Media Bias

Jewish Staffers Defy BBC

Featured image On Sunday there was a major demonstration in London, in opposition to anti-Semitism. It was peaceful and dignified, and stood in stark contrast with the pro-Hamas, pro-genocide demonstrations that engulfed the city on previous Saturdays. But the anti-anti-Semitism demonstration was controversial; too controversial for BBC employees to attend. Some did anyway. Dozens of Jewish BBC staff defied a ban on attending last weekend’s march against antisemitism, it has been revealed. »

They Don’t Mind Being Wrong

Featured image Are journalists, as a group, the least intelligent of any profession? I think they may be, and the war between Israel and Gaza is bringing out the worst in them. Check out this exchange, in which a clueless reporter floats the theory that the ratio of terrorists to innocent hostages released under the recent agreement is evidence of Israeli racism: The first question that left me speechless (but only for »

Subdued JFK?

Featured image It is just me, or did the 60th anniversary of the assassination of John F. Kennedy pass yesterday with much less commemoration than usual? You’d think an anniversary of this sorry day ending in a zero would have merited special closing segments on the evening network news (NBC Evening News chose instead to run a closing puff piece on a Napa Valley winery), covers or special commemorative editions of the »

Forget It, Jake. It’s ABC News

Featured image For reasons that are hard to fathom, “mainstream” news outlets are nearly unanimously biased in favor of the genocidal maniacs of Hamas, and against the Israelis whose only goal is self-defense. Thus this rather snippy tweet yesterday by ABC News: I think that most reporters for outlets like ABC News are less well-informed than the average person. And they can’t understand why no one pays any attention to them. »

BBC, the Voice of Hamas

Featured image Britain’s BBC has been left-wing for as long a I can remember, and in recent decades, being left-wing means hating Israel. Every time there is a conflict in the Middle East, the BBC can be relied on to carry water for the Arabs and to denigrate Israelis. Within the last couple of days, the network reported–absurdly–that the IDF had entered Gaza’s main hospital, and was targeting medical teams and Arab »

What Is Worse: Ignorance or Double-Standards?

Featured image There’s not much comedy to be had from the ugliness of the current outburst of anti-Semitism in the aftermath of October 7, but the ignorance of the left, and especially their chant “From the river to the sea/Palestine shall be free” recalls the early scene in The Producers where the prospective director, “Roger De Bris,” remarks to Max Bialystock (Zero Mostel) and Leo Bloom (Gene Wilder) after reading the script »

The Times Hasn’t Given Up

Featured image The New York Times has taken a great deal of criticism for uncritically parroting Hamas propaganda about an Israeli strike on a Gaza hospital, when it turned out that it was an errant terrorist missile that fell short and landed in the hospital’s parking lot. Every detail of the event was lied about by Hamas, and the Times, along with many other news outlets, swallowed Hamas’s fake news. Most news »

Journalists For Mass Murder and Gang Rape

Featured image Britain’s BBC has taken flak for refusing to call Hamas’s fighters “terrorists.” The network’s management has stood fast on this point, arguing that to stigmatize Hamas as terrorists would constitute taking sides in the conflict, and the BBC is staunchly neutral. But that mildly pro-Hamas stance is nowhere near enough for many of the BBC’s employees. The Times of London offers a frightening glimpse into the mentality of many young »

Israeli Children “Detained” in Gaza

Featured image “Israeli Strike Kills Hundreds in Hospital, Palestinians Say,” the New York Times headlined its October 17 front-page story, accompanied by a photo of a bombed-out building. As it turned out, the building wasn’t the hospital and it wasn’t an “Israeli strike.” As a replication of Hamas propaganda that was hard to top, but the Washington Post gave it a shot. On October 19, the Post ran a story about families »

The Dumbest Thing You Will Read Today, from Unscientific American

Featured image I thought the New York Times had once again stolen the prize for the dumbest article of the last few days with this entry: Exxon Mobil’s Pioneer Acquisition Is a Direct Threat to Democracy Even the cliches in the article are 20 years out of date, but I’m sure the author, Jeff Colgan, professor of political science and the director of the Climate Solutions Lab at Brown University, is already »

A Grudging Correction

Featured image The New York Times has taken well-deserved criticism of its article on the fake bombing of a hospital in Gaza. Not only did the paper credit Hamas propaganda to the effect that the damage to the hospital was caused by an Israeli bomb, it also repeated Hamas’s false claims as to the nature of the damage and the number of casualties. It even printed a photo, supposedly of the destroyed »

Our Disgraceful Press

Featured image The British Broadcasting Company is a notoriously anti-Semitic news outlet. Currently, the BBC is under pressure to start calling Hamas a “terrorist” organization rather than a “militant” one. The BBC is stoutly defending its refusal to label Hamas as terrorist, claiming that it is neutral in the conflict between Israel and Hamas, and calling Hamas terrorists would mean taking a side. In fact, of course, the BBC has never been »

Shame On Journalists

Featured image A supercilious Sky News “journalist” interviewed former Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and almost immediately started interrogating him about Palestinian civilians. What is Israel going to do to assure that no Palestinian civilians are harmed? Happily, Bennett wasn’t having it. He fired back with both barrels, to the discomfiture of the reporter, who at the end was left refusing to answer Bennett’s question. It is pretty glorious: »

A Clarifying Moment

Featured image Floyd Mayweather is one of the greatest fighters of all time, but he has never claimed to be a moral paragon. Still, he knows where he stands on decapitating babies: God bless Floyd Mayweather — Mark R. Levin (@marklevinshow) October 11, 2023 You have to be much, much smarter than a mere boxer to contemplate gang rape, mass murder of men, women and children, taking of hostages, spitting on »

Dianne Feinstein, Centrist?

Featured image Dianne Feinstein died last night. She cast a Senate vote earlier in the day. Tributes to her are pouring in, which is natural and appropriate. But check out how the Washington Post described her: I think it is true that Feinstein was not as crazy as some of her Democratic colleagues, but is there any plausible sense in which she was a centrist? The American Conservative Union rates members of »

New York Times, Home of Misinformation

Featured image Liberals love to talk about misinformation. They also love to disseminate it. A case in point is New York Times health and science reporter Apoorva Mandavilli. She grotesquely exaggerated the impact of covid on children, apparently for the purpose of supporting school shutdowns, one of the worst policy fiascos of modern times. And her claims were not, remotely, in the ballpark: Reporter who wrote in NYT that 900,000 children had »

Portnoy’s Complaint

Featured image Dave Portnoy is the founder of Barstool Sports, a popular sports blog. For some reason the Washington Post decided to do a hit piece on Portnoy and assigned one of its totally biased young hack “reporters,” Emily Heil, to do the piece. Portnoy got wind of the story in the works from one of his advertisers that Heil contacted, and decided to pre-empt the story by calling Heil on the »