Matt Whitaker

Getting to like Matt Whitaker, courtesy of the Washington Post

Featured image I’m still unhappy about President Trump’s removal of Jeff Sessions. But the more I read about acting attorney general Matt Whitaker in the Washington Post, the more I like him. Yesterday, the Post’s big reveal about Whitaker was that he spent a few years working for the Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust (FACT), a conservative-leaning nonprofit dedicated to exposing unethical conduct by public officials. In that capacity, he often »

Matt Whitaker under fire already [UPDATED]

Featured image Matthew Whitaker is President Trump’s selection to replace Jeff Sessions. Whitaker will be the Acting Attorney General. Whitaker is qualified for the position. He served as Sessions’ chief of staff and, at one time, as a U.S. Attorney. Like almost anyone Trump might have named to replace Sessions, though, Whitaker has come in for bitter criticism from the Trump haters. They make three main arguments: (1) Whitaker can’t oversee the »