Media Bias

Confession: First Step to Redemption

Featured image Is the notoriously left-wing BBC finally getting religion? The Telegraph reports: The BBC chairman yesterday indicated “the BBC does have a liberal bias” but added “the institution is fighting against it.” Richard Sharp, in an interview in the Sunday Times, said he and Tim Davie, the director-general, had drawn up a ten-point plan on impartiality, anti-bias training along with reviews of news output in a drive to tackle the issue. »

Elon Is Catching On

Featured image I was initially skeptical of Elon Musk. After all, he has never been, or claimed to be, a conservative, and he voted not only for Barack Obama but for Slow Joe Biden. But give the man credit: he is catching on fast. Thus his apt characterization of the utterly dishonest New York Times: That is because The New York Times has become, for all intents and purposes, an unregistered lobbying »

A Star Is Born

Featured image Kari Lake is a former television newswoman, and former Democrat, who is running for Governor of Arizona. Starting out as an underdog, she has taken the lead in the polls. I am pretty confident that she will be elected. Why is that? Lake is a good candidate in several ways, but one of her key skills is pushing back against the press of which she used to be a member. »

An “Election Denier” Strikes Back

Featured image The “election denier” theme is one of the Democrats’ most obnoxious, given that the last time they accepted the election of a Republican president as legitimate was 1988. As Scott noted, Peter Doocy pointed out earlier today that White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre is herself an “election denier.” In Arizona, gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake was on the receiving end of a question from a Democratic Party reporter: “You feel »

What Disinformation?

Featured image Sweden has established a new Psychological Defence Agency to combat potential Russian disinformation, the London Times reports. The agency hasn’t actually spotted any Russian disinformation yet, the article says, but it knows where to look: Staff at the agency, which has its headquarters in the western city of Karlstad, are working in a nation increasingly plagued by polarisation and mistrust. Next week, parliamentary elections will take place in a climate »

Facebook Censors Flag Power Line

Featured image Our pal Mackubin Owens, emeritus professor at the Naval War College, posted a link to our report here yesterday on “What Climate Crisis?” But here’s what Facebook did: This as an odd claim, as the post merely reported on the new group in Europe and quoted what they said. Once upon a time this kind of thing was called “news.” But such is the extent of enforced orthodoxy on climate »

Racism at the New York Times

Featured image One popular theory about the left’s obsession with racism is that they are the largest practitioners of it themselves. To wit, this report from National Public Radio: People of color at ‘New York Times’ get lower ratings in job reviews, union says An analysis of comprehensive data for roughly 1,000 The New York Times employees conducted by members of the union that represents its newsroom found that Black and Latino »

How the Media Would Report on Darth Vader

Featured image Remember how the Washington Post described in a headline one of the Islamic radical terrorists we killed as an “austere religious scholar”? Well, some geniuses on Twitter have imagined how the Post, CNN, and other mainstream media would report on Darth Vader, and it’s fantastic: You know this is true. »

The Central Bigotry of the Left

Featured image Whittaker Chambers—a Quaker—wrote to William F. Buckley in 1956 that “There is only one fully logical conservative position in the West—that of the Catholic Church.” This may explain why a central cause of the modern left is destroying the Catholic Church above all other nodes of opposition to secular leftism. I know I am not the first to suggest that anti-Catholic bigotry is one of the few kinds of bigotry »

Certified: The New York Times Is Run by Moral Idiots

Featured image By now I expect everyone has heard of the attack on Salman Rushdie. Andy Ngo notes: And yet here’s how the New York Times reports it: »

Bringing the Havoc Home

Featured image Yesterday the New York Times attacked Republican governors for sending a handful of the illegal immigrants who have invaded their states to other jurisdictions. The Times headline was “G.O.P. Governors Cause Havoc by Busing Migrants to East Coast.” No. The havoc was caused by the Biden administration luring illegals to the border and inviting them to cross without consequences. A tiny fraction of the havoc the Democratic Party has inflicted »

Don’t Kill All the Lawyers

Featured image Lawyers can come in handy. Just ask Charlie Kirk and his colleagues at Turning Point USA. Turning Point held its Student Action Summit in Tampa last Friday through Sunday. The SAS is a huge event, attended by thousands of young people. On Saturday, a tiny handful of apparent neo-Nazi demonstrators showed up on the sidewalk outside the SAS venue. Who they were and why they were there is anyone’s guess, »

Journalism, Then and Now

Featured image We wrote here and here about the story of a 10-year-old rape victim in Ohio who had to travel to Indiana to terminate her presidency pregnancy. No one has been able to verify the tale, and at this point it seems pretty clear that it was made up by an abortionist who spends much of her time lobbying the press in favor of abortion. Megan Fox has done the work »

Fact-Check This

Featured image The Babylon Bee has competition. The Bee is famous for having its satirical posts “fact-checked,” and has even been banned from Twitter from time to time. Here, it is the Associated Press that brings its big fact-checking guns to bear on a joke, this time not from the Bee: Shinzo Abe, the former prime minister of Japan who was assassinated on Friday, did not tweet about Hillary Clinton the day »

Biden Hops On the Rape Bandwagon

Featured image I wrote here about the sensational story of a 10-year-old rape victim in Ohio who had to travel to Indiana for an abortion. The story, phoned into an Indiana newspaper by an abortionist who seems to spend most of her time promulgating pro-abortion propaganda in the press, spread around the world almost instantaneously. But there is little reason to believe it is true. No one, including Snopes, has been able »

How Low Can NPR Go?

Featured image Details about the assassination of former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe are still sketchy, but one thing that isn’t sketchy at all is how despicable NPR has shown itself to be with this tweet: Contrast this with the left media’s headlines for the passing of Castro (he “defied America,” so you can see why NPR loved him), or the Washington Post‘s headline description of Islamic terrorist al-Baghdadi (killed by a »

About That 10-Year-Old Rape Victim

Featured image Over the last week, we have been barraged with stories about a 10-year-old rape victim in Ohio who was unable to obtain an abortion in that state and had to cross the line into Indiana to terminate her pregnancy. If you Google “10 year old abortion Ohio,” you get 33,100,000 results. The story is everywhere, internationally. But did it happen? It turns out that the story originated with an abortionist »