Michael Flynn

The Powell factor in the Flynn case

Featured image Former Assistant United States Attorney Sidney Powell now represents Michael Flynn in the criminal case that still awaits his sentencing. This past Monday Powell and Flynn appeared together in court for a status hearing before Judge Emmet Sullivan. A partially redacted transcript of the hearing is posted here on Scribd. Margot Cleveland commented on the hearing last week in the Federalist column “Michael Flynn Attorney Suggests Special Counsel Withheld Key »

Judge Sullivan stands down

Featured image Judge Emmet Sullivan ordered the government to produce transcripts of recordings in the case against Michael Flynn, over which he is presiding. Before getting to the government’s excused defiance of this order, I want to reiterate a point that has consumed my interest because of its revelatory qualities. It is thanks to Judge Sullivan that we have the unedited transcript of Trump attorney John Dowd’s voicemail message to Flynn lawyer »

The Flynn tapes

Featured image You may have read last week about newly unredacted files arising from Michael Flynn’s cooperation with the Special Counsel under his plea agreement. NBC News, for example, reports that “Flynn told investigators that people linked to the Trump administration and Congress reached out to him in an effort to interfere in the Russia probe[.]” NBC News quotes from a newly unredacted portion of the government’s sentencing memo: “The defendant informed »

Washington Post magnifies Sullivan’s false claim about Flynn

Featured image It’s too early to say what President Trump’s legacy will be. However, one part of his legacy is already cemented. He has caused a large segment of America to despise the mainstream media. The mainstream media deserves to be despised. Consider the Washington Post’s treatment of Michael Flynn’s sentencing hearing earlier this week. At the hearing, Judge Emmet Sullivan suggested that Flynn might have committed “treason” by lobbying for the »

Flynn’s fate (10)

Featured image The sentencing hearing before Judge Sullivan in the case of Michael Flynn was weird beyond belief yesterday. Judge Sullivan came across as a loose cannon, sounding off like a barroom loudmouth vaguely aware of the relevant facts but not too careful about them. Byron York provides a good summary. In its editorial today (accessible here via Outline), the Wall Street Journal tactfully characterizes the hearing as a “fiasco.” Flynn is »

Flynn hearing goes badly for Flynn; judge delays sentencing ruling

Featured image Michael Flynn’s sentencing hearing ended this morning without Flynn receiving a sentence. Judge Emmet Sullivan seemed inclined to sentence Flynn to jail time, notwithstanding the recommendation of the prosecutors that Flynn serve none. However, Sullivan agreed to hold off until he has time to consider the matter of Flynn’s lobbying for the Turkish government. As to charges of lying to the FBI, Flynn affirmed that he stands by his guilty »

Flynn’s fate (9)

Featured image Former Assistant United States Attorney Sidney Powell identifies the documents we are still missing in the case of Michael Flynn, even after the Special Counsel’s production of the Flynn 302s made public yesterday. She does so via Twitter (below). This is a good summary that suggests how much we have to learn before we can have a fully formed idea of what happened here. There is so much that has »

Flynn’s fate (8)

Featured image It turns out that the Special Counsel filed two redacted versions of the FBI 302 summarizing the Strzok/Pientka interview of Michael Flynn in the White House on January 24, 2017. The two 302s are identical in substance. I have embedded the Special Counsel’s filing cover letter and the 302s as redacted below via Scribd. The Special Counsel had originally filed the two 302s under seal with Judge Sullivan in response »

Mueller makes the Flynn 302 public

Featured image Today, on the eve of Michael Flynn’s sentencing hearing, Judge Emmet Sullivan ordered Robert Mueller’s team to file publicly a redacted version of the interview notes (the “302”) that FBI Agent Joe Pientka prepared regarding the interview of Flynn that he and Peter Strzok conducted on January 24, 2017. Judge Sullivan stated, in relevant part: [T]he court finds that the January 24, 2017 FD 302, which was drafted immediately after »

A no-nonsense judge looks at the Flynn prosecution

Featured image Emmet Sullivan has always been a no-nonsense judge. He was no-nonsense in the late 1980s when, in his capacity as a D.C. Superior Court judge, he presided over a case I was handling. He didn’t preside long. Instead, he tossed the case on our motion for summary judgment. His opinion was brief, to the point, and affirmed unanimously by the D.C. court of appeals. Judge Sullivan was no-nonsense in his »

Flynn’s fate (6)

Featured image The Special Counsel has filed his reply memo in the matter of the sentencing of Michael Flynn in compliance with Judge Sullivan’s order. I have embedded the memo and attachments as redacted below. Please take the following comments as provisional in nature and check my own comments against the document itself. Reading these materials quickly this afternoon, I observe that the only document contemporaneous with the interview is one page »

Flynn’s fate (5)

Featured image In an interview at the 92nd Street Y this past Sunday, Nicole Wallace asked former FBI Director James Comey how two FBI agents ended up meeting with National Security Advisor Michael Flynn in the Situation Room during the first week of the Trump administration — the meeting that resulted in Flynn’s plea to one count of false statements in the case that is pending before Judge Emmet Sullivan. Comey responded »

Flynn’s fate

Featured image The Special Counsel has filed a sentencing memo and addendum in advance of the sentencing of Michael Flynn on the false statements charge to which he pleaded guilty way back when. I have embedded the 13-page document that is available only in heavily redacted form below. The Special Counsel recommends no incarceration for Flynn. He commends Flynn for his cooperation. His cooperation is ongoing. At page 1 the addendum cites »

Did the FBI Frame Flynn?

Featured image The criminal case against Gen. Michael Flynn for lying to FBI agents was incredibly weak. At the time, I assumed that the charges against him were based on an audio tape or court reporter’s transcript of his interview. I wrote that the transcript should be made public so that we can all judge whether anything he said was actually untrue. While Flynn ultimately pled guilty to a single count of »

From Strzok to Contreras

Featured image Judge Rudolph Contreras has served as a judge of the United States District Court for the District of Columbia since 2012. In 2016 Chief Justice Roberts appointed him to serve on the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court. Judge Contreras was randomly assigned the case brought against former Trump administration National Security Adviser Michael Flynn by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Four Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court judges authorized the original FISA warrant on »

Did Michael Flynn Actually Do Anything Wrong?

Featured image Special prosecutor counsel Bob Mueller has one significant scalp on the wall: that of former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, who pled guilty to one count of lying to the FBI and has yet to be sentenced. But, in a brilliant column, Byron York reviews the sequence of events as we have tortuously come to know them. Based on what we now know (or think we know), it is highly »

A Possible Defense of Michael Flynn [with comment by Paul]

Featured image Like everyone else, I have puzzled over why General Michael Flynn apparently lied to the FBI when he had no reason to do so. We may never know the answer to that question, but here are a few possibly unrelated pieces of the puzzle: 1) Via InstaPundit, Michael Ledeen speculates about what drove Flynn’s guilty plea: While working with General Michael Flynn on The Field of Fight, I interviewed many »