Media Bias

The AP Formula: Republicans Pounce!

Featured image You can tell the Biden administration has badly bungled the infant formula situation when the best their shills at the Associated Press can do is play the “Republicans pounce” card: “GOP’s new midterm attack: Blaming Biden for formula shortage.” Republicans aiming to retake control of Congress have already sharpened a message centering around blaming Democrats for high inflation, expensive gas, migrants crossing the U.S.-Mexico border and violent crime in some »

How Much Do People Hate the Press?

Featured image This much: Rasmussen finds that “[e]ighty percent (80%) of voters believe ‘fake news’ is a serious problem in the media, including 56% who say the ‘fake news’ problem is Very Serious.” Not surprisingly, 89% of Republicans think fake news in the media is a serious problem, but 75% of Democrats also say that fake news in the media is at least a “somewhat serious” problem. Did Donald Trump ever say »

Elon, South Africa, and the New York Times

Featured image Elon Musk is a native of South Africa, although he left that country at age 17. The New York Times obviously saw some potential in Musk’s heritage. Hence this tweet: Elon Musk grew up in elite white communities in South Africa, detached from apartheid’s atrocities and surrounded by anti-Black propaganda. He sees his takeover of Twitter as a free speech win but in his youth did not suffer the effects »

Take the White House Press Corps…

Featured image …please. Last night was the annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner. It isn’t worth talking about in detail. I just want to ask the question: how dumb are these people? Do they seriously not understand that the White House press corps is one of the most widely despised institutions in our country? And that their annual dinner serves mostly to remind the rest of us how pathetic and corrupt they are? »

Racism at the New York Times

Featured image Let me float a proposition that should not be controversial: if you care about race more than just about anything in the world, you are a racist. New York Times, I’m looking at you. Steve Sailer notes a striking contrast in two “news stories” that appeared yesterday in the Gray White-Hot With Rage Lady. First, this article: “White Connecticut Trooper Charged in Killing of Black Man During Stolen Car Chase.” »

Media Bias In One State

Featured image Scott wrote earlier about a pathetically illogical and fact-free editorial in today’s [Minneapolis] Star Tribune denouncing Monday’s decision by Federal District Court Judge Mizelle that invalidated the CDC’s travel mask mandate. The Star Tribune editors gave no sign of having read Judge Mizelle’s decision, or even knowing what the basis for it was. This is typical. The Star Tribune is a minor-league New York Times that exists to promote left-wing »

How to Punk the NY Times

Featured image I don’t know Jared Rabel on Twitter, but he is my new spirit animal for this Tweet about the trauma of lifting the mask mandate mid-flight that has led to some comedy gold at the expense of the New York Times: And it’s legit—yet another New York Times reporter with a Harvard degree who is an idiot. Fake news indeed. »

Media: Who Do You Trust?

Featured image This chart below from a YouGov poll essentially ratifies what everyone knows about major media these days—it has become partisan to the left. If the media weren’t biased, why would Democrats express so much more trust in the media than Republicans? The one interesting outlier here is the Wall Street Journal, which has the narrowest spread between Republicans and Democrats. Republicans like the editorial page (as they should), while Democrats »

There’s Something Happening Here…

Featured image Scott has been writing about the strange case of the two men “of Washington, D.C.” who are under arrest, having purported to be high-level Department of Homeland Security agents. The men are Arian Taherzadeh and Haider Ali, which might give the politically incorrect some ideas. News reports indicate that they “compromised” four Secret Service agents, although my understanding is that this simply means that those agents accepted gifts from them. »

How Dumb Is the Mainstream Media?

Featured image Kinda sounds like a bottomless pit question, doesn’t it? Answer—this dumb: First is the PBS reporter who said to President Biden that he had more foreign policy experience “than any president who has ever held this office.” George H.W. Bush—former ambassador to China, UN ambassador, and head of the CIA before serving as Vice President for eight years, might have something to say about that. Not to mention John Quincy »

Unsurprising Headline of the Day

Featured image Time was when a Democratic hack who moved from the White House to journalism would pretend to be objective, like George Snuffilupagus going from the Clinton Administration to ABC News, but now they don’t even pretend to any kind of objective, unbiased pretense: White House Press Secretary Psaki in Talks to Join MSNBC White House press secretary Jen Psaki plans to leave the administration this spring and is in exclusive »

How to Respond If You Are Libeled

Featured image We conservatives get libeled a lot. If you are Donald Trump or Sarah Palin, there is no remedy: it is open season on politicians and former politicians. But most of us are not in that category. My organization and one of our policy fellows were libeled recently, and we fought back. What followed should encourage all who are wrongly maligned by liberals. I told part of the story here: American »

The Times Is Putin Us On

Featured image I wrote yesterday that the New York Times was planning on smearing conservatives as mouthpieces for Vladimir Putin. We know this because a Times reporter emailed Candace Owens and said she was working on such an article, the centerpiece of which was the claim that commentators like Candace are echoing Putin’s line that Ukraine is a corrupt country. Candace replied by pointing out that everything she knew about corruption in »

Democrats Condone Child Porn?

Featured image The New York Times has published a lot of stupid stuff over the years, but this is one of the worst bits of analysis I’ve seen in a long time. It comes from an article on Judge Jackson’s confirmation hearing that is headlined “Judging a Judge on Race and Crime, G.O.P. Plays to Base and Fringe.” It includes this absurd smear: By making the leniency allegations [re child porn sentencing], »

We’ve Always Been at War With Eastasia

Featured image For me, the Ukraine situation is pretty simple. Ukraine didn’t invade Russia, Russia invaded Ukraine. And Russia is our geopolitical rival/enemy, while Ukraine is not. So I am on Ukraine’s side and am happy to do what we can to help the Ukrainians, without committing acts of war against Russia. Like, say, shooting down their airplanes. So I am part of what seems to be an unusually broad consensus among »

Fake News Today, Fake News Tomorrow, Fake News Forever

Featured image Some observers consider the New York Times’ belated admission that Hunter Biden’s laptop was genuine to be a big deal. I don’t. For one thing, the Times hasn’t acknowledged, and won’t report on, the specific information on the laptop that told the story of Joe Biden’s corruption. Moreover, there was never any doubt about the genuineness of the laptop and the data it contained. The owner of the repair shop »

Today in Identity Politics Obsession

Featured image Good to see that the New York Times is keeping up with the need to bring an intersectional perspective to every possible topic. Like the ancient ruins of Pompeii: Pompeii Moves With the Times The new leader of this 2,000-year-old archaeological treasure is examining gender, race and class while using technology to try and save the site from the ravages of climate change. . . “Many of the questions we »