The Fall of Minneapolis: The film

Featured image Alpha News presents The Fall of Minneapolis. Alpha has just posted the crowdfunded film to Rumble (video below) so that it can be seen free of charge by the widest possible audience. The film is also accessible online at The Fall of Minneapolis. Viewers can contribute to support Alpha’s work and help promote the film here. I attended the film’s premiere at a showing for invited guests on Tuesday evening »

Inside al-Shifa Hospital

Featured image IDF Lt. Col. (reserve) Jonathan Conricus is the spokesman who has become one of our favorites in Israel’s current war on Hamas. Conricus arrived on the scene at the al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City a few hours ago to document the ocular proof demanded by the AP of the Hamas way of war. The video seems almost to be addressed to the Hamasniks inside the AP. Hamas must have abandoned »

The AP at work today

Featured image This is the top of the Morning Wire disseminated by the Associated Press today: “In the news today: Israel raids a Gaza hospital that has become a symbol of the suffering of Palestinian civilians…” The brief summary links to this story by Wafaa Shurafa and Samy Magdy and holds out the tin cup: “The Associated Press now accepts reader contributions to support our fact-based, nonpartisan journalism. To make a donation, »

The AP at work today

Featured image The AP continues its work on behalf of Hamas today in the story by Wafaa Shurafa and Samy Magdy. I take it that Hamas wants to promote a “humanitarian crisis” in the southern Gaza, where the IDF has urged Gazans to evacuate. Today Shurafa and Magdy reiterate: “Israel accuses Hamas of using hospitals as cover for its fighters, alleging that Hamas has set up its main command center in and »

Memo to the AP

Featured image Richard Goldberg illuminates one key element of the Hamas way of war in the New York Post column “Hamas commits war crimes in hospitals and mosques, but world says nothing.” Goldberg’s column might illuminate the authorities promoting the Hamas line at the Associated Press. This will come as news to the AP: The Israel Defense Forces released footage Monday of Hamas firing rocket-propelled grenades toward Israeli troops. The catch? The »

AP unfamiliar with Hamas way of war

Featured image Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari is a spokesman for the IDF. He has just conducted a live briefing on what the IDF found in the basement of Gaza’s Rantisi Hospital. The briefing commences in English at about 1:15. It is well worth your time. I urge interested readers to check it out. LIVE with IDF spokesperson exposing Hanas infrastructure — Israel Defense Forces (@IDF) November 13, 2023 Although the AP »

The worst of Peggy Noonan

Featured image Peggy Noonan’s weekly Wall Street Journal column dated November 2 dispensed advice for Israel in its current fight for survival. Noonan advised Israel not to fight. I criticized the column for its stupidity yesterday. I can’t say it’s the most stupid column of the past 25 years, but it must be tied with others for that distinction. While patently stupid, the column reeks of Noonan’s precious self-regard. She relishes every »

Saving Private Biden

Featured image I seriously doubt that President Biden could pass a Medicare cognitive ability test. It’s not exactly challenging, but Biden is too far gone. Everyone sees it. Everyone knows it. We are in any event way beyond the emperor-wears-no-clothes phase of inhibition controlling the unruly multitude. The mainstream press continues to serve as a sort of bodyguard for Biden, but the New York Post blurts it out on the cover today: »

Why not the worst?

Featured image All things considered, Peggy Noonan must be the worst columnist in the United States. That is a rash judgment, I concede. She certainly has a lot of competition over at the New York Times. For the combination of fatuity and self-love, however, she must be in a class by herself. In her weekly Wall Street Journal column published in the paper on November 4 (whole thing here) Noonan opined: We »

Thought for the day

Featured image In May 2021 I wrote a lot about the protestations of the Associated Press when the IDF destroyed the 11-story Gaza City office building in which it was holed up with tenants including Hamas. No one was injured in the blast. Among other precautions, the Israeli military telephoned the AP occupants of the office with a warning to evacuate an hour in advance of the strike. The AP declared the »

Another word from Melissa P.

Featured image Ramirez assistant Melissa P. forwards a footnote to the current controversy regarding his editorial cartoon on the Hamas way of war that was killed as allegedly “racist” by the Washington Post: Michael wants to emphasize that he is not at war with David Shipley, the editor of the editorial page at the Washington Post, and in fact, he’s a big fan and admirer of all that Shipley has accomplished at »

Ramirez on the record

Featured image I wrote yesterday that our friend Michael Ramirez would have something to say in his own voice about the removal of his editorial cartoon depicting the Hamas way of war from the Washington Post’s site (I posted the cartoon here, his assistant Melissa’s comments here). In the event, Michael spoke yesterday afternoon with the Washington Free Beacon’s Collin Anderson. Collin reports (below the break): * * * * * Washington »

A word from Melissa P.

Featured image The Michael Ramirez Newsletter gives you Ramirez’s brilliant daily cartoons along with essays by Michael and related content. Michael has not yet spoken for the record on the Washington Post’s removal of his “Human Shields” cartoon that we posted here this morning. However, Michael’s assistant Melissa P. adds this note today: You may have heard of the kerfuffle over at the Washington Post in which editors exercised their right to »

Douglas Murray in Israel

Featured image Douglas Murray is visiting Israel to cover the war. He reports today in the New York Post column “On a visit to Israel, I have seen the horror that the world must never forget.” Piers Morgan also interviewed Murray speaking from the Gaza-Israel border on Piers Morgan Uncensored, which I take it is broadcast on a variety of platforms including one in the United Kingdom. In the course of the »

Thought for the day

Featured image The Washington Post published Michael Ramirez’s November 8 editorial cartoon “Human Shields” (below), but not for long. Opinion editor David Shipley has removed it in deference to the allegedly hurt feelings of staffers and/or readers who declared it “racist.” They apparently found the Hamas spokesman depicted in the cartoon insufficiently charismatic. Shipley explained in an editor’s note that preceded a set of equally obtuse letters to the editor: As editor »

Beyond fakery

Featured image I wrote about one of the Gaza-based photographers working for the Associated Press in “Put Abed Khaled to bed” and raised questions about the veracity of his work. I had been thinking about the AP and Reuters photographers whom I wrote about in the Weekly Standard article “He didn’t give at the office” (“he” being Yasser Arafat). I thought their work was obviously fraudulent. Staff at HonestReporting now raise questions »

Things have changed

Featured image Politico was the purveyor of the statement signed by the Deep State 51 asserting that the New York Post reporting on Hunter Biden’s laptop reflected a Russian information operation. Former Politico reporter Natasha Bertrand wrote the story and posted the statement along with it. In reality, as any fool could figure, Bertrand’s story and the accompanying statement reflected a Biden campaign information operation. Now Politico’s Ben Schreckinger tells us: “Fresh »