t the first »

Power Line’s Next Comedy Legend

Featured image Power Line is honored to be the venue for our regular Friday feature from Ammo Grrrl, but it is long past time that we acknowledge a faithful Power Line reader and frequent supplier of pictures and ideas for the Saturday photo gallery: comedian/magician David Deeble. You should subscribe to his YouTube page, and follow him on Twitter, where he rivals Iowahawk for timely takes on the current news, like this: »

BBC Dad Spawns Parodies

Featured image It is becoming clear that “BBC Dad” is has become next big celebrity, because of course the parody videos are starting to emerge. Like this one from a feminist point of view: Naturally you need a Trump version: And of course there need to be a Star Wars-themed version: More: How long until we get a full-on “Hitler learns about the BBC dad” video? (But no—I’m not doing it!) »

And Now for Something Completely Different

Featured image One of the great things about the internet is how it makes possible unofficial comedy (like the endless “Hitler Learns About. . .” parodies). Herewith Sunday night’s debate rendered as a musical number: And here, from the geniuses at Bad Lip Reading: Dirty dancing indeed. »