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Featured image • See if you can spot the irony in this news story (I’ll help by putting it in boldface): Boston school principal left unconscious, hospitalized after alleged attack by student A principal of a Boston public school was left unconscious and hospitalized on Wednesday after she was allegedly attacked by a 16-year-old female student in front of other staff and students, according to reports. Patricia Lampron, 61, the principal at »

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Featured image • So the latest lie the Bidenauts want us to swallow is that a tax on “unrealized” capital gains would only apply to billionaires. Do they really think we’ll believe this? That’s what the taxers said about the Alternative Minimum Tax in 1969: originally applied to only 155 taxpayers, it eventually applied to 5.1 million taxpayers. If they pass this, they’re going to get some of my unrealized anger. For »

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Featured image • Rats. I totally missed out that yesterday was “International Pronouns Day.” Our State Department is on it! • It is a handy axiom that liberals call you a racist whenever they are about to lose an argument (which is why they throw the charge around so often). And then along comes Phoebe A. Cohen, professor of geosciences and department chair at Williams College, who commented in a New York »

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Featured image • Does anyone think that in the entire NFL over the last decade Jon Gruden is the only senior person who expressed impure thoughts on email or other internet media? As usual, the Babylon Bee has this covered accurately: • Speaking of the Bee, its latest scoop is exposing that The Atlantic magazine’s Emma Green really is as vapid as most everyone else in the mainstream media. Green interviewed Bee impresario »

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Featured image • Leave it to the media to find another cohort of “bitter clingers”—in this case, people who actually want to keep the lights on at a reasonable cost: JAKARTA (Reuters) – Even as Indonesia wins cautious praise from some green groups for ambitious plans to cut carbon emissions, the world’s biggest exporter of thermal coal shows no sign of weaning itself off the polluting fuel any time soon. Reality check: »

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Featured image • Don’t look now, but many institutions are collapsing under the unsustainable weight of smug leftism. First item: late night television. Fifty million Americans tuned in to Johnny Carson’s last appearance on The Tonight Show. Today, his Tonight Show successor, along with the egregious Stephen Colbert on The Late Show on CBS, barely have 2 million viewers on a good night, and are now being beaten in the late night »

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Featured image • The Saturday essay in tomorrow’s Wall Street Journal review section will be an excerpt from the forthcoming Peter Bergen book on The Rise and Fall of Osama bin Laden, and one passage has this curious detail: [bin Laden] explained that killing President Barack Obama was a high priority, but he also had General David Petraeus, at that time the U.S. commander in Afghanistan, in his sights. Bin Laden told »

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Featured image • News item and Feel Good Story of the Day: The Atlantic is set to lose another $10 million this year after losing $20 million last year despite a surge in subscriptions during the coronavirus pandemic and 2020 presidential election, according to a new report. • Recent headline in The Atlantic: It’s a wonder they aren’t losing $25 million. • Speaking of The Atlantic, kept afloat by Steve Jobs’s widow Laurene Powell »

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Featured image • Lately I’ve been dipping into the great memoirs of Raymond Moley again. Moley was FDR’s closest confidante early from the governor’s mansion in Albany and into the White House in 1933. In fact, Moley wrote most of FDR’s very problematic First Inaugural Address (but not the much more problematic Commonwealth Club Address). Moley broke with FDR after 1936, appalled by where he thought the New Deal had gone badly »

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Featured image There’s a whole lot of short items of note piling up. Let’s dive in. • Here’s a head scratcher, from today’s Chronicle of Higher Education daily briefing item about Mills College, the “struggling women’s college” that is merging with Northeastern University in a desperate bid to survive. The item reports that “Mills was also, in 2014, the first to allow students to choose a gender, as long as they chose »

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Featured image • I see Dr. Fauci is saying that perhaps we should make “seasonal mask wearing” a permanent thing. How about No. This idea summons an occasion for Michael Uhlmann’s suggestion that whenever someone like Fauci comes up with some kind of nifty idea to improve the world, you should repeat the idea aloud, slowly, in a German accent, and see if it still sounds as good. Move over “your vaccine »

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Featured image • A lot of our commenters expressed great doubt if not opposition to Caitlyn Jenner’s candidacy to be governor of California. It seems to me a classic case of he-said, she-said. • Believe it or not, next week I am giving a commencement address. In person. At a university. I’ll post the text after it’s all done, but preparing a commencement address presents a unique challenge. It’s not like a »

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Featured image • Today is every Progressive’s favorite day of the year—they make us literally set the clock forward an hour into the future, this bringing us closer to the destination of the “side of history.” I prefer to think of it as taking away one hour of the Biden presidency, and in any case, we’ll get our revenge in the fall when we conservatives get literally to set the clock back. »

Loose Ends (129): We’re Number 37!

Featured image • Woo-hoo! A new ranking of the Top 100 Conservative Websites is out, and Power Line is #37! The ranking is based on Alexa data, and I have no idea whether that is a good method. I see that Newsbusters has climbed since last year to nudge just ahead of us, and what’s this?—American Greatness is two notches above us? Good for them, the upstarts. And I do have to »

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Featured image • As Ronald Reagan liked to say, when politicians feel the heat, they see the light. —News item: Looking increasingly likely Gov. Gavin Newsom will have to face a recall election this summer or fall. —News item: Gov. Newsom calls for public schools to reopen “immediately.” Chaser: From a study in the Journal of the American Medical Association back in November: “The decision to close US public primary schools in »

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Featured image • Headline: Biden to Meet With Union Leaders to Discuss Infrastructure Spending What an accurate headline would say: Biden to Meet With Union Leaders to Buy Them Off for Killing Their Members’ Jobs • I have a theory about why Mitch McConnell decided to go off on Trump as he did after the impeachment vote. My suspicion is that a quite a lot of Republican Senators (maybe a majority) are »

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Featured image • So Ibram Kendi (whose real name at birth was Ibram Henry Rogers) turns out to be a “transphobe.” Speaking on a Zoom conference before the New York State Association of Independent Schools on the topic of “How To Be An Antiracist School” (for which he was undoubtedly paid a five-figure appearance fee), he let fly with this: “I think it was last week my daughter came home and said she wanted »