Media Bias

The Times Weighs In

Featured image Check out this headline from today’s New York Times, on the criminal trial that is under way in Manhattan: “Will a Mountain of Evidence Be Enough to Convict Trump?” I understand that readers of the Times tune in mainly to get their daily dose of Trump-hate, but is the Times even pretending to be a newspaper anymore? The trial, which could brand Mr. Trump a felon as he mounts another »

NPR Goes Full Gulag

Featured image We noted here last week the withering critique of National Propaganda Radio (NPR) by longtime NPR editor Uri Berliner. Turns out that NPR recently hired as its new head a complete commie, Katherine Mayer. How commie? Nate Hochman has some of the very many receipts: And just as James Damore was cashiered from Google when he questioned leftist orthodoxy, National Review is reporting that Uri Berliner has been suspended without »

This Will Be a Doozie of a Correction

Featured image I don’t really have much of a comment on this. I suppose it reflects the obsession with Donald Trump that has driven most of the traditional media off a cliff. But still, it is weird at best: Quite a mistake. — Byron York (@ByronYork) April 11, 2024 It will be interesting to see whether the Times’ correction tries to explain the error. It would be hard to explain without »

NPR: Gross Distortions

Featured image Tom Ashbrook treated him fairly but Steve slams NPR’s Susan Stamberg and Noah Adams in fine style. Consider also NPR host Terry Gross, who conducts fascinating interviews with writers, musicians and artists. With guests on the political side, on the other hand, the critical skills and background knowledge seem to disappear. In February of 2019, Gross interviewed former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe, author of The Threat: How the FBI »

NPR: National Propaganda Radio

Featured image One of the classic articles from 30 years ago that still gets recalled fondly was Glenn Garvin’s “How Do I Hate NPR? Let Me Count the Ways,” which I think first appeared in the late Washington DC City Paper. Even back then I referred to NPR’s two main shows, “Morning Edition” and “All Things Considered” as “Morning Sedition” and “All Things Distorted.” The very voice tones of Susan Stamberg and »

Olbermann Stalks Sage Steele

Featured image Of COURSE it was scripted. If it hadn’t have been @sagesteele – the dumbest person I’ve ever worked with in sports or news – couldn’t have gotten through it. I mean Jesus, if this happened to you, you’d just assume it WASN’T being done to protect the network from you humiliating it – and yourself? That was Keith Olbermann, after Sage Steele revealed that her 2021 interview with Joe Biden »

The Coming Disinformation War

Featured image In the Wall Street Journal, Holman Jenkins reviews the dishonorable role that the intelligence community played in the 2016 and 2020 elections, and predicts more of the same. In 2016: A Democratic presidential campaign, representing the incumbent party, fabricated evidence that its Republican opponent and the eventual president-elect was a Russian agent, and the in-power party’s FBI legitimated the evidence in the eyes of the media so it would be »

Sage Reveals the Script

Featured image And I was told, “You will say every word that we write out, you will not deviate from the script.” To the word. Every single question was scripted, gone over dozens of times by many editors and executives. Absolutely. I was on script and was told not to deviate. . . It was very much “This is what you will ask. This is how you will say it. No follow-ups.” »

The Best Climate Beatdown of the Year (So Far)

Featured image Watch the president of Guyana, which is developing a huge new oil field (which Venezuela is threatening to invade in order to seize), open up the biggest can of whoop-you-know-what on a smug, supercilious BBC “reporter” (about 2 delicious minutes long): There are few things I enjoy quite as much as watching indoctrinated Western virtue signallers get epically destroyed by people from developing countries who are willing to be honest. »

McDaniel vs. NBC News

Featured image When I heard NBC News was hiring recently dismissed RNC chair Ronna McDaniel my first thought was, but of course they are! She was a mediocre RNC chair with little rhetorical flair or depth, and NBC News was hiring her because she’d help the cause of making Republicans look bad. (See: Michael Steele, the other former RNC chair that MSNBC hired and who now spouts reliably anti-conservative views on command.) »

Enemies of the People

Featured image When we started this site, exposing mainstream media bias was a big part of our mission. Using the then-new internet, we and many others held liberal outlets (i.e., virtually all of them) accountable in a way that hadn’t happened before. The effect of that effort was not that the liberal press became more accurate or more objective. Rather, they came out of the closet. For the most part, they no »

The Left’s Worst Idea This Week

Featured image As you may know, the mainstream media is going through massive layoffs, to which a paraphrase of the great Oscar Wilde line comes to mind—one has to have a heart of stone not to laugh at massive media layoffs, given the increasing partisan mendacity and advancing mediocrity of the mainstream media. So guess what is proposed to reverse this dire situation? Behold The Jacobin (which is certainly an appropriate name »

Defamation, A Two-Edged Sword

Featured image Donald Trump has sued ABC News and host George Stephanopoulos for falsely claiming that Trump was found liable for rape by a court and jury: Former President Donald Trump has filed a defamation lawsuit against ABC News and George Stephanopoulos, claiming his reputation was tarnished by the anchor saying multiple times on-air that Trump had been found liable for raping writer E. Jean Carroll. Trump filed the lawsuit in federal »

Feel Good Story of the Day

Featured image Some things even the Babylon Bee can’t make up: MSNBC staffers scatter after bed bugs found at Manhattan HQ ahead of Super Tuesday coverage: ‘They’re scrambling Bed bugs found at MSNBC’s Manhattan headquarters caused staffers to scatter ahead of the left-leaning network’s Super Tuesday coverage, The Post has learned. According to a memo obtained by The Post, an “unidentified insect” was spotted Sunday in the recently revamped studio 3A — »

The Cronkite Network

Featured image When you watch Walter Cronkite, my recent piece should have read, “you not only CBS but hear it too.” That was certainly true, particularly of Cronkite’s Vietnam coverage, but as Douglas Brinkley explained in the 819-page Cronkite, there’s more that people should know. Cronkite had worked with Sidney Lumet to adapt the radio show “You Are There” for television. Lumet directed Network, which Cronkite saw in a private screening. As »

This Is CNN

Featured image As in Christian Nationalism Nonsense, and the always insightful Mark Tapson explains it for you: The label “Christian nationalism” is the new Progressive dog-whistle for “scary American patriots.” It signals to Progressives that Americans who love God and country – which used to be the norm before our descent into a post-Christian, post-patriotism culture – are a subversive danger to democracy. Christianity, after all, imposes a moral code that chafes »


Featured image CBS has fired Catherine Herridge, an investigative reporter who was “pursuing stories that were unwelcomed by the Biden White House and many Democratic powerhouses, including the Hur report on Joe Biden’s diminished mental capacity, the Biden corruption scandal, and the Hunter Biden laptop.” After dumping Herridge, “CBS officials took the unusual step of seizing her files, computers and records, including information on privileged sources.” These files, “likely contain confidential material »