Kristen Clarke

The Biden DOJ’s lawless “environmental justice” investigation of Alabama

Featured image The Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division has announced that it opened an “environmental justice” investigation into the Alabama Department of Public Health and the Lowndes County Health Department. The DOJ’s press release states that the Civil Rights Division will examine whether the Alabama Department of Public Health and the Lowndes County Health Department operate their onsite wastewater disposal program and infectious diseases and outbreaks program in a manner that discriminates »

DOJ tightens grip on local police departments

Featured image Yesterday, Attorney General Merrick Garland announced new rules governing the federal monitors who impose their leftist views of policing on police forces trying to cope with skyrocketing criminality. These monitors exercise the authority of the federal government through consent decrees imposed on localities. Under Donald Trump, the Justice Department wisely stopped pursuing consent decrees. However, the Biden DOJ, under the leadership of BLM-supporting Vanita Gupta and racist Kristen Clarke, is »

Biden bellyaches about Arizona voting case despite not having opposed the result

Featured image The Supreme Court’s decision upholding two Arizona voting provisions has brought a sharp rebuke from the White House. Joe Biden issued a statement that begins, “I am deeply disappointed in today’s decision by the United States Supreme Court that undercuts the Voting Rights Act, and upholds what Justice Kagan called ‘a significant race-based disparity in voting opportunities.’” The Department of Justice issued a separate statement on the decision. It promises »

DOJ sues Georgia over its voting law

Featured image The Biden Justice Department announced yesterday that it is suing Georgia over the voting procedures the state recently adopted. The suit alleges civil rights violations under Section 2 of he Voting Rights Act. It will be prosecuted by Kristen Clarke, the racist head of the Civil Rights Division, with the help, presumably, of her brainy principal deputy, Pam Karlan. On the merits, the lawsuit is a joke. As Andy McCarthy »

Kristen Clarke attacks law barring boys from participating in girls’ sports

Featured image Kristen Clarke, now the head of the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division, has filed a brief on behalf of the United States arguing that a West Virginia law barring boys from participating on girls’ sports teams violates Title VI and the Equal Protection Clause. Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia cast a key vote confirming Clarke. Ed Whelan aptly calls this a case of no naïve deed going unpunished. Clarke’s »

Kristen Clarke: No ordinary racialist radical

Featured image I want to give Christian Adams Power Line’s last word on Kristen Clarke’s fitness to head the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division. Christian, after all, has had the misfortune of dealing with Clarke (I have not). And Christian’s assessment of Clarke encompasses the issue of voting — something I did not discuss in my many posts about her. Here is some of what Christian has to say about Clarke: Clarke »

Senate confirms Kristen Clarke

Featured image By a vote of 51-48, the Senate confirmed Kristen Clarke for the position of Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights. (Sen. John Kennedy of Louisiana didn’t vote.) The Senate confirmed Clarke for the nation’s top civil rights job despite her past history of anti-Semitism and Black supremacism, her very recent support for defunding the police, her current support for racial discrimination in hiring, and her dishonest testimony before the Senate »

Senate Judiciary Committee splits 11-11 on Clarke nomination

Featured image This week, the Senate Judiciary Committee voted on two of Joe Biden’s nominees for top Justice Department jobs. The nominees are Todd Kim for Assistant Attorney General (AAG) for the Environment and Natural Resources Division and Kristen Clarke for AAG for the Civil Rights Division. The committee reported Kim out on a bipartisan basis. However, the vote on Clarke was 11-11, along strict party lines. Not surprisingly, no Republican member »

Kristen Clarke misled Senators about her association with anti-Semitic prof

Featured image Kristen Clarke is Joe Biden’s nominee to head the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division. We have discussed the fact that, as a student at Harvard, she invited a rabidly anti-Semitic professor (Tony Martin) to campus and then praised his hateful ravings. Now, it appears that Clarke misled the Senate Judiciary Committee about her links with another anti-Semitic professor, Amiri Baraka. The professor in question was a virulent anti-Semite who, among »

Why police officers should be terrified of Kristen Clarke

Featured image When Kristen Clarke wasn’t lying under oath to Senators during her confirmation hearing, she was trying her best to mislead them. For example, Clarke grossly misled Senators during an exchange with Sen. Tom Cotton regarding Jacob Blake, who was shot by a police officer in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Shortly after the shooting, Clarke stated on social media that Blake was unarmed. It is undisputed, however, that Blake had a knife. When »

Kristen Clarke lies under oath about her racist writing at Harvard

Featured image During yesterday’s hearing on the nomination of Kristen Clarke to head the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division, the nominee was asked about an article she wrote while a student at Harvard. In that article, Clarke argued that Blacks are superior to Whites in numerous respects. We discussed Clarke’s racist claim here. Clarke told Senators that the article was satire. But, as David Harsanyi points out, there is no evidence to »

Kristen Clarke lies under oath about defunding the police

Featured image Today, the Senate Judiciary Committee heard testimony from Kristen Clarke, Joe Biden’s nominee to head the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division. Clarke appeared along with Todd Kim, the nominee to head the Environment and Natural Resources Division. This meant a pretty easy time for Kim. Clarke, by contrast, came under heavy fire. She tried to deflect it through a combination of lies and nonsense. Consider her exchange with Sen. Ted »

Report: Kristen Clarke organized conference that championed cop-killers

Featured image According to Fox News, Kristen Clarke, Joe Biden’s nominee to lead the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division, organized a conference at which left-wing activists championed cop-killers and backed the freeing of violent criminals. Fox News reports: According to a previously unseen university transcript obtained by the American Accountability Foundation and given to Fox News, Kristen Clarke was a critical leader and organizer of the controversial Race-ing Justice Conference while she »

Kristen Clarke’s ugly tweets

Featured image Kristen Clarke is Joe Biden’s nominee to lead the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department. She’s an odd pick, or would be in a normal administration, given her history of sponsoring anti-Semitism and advancing the idea that Blacks are superior to Whites. Clarke will argue that this happened long ago, during her college days. However, she is on record as holding another nominee to what he said while in »

Joe Biden’s racist civil rights nominee, Part Five

Featured image Last night, I wrote about Lani Guinier, Bill Clinton’s nominee to head the DOJ’s Civil Rights Division. Clinton withdrew her nomination because, in essence, she advocated voting and legislative practices that were not race-neutral. I compared Guinier with Kristen Clarke, Joe Biden’s nominee for the same position, and found Clarke to be more extreme than Guinier. I also pointed out that, unlike Clarke, Guinier was a good-faith advocate for the »