Lindsey Graham

Conservatives, Ukraine and Russia

Featured image Conservatives are currently under attack on two contradictory grounds: 1) they are pro-Vladimir Putin, and 2) they are warmongers trying to embroil the U.S. in a war against Putin. Of course, it is possible that there are some conservatives in each of these alleged camps. Still, it is odd to be attacked from two utterly antithetical directions at once. I know hundreds of conservatives, and not one of them, to »

Lindsey Graham is confused about affirmative action

Featured image Sen. Lindsey Graham has long believed that a president’s judicial nominees should receive great deference from the Senate. He has made this clear over and over, both for nominees of Democrats and nominees of Republicans. For example, he defended his vote to confirm Justice Sotomayor on that basis. Graham’s view on the matter used to be shared by the vast majority of Senators. Today, almost no Senator really holds it, »

Lindsey Graham, “the Arlen Specter of the South,” strikes again

Featured image Fifteen years ago (or so), I dubbed Lindsey Graham “the Arlen Specter of the South.” Graham wasn’t then, and isn’t now, as bad as Specter in terms of giving aid and comfort to the left. But Graham represents South Carolina, one of the most conservative states in the Union. Therefore, he deserves to be graded on a curve. So graded, Graham’s conduct, especially when it comes to judicial nominees, resembled »

Is Lindsey Graham an idiot?

Featured image Philip Klein of National Review thinks so. In fact, his latest column is called “Lindsey Graham is an idiot.” Klein bases his assessment on the fact that Graham is now back on board the bipartisan infrastructure deal. Graham had jumped off when Joe Biden said he would only sign the bipartisan bill in tandem with a multi-trillion dollar Democrats-only reconciliation bill containing the rest of his liberal wish list. At »

Vanita Gupta punts on Dylann Roof

Featured image When she was an Assistant Attorney General in the Obama administration, Vanita Gupta, Joe Biden’s nominee for Associate Attorney General, opposed sentencing Dylann Roof to death. Roof is the white supremacist who mass murdered Blacks at a church in Charleston, South Carolina. Gupta’s opposition to seeking the death penalty for Roof was reported by the Washington Post. She explained her opposition in a memo. In that memo she argued that, »

Ambassador Coons?

Featured image Sen. Chris Coons hoped to become Secretary of State in the Biden administration. Instead, his old boss has given him a far less appealing job — “ambassador” to Senate Republicans. Politico has the story. It notes that Coons “has spent a decade developing relationships with Senate Republicans across the spectrum.” “Those partnerships,” it says, “will be more important than ever as Biden faces the real possibility of at least two »

Let’s not leave court of appeals judgeships on the table

Featured image The presidential race is all over but the shouting (and long may the shouting continue). President Trump is now a lame duck. But this doesn’t mean Trump is without power. He has the power, for example, to nominate federal judges. And with the GOP in control of the Senate, he ought to be able to have them confirmed. As I understand it, there are three vacant court of appeals positions »

For Senator Graham

Featured image Maria Bartiromo’s Sunday Morning Futures is the only such gabfest I can take any more. The rest have all assimilated themselves to the leftist blob. Maria’s show is actually worth watching. Yesterday Maria had Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham on to talk about a false 2018 briefing given by the FBI to the Senate Intelligence Committee on the Steele Dossier. Senator Graham’s press release on the newly declassified document »

Trump Picks Up the Cudgels Again

Featured image This morning, President Trump returned to his scrap with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar and their “Squad.” In a series of tweets, he mostly quoted Lindsay Graham. Notably, he did not return to his ill-advised theme that the Congresswomen should go back to the countries they came from–ill-advised, to say the least, because all but one are native Americans. Here are the tweets: When will the Radical Left Congresswomen apologize to »

What’s Lindsey Graham up to?

Featured image The short answer is politics. The claim by Rep. Ilhan Omar that Sen. Graham is “compromised,” is beyond stupid. Omar cites “the way [Graham] is behaving” towards President Trump. Graham was a major critic of Trump at one time, but now often supports the president. But Graham sometimes does not support him. Just yesterday, he criticized Trump’s decision to cancel Nancy Pelosi’s junket. Recently, he criticized Trump’s decision to withdraw »

Kushner and Graham are on the case, what could go wrong?

Featured image CNN reports that “Republican senators are privately planning to court Democratic senators on an immigration deal that would give President Donald Trump money for his border wall and include several measures long-sought by Democrats.” This sentence is misleading. Lindsey Graham, who is leading this effort, has himself long sought the amnesty-style measures he’s so generously prepared to offer Democrats. Says CNN: After Trump stormed out of a White House meeting »

Lindsey Graham supports Dem talking point on shutdown

Featured image In an interview with Sean Hannity, Sen. Lindsey Graham said that if President Trump gives in to the Democrats on the wall, “it’s probably the end of his presidency.” Graham may be right or he may be indulging in melodrama. Either way, I don’t think he should be making this kind of statement publicly. Americans don’t like to see the government shut down — an understandable sentiment considering how much »

Sens. Grassley and Graham on the Kavanaugh nomination now

Featured image The confirmation battle over the Kavanaugh nomination might well come down to what Sens. Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski make of the allegation of sexual assault lodged against the nominee 36 years after the “fact.” However, the reaction of two leading GOP members of the Judiciary Committee — Charles Grassly and Lindsey Graham — are certainly worth noting. I found the Graham’s statement particularly interesting. Chairman Charles Grassley caused this »

Sen. Cotton to propose longer mandatory minimums for opioid pushers

Featured image Senator Tom Cotton will introduce legislation next week to combat the opioid epidemic in America. The proposal will impose penalties for fentanyl distribution and trafficking that better reflect the severity of the crime. It will also provide resources to the Post Office to stop shipments of fentanyl and other synthetic opioids arriving from overseas. Fentanyl, a fully synthetic opioid, is 100 times more powerful than morphine. Dumped into the U.S. »

Trump and Graham, the end of an ugly friendship

Featured image Lindsey Graham, the Arlen Specter of the South, has been trying to ingratiate himself with President Trump, his former adversary. By doing so, Graham hopes to achieve his longtime dream of granting amnesty to illegal aliens. One happy byproduct of the unfortunate “S***thole” controversy is that, in all likelihood, Graham’s friendship with the president is at an end. It’s over not because of that controversy, but because of what led »

S***hole politics

Featured image Rich Lowry has an insightful post about the politics of the S***hole Controversy. He reminds us of the context in which the controversy arose: “[Lindsey] Graham brought Trump a deal with [Dick] Durbin that basically had nothing in it for immigration restrictionists.” This was bound to backfire. Graham may have believed that the warm and fuzzy signals Trump sent out during the televised conference earlier in the week were other »

What do Trump, Obama, and Lindsey Graham have in common?

Featured image I don’t know whether President Trump called any countries “s***holes” yesterday. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if he disparaged certain countries, as is his wont, and he may well have done so profanely. If he did, and if doing so hurt America, then Sen. Durbin and others in the room should have kept Trump’s statement to themselves. No patriotic American would hurt this country’s international standing just to embarrass the »