Media Bias

Bringing the Havoc Home

Featured image Yesterday the New York Times attacked Republican governors for sending a handful of the illegal immigrants who have invaded their states to other jurisdictions. The Times headline was “G.O.P. Governors Cause Havoc by Busing Migrants to East Coast.” No. The havoc was caused by the Biden administration luring illegals to the border and inviting them to cross without consequences. A tiny fraction of the havoc the Democratic Party has inflicted »

Don’t Kill All the Lawyers

Featured image Lawyers can come in handy. Just ask Charlie Kirk and his colleagues at Turning Point USA. Turning Point held its Student Action Summit in Tampa last Friday through Sunday. The SAS is a huge event, attended by thousands of young people. On Saturday, a tiny handful of apparent neo-Nazi demonstrators showed up on the sidewalk outside the SAS venue. Who they were and why they were there is anyone’s guess, »

Journalism, Then and Now

Featured image We wrote here and here about the story of a 10-year-old rape victim in Ohio who had to travel to Indiana to terminate her presidency pregnancy. No one has been able to verify the tale, and at this point it seems pretty clear that it was made up by an abortionist who spends much of her time lobbying the press in favor of abortion. Megan Fox has done the work »

Fact-Check This

Featured image The Babylon Bee has competition. The Bee is famous for having its satirical posts “fact-checked,” and has even been banned from Twitter from time to time. Here, it is the Associated Press that brings its big fact-checking guns to bear on a joke, this time not from the Bee: Shinzo Abe, the former prime minister of Japan who was assassinated on Friday, did not tweet about Hillary Clinton the day »

Biden Hops On the Rape Bandwagon

Featured image I wrote here about the sensational story of a 10-year-old rape victim in Ohio who had to travel to Indiana for an abortion. The story, phoned into an Indiana newspaper by an abortionist who seems to spend most of her time promulgating pro-abortion propaganda in the press, spread around the world almost instantaneously. But there is little reason to believe it is true. No one, including Snopes, has been able »

How Low Can NPR Go?

Featured image Details about the assassination of former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe are still sketchy, but one thing that isn’t sketchy at all is how despicable NPR has shown itself to be with this tweet: Contrast this with the left media’s headlines for the passing of Castro (he “defied America,” so you can see why NPR loved him), or the Washington Post‘s headline description of Islamic terrorist al-Baghdadi (killed by a »

About That 10-Year-Old Rape Victim

Featured image Over the last week, we have been barraged with stories about a 10-year-old rape victim in Ohio who was unable to obtain an abortion in that state and had to cross the line into Indiana to terminate her pregnancy. If you Google “10 year old abortion Ohio,” you get 33,100,000 results. The story is everywhere, internationally. But did it happen? It turns out that the story originated with an abortionist »

The Times Misrepresents Abortion and the Court

Featured image Abortion hysteria has overtaken the New York Times–not that hysteria is foreign to the former Gray Lady these days. This story by Carl Hulse isn’t news, it isn’t even an op-ed. It is a liberal’s temper tantrum. Hulse’s point is to blame Mitch McConnell for recent Supreme Court decisions with which he disagrees: “Mitch McConnell’s Court Delivers.” In the course of his screed, Hulse repeatedly gets the facts wrong. Most »

How to Talk to the Press

Featured image Kari Lake is a Republican candidate for Governor of Arizona. While I haven’t followed that race closely, I understand she may be the front-runner. This despite having a checkered record as a conservative, having supported Barack Obama, among other Democrats. But when a CNN reporter tried to ambush her, she gave a 30-second master class in how to talk to the liberal press: WATCH what happens when @CNN ambushes @KariLake »

In Re: Fake News That Is Real

Featured image Recalling C.S. Lewis’s remark that people should only read the sports pages in newspapers because at least half of the news in the sports page would be true, let’s look at the latest in news fakery. No sooner does Biden fall off his bike than some wisenheimer creates this fake headline: Fortunately, as RedState reports, we had the all-self-important “fact checkers” on the job to make sure no one was »

Dissing DeSantis

Featured image If Donald Trump is not the Republican nominee in 2024, Ron DeSantis likely will be. So the Democratic Party knives are out. This long–just about endless, in fact–anti-DeSantis rant in the New Yorker suggests how the Democrats will attack Florida’s wildly popular governor. It goes on at length about covid, and through the first 100 pages or so you would think people were dropping like flies in Florida due to »

The Rhyme of History?

Featured image The old saying that “history doesn’t repeat itself, but it rhymes” looks applicable today to Joe Biden’s bicycle mishap. It is said that Biden is very sensitive to comparisons with Jimmy Carter, but we now have these visuals to pair: I wonder how the New York Times will cover it. Keep this story filed away for reference and comparison: President Trump faced new questions [from whom?-ed] about his health on »

Newspapers Without Opinions?

Featured image The Washington Post reports this week that Gannett, owner of USA Today and 250 other papers, has decided to scale back its opinion and op-ed pages, and reduce the number of columnists, because “its opinion pages are alienating readers and becoming obsolete.” More: The company has been pushing for the cutbacks for years, and they have become increasingly visible to readers since a committee of editors formally recommended them at »

Scenes from Washington Post Junior High School

Featured image Only hours away from the start of the prime time televised Watergate January 6 Committee hearings (drinking game to come in a separate post) under the chairmanship of Sam Ervin Bennie Thompson (who?), we have news out of the Washington Post about the latest episode from the Millennial Power Struggle. This requires a preface. One of my favorite Monty Python sketches from 50 years ago ran with the idea of »

What’s the Matter with the New York Times?

Featured image Yesterday we pondered the thesis that radical prosecutor Chesa Boudin was recalled because San Francisco is just too darned conservative, dontchaknow. Today’s bubble-headed leftists are mad at the media, for saying that the recall is a “message to national Democrats.” Behold New York University law professor Noah Rosenblum: I’m worried about Rosenblum. He just might stumble on our greatest plot, which is our infiltration of the New York Times with »

Greatest. Correction. Ever.

Featured image That’s a tall statement, and I didn’t think a major media organization could beclown itself more than the Washington Post a couple days ago with this howler: “Layers and layers of fact-checkers,” as Instapundit likes to remind us. But to paraphrase the post-modernist philosopher Hans Gruber, “I give you: Time. Magazine.” Here’s the original: Actually, Time was closer to being right the first time (especially since “Beto” isn’t his real »

Breaking: Biden White House Shutting Down “Disinformation Board”

Featured image Today is offering a surfeit of feel-good news, but this one came in too late for the pervious post. The Washington Post is just up with the breaking story that the Biden Administration has decided to “pause” (but almost certainly shut down) the mis-named “Disinformation Governance Board”: Just three weeks after its announcement, the Disinformation Governance Board is being “paused,” according to multiple employees at DHS, capping a back-and-forth week »