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Bloomberg is out, why is Warren still in?

Featured image Mike Bloomberg suspended his presidential campaign today. He has endorsed Joe Biden. The lesson many will draw from Bloomberg’s failure to win any primary other than the one in American Samoa is that it’s foolish to skip the early contests. To be sure, skipping the early contests isn’t generally a recommended strategy, but I don’t think it was foolish in Bloomberg’s case. His downfall was his debate performance, not his »

In which the Bloomberg campaign calls me

Featured image The Minnesota Bloomberg campaign just called my landline at home. The caller id. in fact identified that it was the Bloomberg campaign calling. Assuming it was a recording, I picked up to hear what the campaign had to say. The call was live, however, and the caller identified herself as Donna. I asked her where she was calling me from; she told me from Hopkins Crossroads (in one of the »

Black trans women for Bloomberg

Featured image We are apparently going to have Michael Bloomberg to kick around for a while longer. He is running a radio ad in Minnesota that represents the audio equivalent of a “listening tour.” The ad serves up the foremost concerns of three unidentified Minnesotans. They do not declare that they like Mike. They don’t even declare that they support him. They simply express their foremost concerns. The first gives it as »

When the shrieking stopped

Featured image One of the incompetent CBS debate moderators — someone should interview them to ask how they “feel” to have done such a poor job — gave the Democratic presidential candidates a chance to sign off last night by providing their personal motto. Does everyone have a personal motto? What a stupid question. My own, thanks to my grandfather S. Paul Johnson, is Courtesy is cheap and pays big dividends. Nobody »

This debate brought to you by Michael Bloomberg

Featured image Michael Bloomberg deserves a footnote all his own in any account of last night’s Democratic presidential candidates’ debate in Charleston, South Carolina. First he got “95 percent of the way to saying he had bought and paid for the 2018 election.” John Pohdhoretz explains: He wanted to score points for helping the Democratic party and bragged he had dropped $100 million to help the Dems take the majority in the »

Today’s Campaign Notes

Featured image This morning one of my really smart lefty friends (someone I have really good arguments with—more people should try for this—who needless to say really hates Trump), sent me this note: Last night was the first Dem debate I tuned into, and it was horrifying. Bernie was an angry uncle. Bloomberg was an arrogant asshole. Warren was a ballbusting bluestocking. Pete was a glib greenhorn. Biden was barely alive. And »

Bloomberg’s treatment of women, a closer look

Featured image I don’t know how much longer we’ll have Michael Bloomberg to “kick around” or, if he persists, whether he will remain worth writing about as a candidate. However, I want to say more about the attacks against him for his alleged behavior towards female employees. I don’t want to discuss this from a political perspective, except to say that the allegations are extremely damaging politically. I want to talk about »

Bloomberg’s moment

Featured image Michael Bloomberg had a bad night in his debut appearance last night at the Democratic presidential candidates’ debates. What a pathetic performance. It may be too early to say, but perhaps there are some things money can’t buy. Bloomberg took a beating last night in Las Vegas. Looking like he had escaped from Madame Tussauds, Bloomberg responded to a Bernie Sanders comment by interjecting that his (Bloomberg’s) stents had been »

In defense of farming

Featured image Victor Davis Hanson is The Classicist featured in the Hoover Institution podcast of the same name. In the February 19 edition of the podcast, Victor speaks “In defense of farming” (embedded below). The podcast is occasioned by Michael Bloomberg’s 2016 remarks at Oxford University that we documented here and here. Victor cites the classic texts on agriculture to support his view of farming. What shaped Bloomberg’s view of farming? I »

Bloomberg is flopping [UPDATED, HE FLOPPED]

Featured image That’s how it looks to me 45 minutes into the debate. He is being hammered by the other five candidates and his answers are neither well delivered nor likely to persuade his audience. He is making Joe Biden, who is much better in attack dog mode than as a putative frontrunner, look sharp by comparison. I’ll have more to say about the debate when it has concluded. Well, the debate »

Bloomberg may benefit from lowered expectations

Featured image I don’t know what to expect of Michael Bloomberg tonight. The conventional wisdom — that his angry, jealous opponents will carve him up — is plausible. But so is the view that he’s smarter and more skillful than they are. The conventional wisdom might play into Bloomberg’s hands. His rivals want to portray him as an empty suit who has bought his way into the mix. But Bloomberg was a »

Today’s Campaign Notebook

Featured image • So it appears the Democratic Party has decided to self-identify as unelectable. • Elizabeth “I Have a Plan for That” Warren says her simple solution to every problem is to “put power back in the hands of the people.” But somehow all of her plans involve putting more power in the hands of people in Washington. I wonder if that has something to do with her “more selective appeal,” as »

What should we expect from Bloomberg tonight?

Featured image Michael Bloomberg will participate in his first Democratic presidential debate tonight. The conventional wisdom holds that he’s in for a tough night — a comeuppance, his detractors would say. That’s certainly the Washington Post’s take in this article by Michael Scherer. He writes, seemingly with glee: Wednesday night, Bloomberg will be forced to leave his comfort zone and test his chops as a charismatic politician. When he steps onto the »

Mike Bloomberg, meet Paul Harvey

Featured image Our friends at the American Spectator have moved to a subscription model and put up a paywall that kicks in after readers access a limited number of free articles. They have nevertheless graciously agreed to make access available to links posted on Power Line. The Spectator’s lead column today is Jeremy Lott’s “Mike Bloomberg, meet Paul Harvey.”. Related: The Federalist’s Sean Davis channels Paul Harvey in “So God made a »

The Democrats’ Doom Loop

Featured image It’s still early, but the Democratic Party nomination process reminds me of Yogi Berra’s line about center field at Yankee stadium: “It gets late early out there.” It’s already late for the Democrats, and it is becoming clear that the Democrats are doomed this year. At the debate tomorrow night, Bloomberg is going to be the big target because he’s got the means to challenge everybody. The big beneficiary will »

The full Bloomberg

Featured image I wanted to post the full video of Michael Bloomberg’s November 11, 2016 remarks at Oxford University in “Bloomin’ Bloomberg or Bloomberg bloomin’?,” but I just couldn’t come up with it this morning. I have now tracked it down and posted it below. The relevant passage incorporating Bloomberg’s reflections on agriculture, factory jobs and the like begins at 42:00. Victor Davis Hanson offered his observations on Tucker Carlson Tonight (video »

Bloomin’ Bloomberg or Blooomberg bloomin’?

Featured image The big political news of the day is this: Michael Bloomberg has qualified for Wednesday’s Democratic presidential debate in Las Vegas, setting up the first face-to-face showdown between the self-funding billionaire and the other top candidates for the nomination. Politico covers the story here. In an email alert, Politico advises: “Bloomberg, whose late entry has roiled the race, met the Democratic National Committee’s criteria by earning at least 10 percent »