Latino voters

Hispanic women warming to GOP in Texas

Featured image So says Politico, and it seems to be true. Certainly, Donald Trump made inroads among Hispanic voters in 2020 — both in Texas and elsewhere. And the GOP achieved further gains with this ethnic group in Texas elections held in 2021. There are indications that Hispanic women are leading the charge. In Texas, according to Politico: Hispanic women now serve as party chairs in the state’s four southernmost border counties, »

How bad is the Democrats’ Latino voter problem?

Featured image We have noted the rapid decline of the Democrats’ popularity among Latinos. A group (if it makes sense to refer to such a diverse collection of voters as such) that has strongly supported Democrats until recently now is evenly split in its backing of the two parties, according to recent polls. Ruy Teixeira argues that the news on Latino voters is even worse than now perceived. It’s noteworthy that Teixeira »

One more footnote to last night

Featured image I don’t think any of us on Power Line has commented on the outcome of the runoff election to fill a vacant seat in the Texas House. That race pitted Democrat Frank Ramirez against Republican John Lujan. The Republican won by a little more than two points. Why is this worth noting? Because the district in question, located in San Antonio, is heavily Latino and, until last night, pro-Democrat. Joe »