Reports of Twitter’s death

Featured image A celebratory glee is descending on mainstream media outlets retailing the impending death of Twitter. The theme is that Elon Musk is killing it since he took it over. The AP reports, for example, under the byline of three reporters: “More Twitter workers flee after Musk’s ‘hardcore’ ultimatum.” The New York Post has a good story here. The glee is also manifested on Twitter itself by some of its users. »

Musk admits mistake

Featured image We noted the hilarious saga of hoaxers “Rahul Ligma” and “Daniel Johnson” in “Who is Rahul Ligma?” CNBC all but shed tears over the ordeal of Ligma and Johnson when it reported their termination from Twitter in the immediate aftermath of Elon Musk’s takeover of the company. It takes a big man to admit a mistake. Musk has now taken to Twitter to acknowledge that firing Ligma and Johnson “was »

Persecution and the art of Dave Chappelle (2)

Featured image We are awash in a wave of anti-Semitic hatred and violence that is coursing through the black community and elsewhere. I heard it in the troubled musings of Kanye West and wrote about in “Anti-Semitism for Ye — but not for me.” The December Commentary features Elliot Kaufman’s deep backgrounder “O Ye of Little Faith: The Anti-Semitism of Kanye West.” Over the weekend comedian Dave Chappelle hosted Saturday Night Live »

Persecution and the art of Dave Chappelle

Featured image Dave Chappelle hosted Saturday Night Live last night. In his opening monologue, Chappelle held at painful length that “the Jews” control the world but that this can only be said out loud ironically — because, you know, “the Jews.” It was an unsubtle performance that might be funny if you are on board with that particular “point of view.” Then it might be hilarious. I caught up with video of »

Fetterman for president

Featured image In a perfect coda to the midterm elections, MSNBC is touting Senator-elect John Fetterman — his doctor said he was better, man — to run for president. It is an ingenious attempt to build a seamless transition from President Biden to the Democratic future. Fetterman should indeed be the face of the Democratic Party, or at least its neck. The future beckons. The possibilities are limitless. Unfortunately, we have plenty »

Going deep on the deep-six

Featured image On Friday NBC’s Today show reported a story bearing on the assault on Paul Pelosi. Within a few hours the network deep-sixed the story with the comment that “it did not meet NBC News reporting standards.” We posted the memory-holed story via Twitter and noted NBC’s retraction here. How did the story fail NBC News reporting standards? They didn’t say. The Washington Post’s Paul Farhi spoke to “people at the »

NBC deep-sixes Pelosi story

Featured image NBC News anchor Miguel Almaguer reported that Paul Pelosi reacted in an unusual way to the arrival of police officers after calling 911 in the incident that President Biden led his closing argument with this week. A few hours after the story aired yesterday morning on Today, however, NBC deep-sixed it with this editor’s statement: “The piece should not have aired because it did not meet NBC News reporting standards.” »

Weekend at Biden’s

Featured image The New York Post asks whether staffers are covering up for President Biden the way they did for Senate candidate John Fetterman. See my tribute to the Fetterman campaign’s work in “Five for Fetterman.” We have frequently observed Biden’s mental debility. Even Ray Charles could see it. We have have even invoked the black comedy Weekend at Bernie’s in this context. The Post editorial now dares to go there in »

Elon Musk denies…

Featured image Elon Musk has taken control of Twitter and is celebrating the joys of ownership. He seems to be trolling the left, Babylon Bee style. A little media commentary, a little mockery, a little pushing back against the purveyors of fake news. This is well done. I rate it hilarious — to be filed under Laughter Is the Best Medicine. This is fake – I did *not* tweet out a link »

She who must not be mentioned

Featured image This Washington Free Beacon editorial includes Nancy Pelosi’s fundraising appeal on the back of the attack on her husband. The Free Beacon editorial responds to the call for Republicans to “spend the final week of the campaign sitting on the bench, reflecting, atoning” for the attack on Paul Pelosi. Minnesota 6h District Rep. and NRCC chairman Tom Emmer received the impassioned instruction of Margaret Brennan for Republicans to quit their »

The dope on DePape

Featured image Paul Pelosi, the husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, was attacked by a man with a hammer at the couple’s home in San Francisco early Friday morning. CNN has strung a series of reports on the attack here. CNN’s first report of the assault was posted at 11:08 a.m. on October 28. By 2:25 p.m. Gavin Newsom had attributed the attack to “divisive and hateful rhetoric.” By 7:25 p.m. President »

Keith Ellison: The missing context

Featured image If Keith Ellison wins his race for reelection as Minnesota Attorney General it will be a sad day indeed. If he loses, he will be back. His lust for office is insatiable. Win or lose, history must be told. Ellison must be the single most unfit officeholder in the United States. The competition is intense, the contenders are many, but Ellison’s unfitness reigns supreme. That was the point of my »

Who is Rahul Ligma?

Featured image It turns out that the purportedly fired Twitter employees featured in the news yesterday were hoaxers with a good sense of humor. CNBC’s story on them now comes with an editor’s note: “After CNBC published details of an interview with people who claimed to be fired employees of Twitter, several reports emerged suggesting it was a hoax. CNBC could not confirm the identities of the individuals.” The New York Post »

This senior moment

Featured image The Washington Free Beacon has compiled volume 17 of its Joe Biden’s Senior Moment of the Week series. “Moment” has silently morphed into “moments” as we achieve exit velocity. Andrew Stiles writes in the story accompanying the video: “Watch me,” President Joe Biden told MSNBC’s Jonathan Capehart this week during one of the most awkward interviews in the history of American politics. So we did. It was similar to watching »

How Keith Ellison fed our fraud

Featured image The nonfeasance of Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison led to the losses taxpayers sustained in the $250 million Feeding Our Future fraud, according to the Star Tribune story “Could Minnesota officials have stopped Feeding our Future fraud sooner?” The story by reporters Jeffrey Meitrodt and Ryan Faircloth essentially answers the headline question in the affirmative. The headline question should have been reformulated as a declarative sentence: Attorney General Keith Ellison »

FACT CHECK: Fetterman’s speech

Featured image In my comments on Tuesday evening’s Oz-Fetterman debate, I noted the disparity between Fetterman’s obvious cognitive disability and Dr. Clifford Chen’s doctor’s note released last week by the Fetterman campaign. It is embedded in the tweet below. News: @JohnFetterman releases an updated medical report after a visit with his primary care doctor. Letter via his campaign 👇 — Sahil Kapur (@sahilkapur) October 19, 2022 Everyone saw Fetterman’s inability to »

How’s she doing?

Featured image Asked by Jonathan Capehart how Vice President Kamala Harris is doing, President Biden responded: “She’s doing great. First of all, she’s smart as hell.” So you know we are in the land of the whopper. Biden continued his tribute to her: “She has a backbone like a ramrod…there isn’t any public figure that is, you know, 60 percent favorable ratings, I mean, you know, most of, and, but—she’s doing a »