Is It Minneapolis Or Is It Oakland?

Featured image When I moved to Minneapolis in 1974, it was considered a model city. Prosperous, clean, progressive, low-crime. It has been declining ever since. After four decades of monopoly Democratic Party rule, Minneapolis has deteriorated beyond recognition. The George Floyd incident and nearly a week of rioting, looting and arson, which did around $500 million in damages–no one has any plan to rebuild the destruction–has brought Minneapolis’s decline to public attention. »

You don’t need a weather vane

Featured image On the colonial frontier Congregational minister Eleazar Wheelock established Dartmouth College as an institution to educate Native Americans. The college had its origins in the Indian missionary movement and in the mid-eighteenth-century evangelical revival. The college’s charter reflected its origins in Indian education even though it also provided for the education of “English Youth and any others.” (I borrow this account of the college’s history from The education of »

Bye, Bye, Eskimo Pie

Featured image Eskimo Pie joins the brands that featured minorities and now are destined for history’s dust bin: The maker of Eskimo Pies will change the 99-year-old brand name of the ice cream treat, the company said Friday — becoming the latest organization to overhaul the marketing of a product with a racially tinged moniker in recent weeks. What does “racially tinged” mean? It is bad, supposedly. But why? The “Eskimo Pie” »

No Chiefs In Duluth

Featured image Today’s nominee for Stupid Moments In Political Correctness: the City of Duluth has banned the word “chief.” City leaders are making a push to remove the word “chief” from job titles, calling the term offensive to indigenous people. At a news conference Wednesday, Duluth Mayor Emily Larson implored City Council members to vote to approve the change next week “so that we have more inclusive leadership and less language that »

Class Struggle In the News Room

Featured image This piece in the New York Times is worth reading for sheer entertainment value. By Ben Smith, formerly of Buzzfeed, it is headlined “Newsrooms Are in Revolt. The Bosses Are in Their Country Houses.” With this sub-head: “Those who can afford it left the city, shining a spotlight on class divisions in the media.” The “class division” is between those who can afford to decamp for the luxury of the »

You Must Comply!

Featured image The Left now tells us that silence = violence. Obviously a false statement, but what else is new? Liberals are trying to bully the rest of us into agreeing with their false narrative that white police departments are persecuting innocent blacks. Anyone familiar with the data–starting with the fact that urban police departments are anything but white–knows this is nonsense. But most people don’t know much about statistics, and anyway, »

A cold civil war or a hot one?

Featured image In recent years, the term “cold civil war” has gained currency as an updated way of describing what used to be called “the culture wars.” I’ve never embraced the view that we’re in a cold civil war, but I’m not sure we aren’t. However, when I see that most Democrats favor defunding the police, and when I see the “cancel culture’s” growing success in censoring conservative voices, I begin to »

A Fantasy With a Predictable Ending

Featured image Liberals are talking about doing away with police forces. How would that work, exactly? What if someone commits a crime? They have no answers, beyond humming a few bars of “Imagine.” In Minneapolis, activists tried to realize another left-wing fantasy, to the cheers of journalists. On June 4, the Star Tribune headlined: “Volunteers turned former Sheraton Hotel in Minneapolis into sanctuary for homeless.” While Lake Street burned last Friday, its »

The Fascists Are After William Jacobson [Updated]

Featured image William Jacobson is the proprietor of Legal Insurrection, an excellent and highly successful web site. He has made major contributions to a number of news stories, focused primarily but not exclusively on legal matters. Jacobson is a clinical law professor at Cornell. Until now, he has been able to keep his conservative web site separate from the left-wing milieu in which he works. But in the current moment, conservatives are »

Chronicles of the Crazy Time (1)

Featured image Okay, since the country has officially gone certifiably insane, I guess we’ll need a new series for short observations and news items. I could also go with “America’s Cultural Revolution” since we seem to have graduated from Marxism to full-blown Maoism, but “crazy time” strikes me as a stronger descriptive. Herewith: • Today’s sacking: the editor of Bon Appetit magazine, Adam Rapoport, because a photo of Rapoport and his wife 16 years »

Does America Want Submissive Leaders?

Featured image In the wake of the George Floyd riots, Democratic Party leaders have assumed extraordinarily submissive postures, apparently on the theory that they are guilty in Floyd’s death. They said it, I didn’t. Here, the Democratic Congressional delegation (or a significant part of it) knelt for eight minutes and 43 seconds in honor of George Floyd, the armed robber, while wearing black separatist garb. I think that is Nancy Pelosi front »

Minneapolis Prepares to Abolish Its Police Department? [Updated]

Featured image Minneapolis has long seen itself as a backwater little brother to left-wing cities like San Francisco and Seattle. Now, for the first time, Minneapolis is in the vanguard, and its City Council is taking full advantage of the opportunity. The Daily Mail–this is what it means to be famous!–headlines: “Minneapolis City Council announces its intention to ‘dismantle’ the police department…” Nine of the council’s 12 members appeared at a rally »

You Can’t Be Sane Here–It’s Minneapolis!

Featured image Today at a rally in Minneapolis, Boy Mayor Jacob Frey addressed a crowd that was even more left-wing than he is. Dutifully wearing a mask, he told the crowd that he doesn’t favor defunding the Minneapolis Police Department. I’m actually not sure what “defunding the police department” means. I take it that these people really want to live in a city that has no police services. So, if you see »

Infiltrating Antifa

Featured image Antifa is a vicious fascist organization that is indistinguishable from the Nazi Brownshirts of the 1930s. Terrorizing innocent people and destroying property are its only tactics. President Trump recently designated Antifa a domestic terrorist organization, which it certainly is, although one with extensive international connections. Also with a lot of money: Antifa is heavily financed by left-wing plutocrats. James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas has been infiltrating Antifa, apparently over a significant »

“We’re On Your Side!”

Featured image If you haven’t already seen it, this video is an entertaining conclusion to You Can’t Loot Us, We’re Progressives. This is so nuts. Sad, but kind of hilarious — Ami Horowitz (@AmiHorowitz) June 2, 2020 Irving Kristol described a neoconservative as “a liberal who has been mugged by reality.” With today’s liberals, it might take more than that. »

You Can’t Loot Us, We’re Progressives!

Featured image There is nothing good about rioting, looting and burning, but these evils sometimes provide clarifying moments. Such as when progressives realize that the looters are coming for them, too. It shouldn’t be a news flash, but progressives are often surprised to learn that their support for left-wing causes, including criminal activity, doesn’t accord them any special status. A case in point, from North Carolina’s Post Millenial: “Editor of progressive newspaper »

Policing and Media Double Standards (Updated)

Featured image It was nought but 72 hours ago that the biggest racial controversy of the moment was an unpleasant encounter between a dog walker and a bird watcher in Central Park in New York, which is not exactly the Edmund Pettus Bridge redux. It is quite clear that both of the Coopers in the story behaved badly, and it is delicious that the woman who defaulted to racial stereotyping turns out »