Matthew Whitaker

Washington Post attacks Matt Whitaker for doing his job

Featured image The Washington Post’s attacks on Acting Attorney General Matthews Whitaker continue with an “expose” of actions he took as a U.S. attorney to combat illegal immigration. Post reporter Michael Kranish traveled to Marshalltown, Iowa to get the goods on Whitaker. The “goods” consist of efforts to enforce U.S. immigration law against an employer one-third of whose workforce consisted of illegal immigrants. The Post learned that some town officials, including the »

Another baseless shot at Matt Whitaker

Featured image This op-ed in the Washington Post is titled (in the paper edition) “Whitaker is just one more crony.” The author, law professor Jed Shugerman, argues that it’s far from unprecedented for presidents to appoint cronies to head the Justice Department. Shugerman is right. He cites Harry Daugherty (Harding’s AG), Howard McGrath (Truman’s), Robert Kennedy (his brother’s), and John Mitchell (Nixon’s). The problem, though, is that Matthew Whitaker is not a »