Keith Ellison

Ellison & Wardlow debate

Featured image KSTP-TV hosted a debate last night between Minnesota attorney general candidates Keith Ellison and Doug Wardlow. I have posted the video below. The Star Tribune covers the debate along with a few others in cursory fashion here. In this morning’s Hot Dish Politics newsletter, the Star Tribune’s Patrick Coolican passes along this assessment by MPR”s Brian Bakst: “I’ve covered politics in Minnesota for 20 years. I can’t think of a »

Sinema/Ellison 2020

Featured image Kyrsten Sinema and Keith Ellison have a lot in common. They are both prominent Democrats. Sinema represents Arizona in Congress; Ellison represents Minnesota and holds down another job as deputy chairman of the Democratic National Committee. Sinema now seeks to represent Arizona in the Senate; Ellison now seeks to become Minnesota attorney general. And both have long careers reflecting radical views that they now mask. They lie boldly about their »

Karen Monahan speaks

Featured image Karen Monahan is Keith Ellison’s #MeToo nemesis. Ellison is the deputy chairman of the Democratic National Committee and the Democratic Party candidate for the office of Minnesota Attorney General. Ellison’s abuse of Karen Monahan — the least of his disqualifications from office, but certainly a timely one for Democrats to confront — was voluminously documented in attorney Susan Ellingstad’s investigation of the incident (see report below). I wrote about the »

Who Wants a Pro-Crime Attorney General?

Featured image Why would anyone want his state’s top law enforcement officer to be in favor of violent crime? One would think, no one could be that foolish. Yet in Minnesota, the Democratic Party has nominated Keith Ellison, who has repeatedly endorsed cop-killers, who regards Antifa as the legitimate voice of the Democratic Party, and who wants Minnesota to be a sanctuary for violent criminals, for Attorney General. Yesterday, we were reminded »

The devastating Ellison report

Featured image Lukas Mikellonis reports for FOX News that “Lawyer who cleared Ellison of domestic abuse allegations is partner at firm that donated $500G to Dems.” The lawyer is Susan Ellingstad. Her report on the abuse allegation against Ellison summarily concludes that the allegation is “unsubstantiated,” but the report in total is full of evidence that makes a devastating case supporting the charge. Read it for yourself below, which Mikellonis shows no »

The case against Ellison [With Comment by John]

Featured image The Democratic National Committee has delegated investigation of the current domestic abuse allegation raised against Keith Ellison by Karen Monahan to the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party. Ellison is of course the deputy chairman of the DNC an dthe DFL candidate for attorney general. DFL Chairman Ken Martin retained Minneapolis attorney Susan Ellingstad to conduct the investigation. Susan’s report was made public yesterday. Her report finds the charge against Ellison to be »

Are the Democrats Throwing Ellison Under the Bus?

Featured image The Democrats sacrificed Al Franken in order to shore up their effort to win a Senate seat in Alabama. They knew that Minnesota’s governor would appoint another Democrat to replace Franken, so they could net a Senate seat with an upset pickup in Alabama, which is exactly what happened. Many Minnesota Democrats are still unhappy that Franken was forced out of the Senate, not by Republicans but by his own »

Keith Ellison’s “Minnesota Values”

Featured image Keith Ellison has released his campaign’s first internet video. It claims that Ellison embodies “Minnesota values,” and studiously avoids any reference to the many controversies swirling around him: his long-time advocacy for cop-killers, his multiple documented instances of domestic violence, his participation in the Nation of Islam and his anti-Semitism, along with more minor issues like his failure to pay taxes. Here is the video: Ellison says we need him »

As always, Ellison abuses the truth

Featured image Local public television affiliate TPT hosted a discussion featuring Minnesota attorney general candidates Keith Ellison (Democrat), Doug Wardlow (Republican) and Noah Johnson (Legalize Cannabis) last night on Almanac. The 36-minute segment is posted here. Even before the full legalization of cannabis in Minnesota, we have high times that cry out for an intervention. Hosts Eric Eskola and Kathy Wurzer let Ellison bluster his way through the discussion, but they homed »

“Concerned” Dems aren’t concerned about past sexual assaults by Dems

Featured image It’s amusing, in a sickening sort of way, to hear Senate Democrats say it’s unacceptable to have on the Supreme Court someone “credibly” accused of assaulting a woman 36 years ago, when he was in high school. Who among these “outraged” Senators has complained about serving with Democratic colleagues credibly accused of, and in at least two cases admitting to, assaulting women? Sen. Sherrod Brown’s ex-wife claimed that Brown threw »


Featured image Keith Ellison is leading the race for Attorney General of Minnesota 41-36, according to the Star Tribune poll. But that lead isn’t anywhere near big enough, in my opinion. Revelations about Ellison keep coming out. The latest comes from Karen Monahan, the second of the two women who have accused Ellison of domestic abuse. Monahan has released a medical record from the Park Nicollet Clinic, dated November 2017, that supports »

News Outlet Seeks Ellison Divorce Records

Featured image A small Minnesota news outlet called Alpha News has gone to court to try to unseal the records of Keith Ellison’s divorce. Normally I find the idea of unsealing divorce records repugnant, but Alpha News makes what seems a pretty good case in its press release: Keith Ellison is running to be Minnesota’s next Attorney General. As is common knowledge by now, two women have credibly accused him of domestic »

Keith Ellison: No sale yet

Featured image A KSTP/Survey USA Poll gives us the first glimpse of the state of play in cop killer loving cum lawman wannabe Keith Ellison’s bid for Minnesota Attorney General. Only Republican candidate Keith Wardlow stands in his way. The poll results show a dead heat at 41 percent each. Democrats have held a lock on the office roughly since the memory of man runneth not to the contrary. While Republicans have »

Covering — or covering for — Keith Ellison

Featured image Star Tribune reporter Jessie Van Berkel purports to cover the words and deeds that should haunt Keith Ellison as he runs for the office of Minnesota Attorney General in “Keith Ellison faces and navigates controversy, again.” Ellison is unfit to serve in any high office, but he is particularly unfit to serve as the chief law enforcement officer of the state. Van Berkel’s article touches on the matters I document »

The Ellison enigma

Featured image The New York Times takes up the latest accusation of domestic abuse against Keith Ellison in “A Broken Relationship and Accusations of Emotional Abuse: The Case of Keith Ellison.” The Times assigned two reporters to the story. It comes under the bylines of Julie Turkewitz and Farah Stockman. They spoke to “more than a dozen people who knew the couple.” Note that Ellison declined a request for an interview by »

An Encouraging Afternoon at the Fair

Featured image Today, I spent the afternoon at the Minnesota State Fair. I was on the radio for 2 1/2 hours with my friends Ed Morrissey and Lee Michaels of AM 1280 the Patriot. Minnesota’s State Fair is one of the world’s great events. Even the New York Times, which is rarely right about anything, has acknowledged as much. If you have never been to the Minnesota State Fair, photos accompany the »

Will Keith Ellison Drag Down Minnesota Democrats?

Featured image Minnesota will be the eye of the hurricane in November, with two Senate races, at least four competitive House races, and the governorship at stake. The Democrats nominated their strongest candidate for governor, 1st District Congressman Tim Walz. But if Republicans have their way, Walz and all other Democrats on the ballot will be tarred by association with Walz’s de facto running mate, Keith Ellison. The national press is beginning »