Cuomo worship explained, but not explained away

Featured image James Hohmann, a member of the Washington Post’s brigade of anti-Trump reporters but far from the most unbalanced one, takes up the question of how liberals could have been so blind about Andrew Cuomo. Why, for example, did Ellen DeGeneres call herself a “Cuomosexual” and why did Chelsea Handler write a “love letter” to Cuomo for Vogue? Hohmann’s answer is basically this: Liberals hate Donald Trump and were desperate to »

Insurrection, 2016

Featured image The Democrats’ pompous characterization of the mini-riot at the Capitol on January 6 as an “insurrection” is a transparent political ploy. The idea of appointing a “9/11-style” commission to investigate a riot in which no one was killed or seriously injured by the rioters is self-refuting. How about a “9/11-style” commission to investigate the murders of Trump supporters in Portland and Denver during the campaign? Or the people who died »

Canceling Dr. Seuss

Featured image Will there ever be a point where liberals look at each other and say, “It’s over. We were crazy. We need to find our way back to reality”? I don’t know. As liberalism in general, and cancel culture in particular, grow ever more absurd, one might have expected that moment to arrive some time ago. Possibly the current effort to cancel Dr. Seuss as a racist might be the one »

A Fiery Denunciation of the Democrats

Featured image I feel like I often denounce the Democrats in pretty fiery terms, but David Horowitz’s standard is hard to match. If you think the January 6 mini-riot, which the Democrats are now using to justify their many abuses of power, is, if not fake news, certainly grossly exaggerated news, you are right. And David spells it out in his patented fashion. This essay is on Front Page, and I am »

Washington: State, University, Statue

Featured image From the University of Washington, located in the State of Washington, comes news of leftist students wanting to tear down a statue of George Washington: The University of Washington’s Black Student Union has garnered nearly 8,000 signatures on a petition that demands the school remove a statue of George Washington, the school’s – and the state’s – namesake. Why? The usual: Statues in place at the University of Washington are »

Red States Trounce Blue States

Featured image One of the notable features of 21st century life is that America’s blue states are failing and losing population, while red states are thriving and growing. This is blindingly obvious to anyone who travels around the country, or to those who have seen half of their friends move to Nashville. But today Stephen Moore’s Committee to Unleash Prosperity sent an email that shows the trend graphically: [I]f progressive tax, spend, »

The Decline of Crony Socialism and the Future of Impeachment

Featured image Guest hosting for Dan Proft last night on the Salem network, one of my guests was former Congressman Thaddeus McCotter, who talked about the decline of crony socialism. An optimistic take? Yes, and that is what we need these days: I did several monologues, of which this was the longest. It is about the future of impeachment, now that the Democrats have dramatically lowered the bar. It may not be »

Blame it on the bossa nova

Featured image University of Pennsylvania’s Henry Charles Lea Professor Emeritus of History Alan Kors writes regarding Andrea Mitchell. Mitchell, you may recall, presumed to instruct Ted Cruz on the source of the phrase “full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.” Purporting to correct Cruz’s attribution of the phrase to Shakespeare, Mitchell attributed it to Faulkner while demonstrating her ignorance of both Shakespeare and Faulkner. Mitchell is a prominent NBC/MSNBC reporter and host, »

Doctor Destroyed for Vaccinating Patients

Featured image This is the most infuriating news story I have read in a while, and it comes, surprisingly, from the New York Times. The protagonist is Dr. Hasan Gokal, a Houston physician. He had a limited quantity of the Moderna covid vaccine to distribute, and rather than throw some of it away, he found qualified patients to receive it. For that, he was fired from his job and criminally prosecuted. The »

How Dumb Are Reporters? [Updated]

Featured image Years ago, I had a lot of fun with the New York Times Corrections section, which documented the fact, day after day, that the paper’s reporters and editors had little knowledge of mathematics, science, literature or history. The gaffes that appeared in the Times were stunning to anyone with a halfway-decent education. I have been off that beat for a while, but our reporters’ educational deficiencies continue to amaze. Thus »

It Isn’t Easy Being Blue

Featured image The son of a good friend of mine sent this message a day or two ago, in response to this post about an anti-police hoax in Minneapolis–one of many we have seen in recent years, starting perhaps with Michael Brown, a fake news story that was eagerly embraced by left-wing news outlets like CNN, which promoted the entirely fictional “Hands up, don’t shoot!” John, I really enjoyed your “Defund the »

Democratic Governors Have Devastated Their States

Featured image Over the past year, there has been a pretty clear divide between liberal governors, who almost without exception imposed irrationally harsh covid lockdown measures, and conservative governors, who generally took a more nuanced and pro-freedom approach. The data are now in, courtesy of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and they tell a story that cannot be misinterpreted. My colleague Martha Njolomole created these charts. First, job losses in December 2020. »

Demography and Destiny

Featured image Charles Blow is a New York Times columnist whose output is usually around the bend, even by the low standards of that publication. But his most recent column is surprisingly cogent. It begins with the observation that black political power appears to be ascendant: It is easy to believe that Black power and influence are growing in America, and that the logical conclusion is that a set of policies favoring »

North Korea Comes to America

Featured image If you think that totalitarian dictatorships are home to the ultimate sycophants, the reaction of the American press to the Biden administration may cause you to reconsider. Then there is this paean to Kamala Harris. Watch it if you dare: Promise not to kill yourself after watching this? — Jon Miller (@MillerStream) January 28, 2021 »

A Tsunami of Hate

Featured image Our friend David Horowitz makes the case that our present political crisis is not the result of polarized views on policy, but rather is caused by the Left’s outpouring of vicious hate and determination to crush all opposition. Everybody agrees that our country is in crisis – and agrees that it is the worst crisis since the Civil War. But at the same time, we tell ourselves a comforting tale »

Can You Be Fired For Being Conservative?

Featured image In another sign of the times, an employee of a New York literary agency has been fired for having accounts on Parler and Gab. The president of a literary agency [the Jennifer De Chiara Literary Agency] based in New York City said Monday on Twitter that one of the agency’s employees was terminated after her use of conservative social media sites Parler and Gab was discovered. I have seen no »

Should We Cancel the Left?

Featured image At Ace of Spades, Buck Throckmorton has what I think is a brilliant idea: If Monster Tech can aggressively de-platform businesses and individuals for expressing forbidden opinions, then maybe it’s time for skilled tradesmen to respond in kind against the woke left. Leftists despise working class “deplorables” and seek to punish them for all their disapproved habits – you know – God, guns, motorized vehicles, and voting MAGA. Well, the »