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The world according to Biden: Transcript

Featured image I was looking for transcript in all the wrong places, i.e., for the official White House transcript of President Biden’s fabulations at the 29th quadrennial convention of the AFL-CIO in Philadelphia yesterday morning. The White House posted it under Statements and Releases here. I commented on it here based on the PBS video (below). Today’s New York Post devotes a good editorial to Biden’s speech under the heading “The Post »

The world according to Biden

Featured image President Biden spoke today at the AFL-CIO quadrennial convention in Philadelphia. I have posted a video of the whole thing at the bottom. Biden is in his element and the torrent of lies is tough to take. The White House has not posted a transcript. As usual, Biden builds himself up by comparison with “the last guy.” In the world according to Biden, life under Donald Trump was a nightmare »

Reconcile this

Featured image It looks like the Democrats can only pass a reconciliation bill if they are willing to get behind a trimmed-down package. The $3.5 trillion version doesn’t command the support of 50 Senators. A $2 trillion package might. But to get from $3.5 trillion to around $2 trillion, the Democrats must agree on what to cut. That seems like a tall order because the current package contains big gifts for everyone »

My dad and Hubert Humphrey

Featured image Scott’s Father’s Day tribute to his dad includes a picture of his father and Hubert Humphrey. Scott noted that the picture was taken not long after Humphrey had led the charge to retake the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party from the Communists between 1946 and 1948. Around the same time as that picture was taken, my father, a socialist, was a leader in the movement to wrest control of certain union locals in »

Does Marty Walsh have Alex Acosta’s problem?

Featured image Marty Walsh is Joe Biden’s Secretary of Labor. Alex Acosta was Donald Trump’s for a few years. Acosta lost his job after reports showed that he gave a sweetheart deal to Jeffrey Epstein, a pedophile. The editorial board of the Wall Street Journal suggests that Walsh might have a somewhat similar problem. The alleged pedophile in question is the former chief of the Boston police union, Patrick Rose. He was »

The Great Implosion

Featured image A couple days ago I referenced Tom Wolfe’s classic essay “The Great Relearning,” and it may be that we have to go through the Great Implosion in order to relearn things like common sense. As you have heard, California is going through a series of rolling blackouts of the kind not seen since the botched electricity “restructuring” almost 20 years ago ultimately ended up costing Governor Gray Davis his job. »

In Hoffa’s Shadow

Featured image If you are looking for a new book with which you can hunker down while you isolate yourself at home, I recommend Jack Goldsmith’s In Hoffa’s Shadow: A Stepfather, A Disappearance in Detroit, and My Search for the Truth. Goldsmith is the Henry L. Shattuck Professor at Harvard Law School, co-founder of Lawfare, and a Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution. Before coming to Harvard, Professor Goldsmith served as Assistant »

AFL-CIO hopes Alex Acosta hangs on at Labor Department

Featured image Secretary of Labor Alex Acosta is under fire from nearly all sides over the sweetheart deal he gave to pedophile Jeffrey Epstein when Acosta was a U.S. Attorney in Florida. The fire is all the more intense because a Florida federal judge has now ruled that, in the process of giving Epstein his deal, Acosta violated federal victims’ rights law. Editorialists of all political stripes have called on Acosta to »

Trump renominates the Chai Feldblum of the NLRB

Featured image I’ve written often about President Trump’s strange decision (or the decision of his advisers) to renominate Chai Feldblum as an EEOC Commissioner. Feldblum was the architect of President Obama’s aggressive LGBT agenda. Thus, her renomination seemed like a betrayal of Trump’s social conservative supporters. Some (perhaps many) of them construed it that way. As a result, Feldblum has not been confirmed. Neither have the two Republican nominees on the same »

Civil War on the Left, Part 27

Featured image I’ve been expecting this to happen for a long time. From the New York Times: Rift Between Labor and Environmentalists Threatens Democratic Turnout Plan By Jonathan Martin WASHINGTON — Two of the Democratic Party’s most loyal constituencies, labor and environmentalists, are clashing over an effort to raise tens of millions of dollars for an ambitious voter turnout operation aimed at defeating Donald J. Trump in the November election. The rift »

Annals of Liberal Hypocrisy

Featured image As we and others have endlessly reminded, if liberals didn’t have double standards they wouldn’t have any standards at all. Witness Hillary’s prostration on Tuesday (“Equal Pay Day“) about how since rent, groceries, etc., all cost the same for men and women, women should be paid as much as men. Hey Hillary—how about starting at home, with the pay gap for executives at the Clinton Foundation: Pay Gap Alert: Clinton »

Obama’s impending regulatory assault

Featured image President Obama promised that 2014 would be the year of the presidential “phone and pen.” Atypically, Obama delivered to some extent on that promise. For Obama, 2015 will be the year in which he eschews the phone and resorts even more to the pen. His controversial executive orders on amnesty and Cuba are just the tip of that iceberg. For years, leftist dominated federal agencies have been clamoring for an »

Civil War on the Left, Part 4

Featured image The Hill newspaper notes yesterday that “The Keystone pipeline has long been a source of friction between Democrats and labor unions.”  Well one union this week sent a letter to Democrats who publicly oppose Keystone threatening retribution: A top building trades union is launching a midterm-election assault on House Democrats who oppose construction of the Keystone XL oil pipeline. A letter distributed Friday by the Laborers’ International Union of North »

Civil War on the Left, Part 3

Featured image We know that labor unions are at odds with the Obama Administration over the Keystone XL pipeline and dislike some aspects of Obamacare, but might some of them actually go so far as to help re-elect a Republican governor in the key state of Ohio? Labor Split Boosts Ohio Governor By Kris Maher TOLEDO, Ohio—Gov. John Kasich has earned such ire among unions that he is on a list of »

Fresh Cracks in the Blue-State Model?

Featured image Keep your eyes on Democrat-run Illinois over the next couple of weeks, where legislative leaders have hammered out a scheme to address the crisis of the state’s underfunded public employee pension system.  The unfunded liability for the state’s pension obligations is officially estimated somewhere around $100 billion over the next 30 years, but the actual figure is likely much higher as Illinois, like many self-serving public pension funds, still assumes »

Defunding the Left, One Union at a Time

Featured image “Defunding the left” was one of the objectives of the Republican uprising of 1994; unfortunately, that goal went unrealized. This is one of the basic differences between Left and Right: conservative candidates and organizations have to raise money from individuals who contribute voluntarily, out of conviction, while Democrats and liberal organizations are able to extract money by force from taxpayers and others. The Left has managed to institutionalize itself. Labor »

A Union Movement Without Union Members

Featured image Private sector unions, having mostly destroyed the jobs they were organized to represent, are dying. Public sector unions are doing better, and now represent more than half of union membership. But they, in truth, aren’t doing so great either. So the AFL-CIO has come up with a novel solution: open up membership to people who are not actually members of unions: The AFL-CIO on Monday opened the door to becoming »