Media Bias

At WaPo, an Epic Blunder

Featured image Jennifer Rubin is a left-wing columnist for the Washington Post. So, naturally, she hates Ron DeSantis. On Friday, she published a column arguing that DeSantis’s conservative policies endanger Florida’s economy. The headline was, “Florida might pay for MAGA cruelty and know-nothingism.” Just another objective day at the office at WaPo! Unfortunately, her entire column was based on a grotesque factual error. The Washington Post has had to post a correction »

The BBC Versus Israel

Featured image While all eyes are on the riots in France, not to mention the rolling riots in American cities such as—once again—the Twin Cities over the last few days, there hasn’t been as much attention here on the latest Palestinian provocations against Israel emanating from the West Bank. Former Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett appeared on BBC News, and had the following exchange: Here’s the full video if you can stand »

Now They Tell Us!

Featured image Liberals across the country are congratulating Minnesota’s Democrats on the state’s just-concluded legislative session. Barack Obama cited the DFL’s “accomplishments” as evidence that elections have consequences. He is right, for once, even when an election flips a state’s Senate by just one seat and 321 votes. The Democrats’ margin may have been vanishingly slim, but the election’s consequences are indeed far-reaching. Minnesota Democrats legalized abortion up to the moment of »

What’s In a Name? [Updated]

Featured image That the Democrats are scared to death of Ron DeSantis is evident from the quality of their attacks on him. They don’t want to talk about his record as governor; from their perspective, the less said about that the better. So they have launched one silly broadside after another. But this one takes the cake. It comes from Axios, a web site for the mentally below average: Dee-Santis or Deh-Santis? »

BBC’s War On “Disinformation”

Featured image This short video by the BBC’s “Disinformation Correspondent”–not a joke–explains how that news agency is seeking out disinformation and conspiracy theories. These are found on “alternative media,” i.e., not on the BBC, and the BBC is investigating the links between disinformation and “far right figures.” No mention of far left figures. And the BBC is using fake social media accounts to track what is happening in those venues, and how »

A New Low for the Left

Featured image When I first saw this headline appear on Twitter, I assumed it was fake. But no—it is real. Take a bow, Vanity Fair: The author of this trenchant piece is Bess Levin, whom I have never heard of either, but Vanity Fair describes her as “An essential voice of our current tragicomedy, she is an incisive, hilarious daily narrator of the horrors that never seem to stop. If you need »

Americans: Right About Some Things, Wrong About Others

Featured image Two sets of current poll data are of interest. First, Americans hate the news media. Nothing new here, but if anything the feeling has intensified. Good. Rasmussen reports: The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that just 30% of Likely U.S. voters say they trust the political news they’re getting – down from 37% in July 2021 – while 52% say they don’t trust political news, and »

Will There By Any Media Accountability?

Featured image Kudos due to Jake Tapper for saying on CNN that the Durham Report completely vindicates Donald Trump: CNN'S Jake Tapper says the Durham report — which found the Russian collusion probe should've never been launched — is "devastating to the FBI" — RNC Research (@RNCResearch) May 15, 2023 Will there be any accountability for the media for their part in this travesty? Will the Washington Post or New York »

Somehow, the Truth Gets Out

Featured image The Democratic Party press has done its best to suppress the Joe Biden corruption story, beginning with the “Dirty 51” letter that successfully blocked the story during the 2020 presidential campaign, and continuing up to the present day. Moreover, when the issue has been discussed, it has far too often been framed as relating to Hunter Biden, as though Hunter, an unemployable and degenerate crackhead, had anything to sell to »

If We Had Honest and Even-Handed Media. . .

Featured image . . . You might see something like this on CNN: Wow. Anderson Cooper is sick and tired of Joe Biden. — MAZE (@mazemoore) May 12, 2023 The media really is doing its best to elevate Donald Trump. What do you want to bet CNN will have Trump on as often as Trump will want to go on. If they keep this up, he’ll be returned to office next »

The Ruling Class at Play

Featured image In an amazing coincidence of scheduling, the annual White House Correspondents Dinner (WHCD) and the Met Gala occurred within 48 hours of each other. One of Trump’s best moves in office was giving the middle finger to the WHCD, and the less said about the Met Gala the better, except for noting that Alexandria Occasional-Cortex didn’t attend this year since she violated House ethics rules last year by accepting free »

Threats to Press Freedom? It Depends

Featured image In honor of World Press Freedom Day, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres addressed a conference at UN headquarters in New York: “All our freedom depends on press freedom,” he said in a video message, calling it the “foundation of democracy and justice” and the “lifeblood of human rights.” I would say that the ability of all citizens to speak their minds freely–not just journalists–is the “foundation of democracy and justice.” »

AP Report: LGBTQ+ lawmakers find themselves ‘literally trying to exist’

Featured image Apparently, every day is a battle for LGBTQ+ lawmakers. According to an Associated Press report, they “find themselves fighting just ‘to exist.'” The article begins on an emotional note: State Sen. Shevrin Jones can often be seen at the Florida Capitol greeting staff and colleagues with a smile or laugh, but when he’s alone it’s a different story. “The outward expression is to show God’s love. That’s what I was »

A day in the life of the MSM

Featured image Mark Halperin has taken to a Substack site that he has named Wide World of News. In the April 27 “Mitt Romney and Marjorie Taylor Greene Agree,” he illustrated one day of “liberal media bias.” Clearing his throat as he takes to the task, he (fairly) observes that “the bias is in fact so egregious – and so thoroughly ignored by those who continue their decades-long pattern – that it »

The Times Says Senility Is A-OK

Featured image Democrats have mostly given up on denying that Joe Biden is suffering from an advanced stage of dementia. Their strategy, as exemplified by their mouthpiece the New York Times, has shifted to a defense of senility. Do we need a mentally competent president? Nah. This morning’s Times email, which is curated by David Leonhardt, the Times’s “senior writer” who writes for “The Times’s flagship daily newsletter,” said this morning: Strange »

The Biden-Press Alliance

Featured image To be a Republican president is to experience unremitting hostility from the press. Questions shouted by reporters at Republican presidents are frequently angry and usually negative in tone. One of my favorite moments in politics came during the presidential campaign of 2012. It was outdoors, Mitt Romney was walking across an open space toward a helicopter, car or something, and a reporter shouted: “What about your gaaaffes?” A great moment »

How to humiliate a liberal in 10 seconds or less

Featured image At a private Manhattan fundraiser in 2016, then-candidate Hillary Clinton famously described Donald Trump supporters as “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic — you name it.” This was Clinton’s updated version of former President Barack Obama’s snide remark in 2008 about the people living in small-town Pennsylvania, whom he depicted as bitter folks who “cling to guns or religion or antipathy.”  Liberals are fond of making these blanket statements about Republicans »