Who’s In Favor of Looting?

Featured image Apple CEO Tim Cook, for one. This was his comment during the George Floyd riots that devastated the Uptown area of Minneapolis: As it happens, Apple had a store only blocks away from the center of the George Floyd riots. The store was damaged during those riots. Subsequently, in June 2021, Winston Boogie Smith fired at police officers who were closing in on him in the parking ramp for the »

“I Didn’t Pull the Trigger”

Featured image To whom do liberals go when they want to tell their career-threatening stories to a sympathetic listener? Well, to be fair, they have several choices, but George Stephanopoulos is perhaps the favorite. So Alec Baldwin sought out Stephanopoulos to explain how he came to shoot and kill Halyna Hutchins. Today ABC News released a preview clip of that interview: In his first interview since the deadly Oct. 21 shooting, a »

How Racist Are Our Highways?

Featured image In recent months, liberals have floated the idea that the U.S. highway system is “racist,” and therefore vast amounts of money must be spent to expunge that taint. Pete Buttigieg caught quite a bit of flak for making this claim, but did not back off from it. Supposedly, one shining example of racist highway construction is Interstate Highway 94, which links Minneapolis and St. Paul. The claim against I-94 is »

NY Times Asks: Why Do Blue States Suck?

Featured image This opinion video by the New York Times (Johnny Harris and Binyamin Applebaum) was published earlier this month, but has continued to get attention. The video begins by noting the Democrats’ professed commitment to housing opportunity, progressive taxation, and quality education. It then asks the question, what are the Democrats actually doing on these fronts in the states where they exercise complete control? The answer is, they are doing poorly. »

Woke Numerology

Featured image How crazy are liberals? Whenever you think you have taken the measure of their nuttiness, you see something like this, from the Women’s March: We apologize deeply for the email that was sent today. $14.92 was our average donation amount this week. It was an oversight on our part to not make the connection to a year of colonization, conquest, and genocide for Indigenous people, especially before Thanksgiving. — Women's »

Who Is Darrell Brooks?

Featured image Darrell Brooks is the career criminal who drove his vehicle into a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin, killing at least five and injuring many more. As Paul has noted, Brooks was a vicious criminal who never should have been on the street. Already, Milwaukee County’s left-wing District Attorney is backtracking, saying that his own office didn’t make a proper bail recommendation during Brooks’s latest encounter with the criminal justice system. »

Get Woke, Empty the Pews

Featured image It would be a full-time job to chronicle all of the irrational reactions by liberals to the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict, and scarcely worth the effort. But I do want to note one such response because it affects me directly: that of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. The ELCA, of which my congregation is a member, sent out this “Pastoral Letter” authored by Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton. Here is the »

Battle Lines Being Drawn

Featured image It is getting harder and harder to stay neutral in the culture war that is tearing American society apart. That is how it seems, anyway; I don’t understand why so many companies feel compelled to choose a side–pretty much always the far-Left side, unfortunately. The latest case in point is the Breakers, a venerable luxury resort in Palm Beach, Florida. The Breakers dates at least to 1926, and has long »

They Are After Our Children

Featured image The precepts of Critical Race Theory are only taught to law school students, right? Sure. And also to pre-schoolers. Check out this new program from the University of Texas called GoKAR!. KAR stands for Kids Against Racism. UT is looking for parents “caregivers” who have preschool children ages four to five. They must “identify as white.” This is so the four and five year olds can be subjected to an »

Alec Baldwin: Worse and Worse

Featured image I wrote here about the nearly unfathomable negligence on the part of actor Alec Baldwin that resulted in the death of videographer Halyna Hutchins on the set of the film “Rust” (negligence that, weirdly, was pretty much replicated by Kyle Rittenhouse’s prosecutor in the courtroom, with a luckier result). There has been lots of media spin in Baldwin’s defense, but it increasingly looks as though his conduct may have been »

Rittenhouse Trial Brings Out the Crazy

Featured image I am not sure how liberals expected the Kyle Rittenhouse murder trial to go. Anyone who had seen the videos of Rittenhouse’s interactions with the men who were chasing him, striking him and trying to kill him knew that he had a strong case of self-defense. But apparently the fact that Rittenhouse has a defense–and is so bold as to assert it!–came as a surprise to the Left. Liberal reactions »

Liberal Governor Tried to Pump Covid Numbers to Justify Shutdown

Featured image A whistleblower has leaked an email exchange dating to October 2020, in which the Chief of Staff to Minnesota Governor Tim Walz tells the state’s Department of Health that the Department’s numbers on how covid was spreading were “less useful than what I expected” because “these numbers are small.” The Commissioner of Health said, in turn, that “people look at the primary case numbers and think those are small impacts »

Rittenhouse On Trial

Featured image Kyle Rittenhouse is the then-17 year old boy who showed up in Kenosha, Wisconsin, during the violent riots, looting and arson that occurred last year. Rittenhouse, armed with a rifle, wanted to help maintain order and protect private property, but it was a misguided mission to say the least. He ran afoul of extreme leftists, most likely Antifa members, and, coming under attack, shot three of them, two fatally. Viewing »

Vax You

Featured image Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers is in the news. He tested positive for covid and will miss tomorrow’s game. The purported scandal is that Rodgers implied in a press conference some time ago that he had been vaccinated. (He said “immunized.”) Now Rodgers is caught up in the general hysteria over vaccination, leading him to describe himself as a victim of the “woke mob” that is trying to “put a »

“Let’s Go Brandon!” In the Skies [with comment by Paul]

Featured image On Friday, a Southwest Airlines pilot signed off with the usual chatter directed at his passengers, and added, “and remember, let’s go Brandon.” It was a low-key invocation of the ubiquitous phrase: Reportedly, “Let’s go Brandon” is being heard on Southwest Airlines pilots’ radios even when not audible to passengers, and I have it on good authority that the same thing is happening on other airlines. This is hardly a »

Segregation Forever!

Featured image “Segregation today, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever!” That was George Wallace’s battle cry when he was the Democratic Governor of Alabama, and today Wallace’s Democratic successors are doing their best to make good on his pledge. This comes from Wellesley, Massachusetts: A Massachusetts public school system is actively promoting racially segregated student groups and a “bias reporting program” that encourages students to report instances of their peers’ biases to school officials »

To the Left of Putin [Updated]

Featured image It isn’t easy to make Vladimir Putin look good, but the Democrats are giving it their best shot. Somehow, they have managed to get to Putin’s left. The Telegraph reports: Vladimir Putin said the anti-racism agenda in the West was dividing society as he compared cancel culture warriors in liberal democracies to the Bolsheviks of Russia’s 1917 Revolution. “The incessant emphasis on race pushes people further apart whereas the true »