Media Bias

The Pathetic Biden (5)

Featured image The next shoe to drop for Joe Biden will be whether he still supports the death penalty. During his tough-on-crime phase 25 years ago (“we do everything but hang people for jaywalking,” Biden said in 1992), Biden boasted of how many crimes he thought should be subject to capital punishment. Now he is being resolutely silent to queries about where he stands today. Sooner or later he’s going to be »

Happy Father’s Day Everybody! [Updated]

Featured image You know who’s really enjoying this Father’s Day? Donald Trump, that’s who. With these two tweets early this morning, he’s ruined Father’s Day for the media and The Resistance (but I repeat myself): You can just hear liberal heads exploding from coast-to-coast—especially over the bit about staying on if the people demand it. Heh. UPDATE: Sometimes I wonder if Trump is actually the reincarnation of Dr. Pavlov. Certainly USA Today »

Embarrassing Liberals [With Reminiscence by John]

Featured image I missed the notice a few days ago that publisher Houghton-Mifflin is delaying publication of Naomi Wolf’s latest book, Outrages, for the simple reason that it has been exposed as an embarrassing piece of crap. (See Scott’s post “Death Recorded Live” if you haven’t followed this fabulous story.) This from the Times story: “As we have been working with Naomi Wolf to make corrections to ‘Outrages,’ new questions have arisen »

Washington Post blames Trump for Iranian attacks in Persian Gulf [With Comment by John]

Featured image It does so in this editorial. The Post’s editorial stance informs its front page story about Iran’s attacks. The headline in the paper edition reads “Trump steps up blame of Iran.” A subheading states “Dueling accusations raise fears of military conflict.” Of course, Trump is “stepping up” the blame of Iran. He now has video evidence that Iran is responsible for attacks on ships in the Persian Gulf. That’s the »

So Long, Sarah—We’ll Miss You

Featured image Sorry to hear that Sarah Sanders is stepping down as Trump’s press spokesperson. I think she has been the best press spokesperson in modern times, as she has the perfect combination of unflappability and contempt for the contemptible press corps. She always treated the press with the mien of a kindergarten teacher angry and disappointed with a bunch of unruly toddlers. But the daily press briefing has outlived its usefulness. »

A New Low In Press Cluelessness?

Featured image Today’s faux scandal is President Trump’s statement, in an interview with former Clinton aide George Stephanopoulos, in which he was asked about receiving negative information about a political opponent from a foreign country. The Washington Post’s account is typical: President Donald Trump said Wednesday that if a foreign power offered dirt on his 2020 opponent, he’d be open to accepting it and that he’d have no obligation to call in »

Why Decent People Hate the Mainstream Media, Chapter 11,786

Featured image Sad news yesterday of the passing, at age 79, of the distinguished economist Martin Feldstein. Feldstein, a long-time fixture at Harvard, served as chair of President Reagan’s Council of Economic Advisers in the 1980s, and headed the prestigious National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER). Feldstein was a winner of the prestigious John Bates Clark medal, and the adviser/mentor to one of the hottest young (liberal) economists on the scene today, »

Feel Good Story of the Day

Featured image Usually I reserve this headline for news about some radical jihadist blowing himself while assembling his sweater vest, but the media will do as a substitute. I haven’t kept up with the news that Vox has been cutting staff because of losses (and unionization). But this is the story today from The Daily Beast that offers the most schadenfreudey goodness: Top Progressive ThinkProgress Site Bleeding Cash and People ThinkProgress, the »

Tracking Timespeak Through Time

Featured image Media Analytics is a fun site that allows you to chart how frequently the New York Times has used a particular word through the years. The data begin in 1970 and go through 2017. All you have to do is plug in a word, and the site generates a frequency chart. Thus, for example, we can see how “gender” went from a boring word that was a prissy way of »

Will the Media Ever Pay a Price for Its Irresponsibility?

Featured image Anyone remember Samantha Smith? Don’t run away to look her up on Google; I’ll come back to her in a moment and explain why her name occurs to me just now. Two large media meta-narratives prompt the title question here. First, Michael Avenatti. Finished laughing? Okay, good; to continue: Avenatti was entirely the creation of the media, right down to the idea, which CNN and MSNBC took seriously, that he »

Dishonest immigration reporting sways public opinion

Featured image Bill D’Agostino of NewsBusters demonstrates that the mainstream media is hiding the facts about our immigration crisis. He also shows that, by doing so, it is causing the public to underestimate the problem and to oppose President Trump’s policies. For the first proposition — media slant — D’Agostino cites a study by the Media Research Center (MRC) of every ABC, CBS and NBC evening news broadcast from January 1 through »

From Beto to Zero in Six Months

Featured image So how did Beto O’Rourke go from being the golden boy of the media to a goat in just six months? The media is dunking on him more often than Dr. J or Michael J. in their prime. Margaret Carlson wrote of O’Rourke: According to my unscientific poll asking every woman I see, Beto reminds them of the worst boyfriend they ever had: self-involved, convinced of his own charm, chronically late »

Media heads explode over Trump’s tongue-in-cheek tweet about the Red Sox

Featured image I filed this post under “media bias.” “Media stupidity” might be a better tag. Today, President Trump tweeted: Has anyone noticed that all the Boston @RedSox have done is WIN since coming to the White House! Others also have done very well. The White House visit is becoming the opposite of being on the cover of Sports Illustrated! By the way, the Boston players were GREAT guys! At Politico, Caitlin »

“Trump’s all-out war against House probes”

Featured image That’s the headline of a Washington Post story (print edition) about the clash between the White House and House Democrats over the latters’ investigations of the former. The article notes that President Trump “is blocking more than 20 separate Democratic inquiries.” According to the Post, this “amount[s] to what many experts call the most expansive White House obstruction effort in decades. The Post’s claim of obstruction is dishonest in at »

Google’s Bias, Quantified

Featured image The Daily Mail reports on a Northwestern University study that attempted to quantify the liberal bias of Google’s “top stories” feature: Google’s bias towards left-wing media outlets has been laid bare by an algorithm which detected that it favors sites including CNN and The New York Times over others. According to data compiled by researchers from Northwestern University, the search engine promoted those sites over others repeatedly in November 2017. »

The Little-Known Story of Mary Jo Kopechne

Featured image I am so old, I actually remember when Chappaquiddick happened. Some years later, I looked into the facts and found that they are quite clear: Senator Ted Kennedy, then 37 years old, drove his car off a bridge and saved himself, leaving a young woman to die, when she could have been rescued if he had simply called for help like a normal human being. Instead, he tried to convince »

Google Censorship Update: Victory Over Communism!

Featured image Ryan Williams at the Claremont Institute reports that Google has changed its mind: See Ryan’s complete update of the story here. One wonders whether Google changed its mind because it discerned a “mistake” or took note of the public heat it was getting over this. But a deeper issue needs to be addressed. A number of conservatives have said that although Google, Facebook, and Twitter are engaging in censorship of »