Infiltrating Antifa

Featured image Antifa is a vicious fascist organization that is indistinguishable from the Nazi Brownshirts of the 1930s. Terrorizing innocent people and destroying property are its only tactics. President Trump recently designated Antifa a domestic terrorist organization, which it certainly is, although one with extensive international connections. Also with a lot of money: Antifa is heavily financed by left-wing plutocrats. James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas has been infiltrating Antifa, apparently over a significant »

“We’re On Your Side!”

Featured image If you haven’t already seen it, this video is an entertaining conclusion to You Can’t Loot Us, We’re Progressives. This is so nuts. Sad, but kind of hilarious — Ami Horowitz (@AmiHorowitz) June 2, 2020 Irving Kristol described a neoconservative as “a liberal who has been mugged by reality.” With today’s liberals, it might take more than that. »

You Can’t Loot Us, We’re Progressives!

Featured image There is nothing good about rioting, looting and burning, but these evils sometimes provide clarifying moments. Such as when progressives realize that the looters are coming for them, too. It shouldn’t be a news flash, but progressives are often surprised to learn that their support for left-wing causes, including criminal activity, doesn’t accord them any special status. A case in point, from North Carolina’s Post Millenial: “Editor of progressive newspaper »

Policing and Media Double Standards (Updated)

Featured image It was nought but 72 hours ago that the biggest racial controversy of the moment was an unpleasant encounter between a dog walker and a bird watcher in Central Park in New York, which is not exactly the Edmund Pettus Bridge redux. It is quite clear that both of the Coopers in the story behaved badly, and it is delicious that the woman who defaulted to racial stereotyping turns out »

Our Four Largest States: Compare and Contrast

Featured image Yesterday, Texas Governor Greg Abbott tweeted this comparison of California, Texas, Florida and New York. It is simple but interesting in several respects: Hmmm… — Greg Abbott (@GregAbbott_TX) May 18, 2020 Obviously, the comparison undermines the liberal conceit that shutdown orders save lives. Many similar comparisons have been done, generally supporting the same conclusion, like this one. It is also noteworthy that the states with the lowest taxes also »

Can I Get a Haircut? [with comment by Paul]

Featured image My wife and I are surviving the Bizarro Shutdown of 2020 very nicely. Grocery stores are open, Walmart is open, Target is open, Total Wine is open, Home Depot is open. But small business is being discriminated against, and one category in particular has become an issue: people who cut hair. Because haircuts are, supposedly, supremely dangerous. As a pathologically law-abiding person, this has been a problem for me. After »

Latest Liberal Idea: Tax The Rich!

Featured image You won’t believe it. The newest liberal idea for funding coronavirus relief, as explained in the New York Times this morning, is—wait for it now!—a wealth tax on the rich! Since we’re not supposed to be touching our faces right now, you’re not allowed to smack your forehead and exclaim, “Why didn’t I think of that!? Why is it that liberals have all of the best new old ideas?” Here’s the »

Why Does an Epidemic Bring Out the Worst In Liberals?

Featured image Over the last month or two, as the coronavirus has burst into public consciousness, we have witnessed a long-running show called Liberals Behaving Badly. Liberals like Nancy Pelosi initially pooh-poohed the virus and criticized President Trump for taking meaningful action against it by blocking travel from China. But once it became apparent that the virus would be a significant problem, they did a 180 and began to accuse Trump of »

Does Liberalism Cause Mental Illness?

Featured image The great Zach Goldberg, the youngish Ph.D student who has been quantifying the explosion of “wokeness” in the news media and elsewhere over the last decade, has been looking through the raw data in the Pew Research Center’s latest American Trends Panel Survey, and unearthed some interesting findings, which you can see here. Top line: liberals are more than twice as likely as conservatives to be found to have a »

Are We Still Americans? [Updated]

Featured image David Horowitz, among others, has noted that “Inside every liberal is a totalitarian screaming to get out.” We see that today, as state governments assert the power, often illegally, to tell the rest of us how to live our lives, and to shut down hundreds of thousands of businesses. In Colorado, a man was playing with his six-year-old daughter in a park with no one else within a vast distance, »

The Intolerant Left

Featured image The reaction of the media and the left (but I repeat myself) to Mike Lindell’s public profession of piety at the White House this week is one more vivid reminder that liberals are the most intolerant people around today. No wonder they talk about “tolerance” so much: they are compensating for their obvious lack of it. I have an idea for Trump. As the coronavirus crisis continues, and especially as »

Civil Rights Commission Denounces “Chinese Virus”

Featured image I wish I could say I was surprised. Today the U.S. Civil Rights Commission voted to condemn references to the Wuhan virus as the “Chinese coronavirus.” As usual, Commission members Peter Kirsanow and Gail Heriot were voices of sanity. Here is their statement: IT’S TIME FOR THE COMMISSION ON CIVIL RIGHTS TO STOP USING WORDS LIKE “RACISM,” “XENOPHOBIA,” “HATE,” AND “HATEFUL” SO INDISCRIMINATELY. On March 20, 2020, the U.S. Commission »

Why Can’t Liberals Do Arithmetic?

Featured image Who can forget the wonderful moment on MSNBC when Brian Williams and a guest from the New York Times Editorial Board assured us that Michael Bloomberg’s $500 million campaign spending worked out to $1 million for each one of the 327 million people in the United States? That was mind-numbingly stupid, but Bernie Sanders’ press secretary has equaled it, curiously with another 500 million mistake: There are not 500 million »

Apocalypse fever

Featured image One of our gimlet-eyed friends has asked for anonymity to report from the firing line. He calls himself Ammoboy. I’ll give you his name when you pry it from my cold, dead lips. We are happy to protect his identity with a nod to our beloved humor columnist and grateful for the opportunity to put forward his modest proposal. He writes: I shoot a lot. Three times a week minimum, »

Exposing Liberal Hypocrisy Is Dangerous [Updated]

Featured image Before this New York Post story, I had never heard of Carlos Maza. But a lot of people had; he has 150,000 followers on Twitter and YouTube. Maza is a social justice warrior, and he hates rich people. This is how he describes himself in his Twitter profile: “Marxist pig. Liberal fascist. Queer scum. He/Him. YouTube profits off of hate speech. IG: gaywonk.” He has specialized in exposing the hypocrisy »

The Liberals’ Racism Dodge: An Extreme Case [Updated]

Featured image Everyone knows that when a liberal is out of ammo, his first recourse is to accuse those who disagree with him of being racists. This dodge is so familiar, and so ineffective, that I usually don’t bother to comment on it. But today we saw an extreme instance, and one that involves the organization that I run, Minnesota’s think tank, Center of the American Experiment. So here goes. By way »

Segregation Forever!

Featured image Glenn Reynolds has an excellent column in USA Today on the re-segregation of American universities that is being forced by the Democratic Party and the Left: “Segregation now, segregation tomorrow and segregation forever!” Those words were thundered by Alabama Gov. George Wallace in his 1963 inauguration speech. But, in fact, the very next year, Congress passed the Civil Rights Act, which brought an end to segregation. Or did it? Wallace »