Michelle Obama

Jill Biden in Harlem

Featured image Jill Biden visited Harlem on Sunday hoping to persuade residents to get vaccinated against the Wuhan coronavirus. It’s a worthy task and not an easy one given all the effort the left has expended trying to persuade Blacks that they can’t trust either Whites or the government. According to data from the New York City health department, only 29 percent of Black New Yorkers have received at least one shot, »

Advice from Michelle Obama

Featured image Michelle Obama delivered a virtual address to the Class of 2020 yesterday. She offered this advice: “Don’t ever, ever let anyone tell you that you’re too angry.” I’m passing her advice along to our readers, some of whom I know are quite angry about developments in the past few months and, especially, the past week or so. For what it’s worth. The former First Lady also said that George Floyd’s »

The Obamas move upstream

Featured image Barack Obama wasn’t much of a president. His signature accomplishment may turn out to be paving the way for Donald Trump. Obama isn’t the genius his boosters (with his encouragement) made him out to be, either. I don’t consider him a first rate or deep thinker. If you disagree, identify one of his deep thoughts. Claiming to be on “the right side of history” doesn’t count. Neither does “let’s funnel »

Michelle Obama: Women voted for Trump because they were told to like him

Featured image Michelle Obama has declared that “any woman who voted against Hillary Clinton voted against their (sic) own voice.” In addition to its grammatical error, the former First Lady’s statement seems substantively incoherent. What does she mean by a woman voting against her own voice? How, exactly, does that happen? I assumed Ms. Obama meant that any woman who voted against Clinton voted against her interests. But the former First Lady’s »

Hope against hope

Featured image I’m quite sure that the science does not support this assertion made by President Obama at his press conference yesterday: “Almost every country on Earth sees America as stronger and more respected today than they did eight years ago” (video below). He probably even believes it, but he believes a lot things that just aren’t so. POTUS: "Almost every country on Earth sees America as stronger and more respected today »

First Lady-elect meets First Lady

Featured image Melania Trump met yesterday with Michelle Obama at the White House. I doubt that two more physically attractive women have ever met in this context. The meeting went very well, according to all accounts. I suspect that’s what “all accounts” would say regardless of how the meeting actually went. However, I’d be very surprised if Michelle Obama was other than gracious and helpful to Melania Trump. The First Lady has »

Michelle Obama declared Hillary unfit [updated]

Featured image During the town hall presidential candidates’ debate this past Sunday evening in St. Louis (transcript here), Hillary Clinton responded to Donald Trump’s attack on her for her role as Bill Clinton’s enabler. She invoked Michelle Obama’s advice: “When they go low, we go high.” Michelle apparently disagrees with the Mister, who advises: “If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun.” Trump responded by claiming that Michelle »

Transformation, bedtime style

Featured image Students of ancient history may recall that in February 2008, campaigning for Barack Obama, Michelle Obama proclaimed: “Let me tell you something. For the first time in my adult lifetime, I am really proud of my country, because it feels like hope is finally making a comeback.” Before the ascent of Barack Obama, in other words, she happily disclosed, she wasn’t really proud of the United States. It was a »

In defense of Michelle Obama

Featured image I like Michelle Obama. Unlike her husband, I believe the first lady has grown in office, rarely (though occasionally) putting a foot wrong in the past six years. For example, unlike the president, she couldn’t have been more gracious during a picture-unveiling ceremony with the George W. and Laura Bush. This spring, in her seventh year as first lady, Michelle Obama has delivered several commencement speeches, two of them to »

Michelle Obama: “The first thing we have to do”

Featured image One might think Michelle Obama has led a charmed life. She grew up with two parents who loved and supported her. Her academic achievements took her to Princeton University and Harvard Law School. Her education paved the road for a successful career back home. Her marriage has made her First Lady of the United States, an office that has provided her with almost unbelievable perquisites and privileges. Yet Mrs. Obama »

“Bruce Bailey” for “governor of Iowa”

Featured image With control of the Senate at stake, Barack Obama can’t quite stand the thought of remaining on the sidelines. This, perhaps, is why he keeps injecting himself into the race by telling people that his policies are on the ballot and that endangered Democratic incumbents are “folks who vote with me.” Obama’s desire to participate may also explain why Michelle Obama went to Iowa not long ago to campaign for »

Michelle Obama event “creeps out” veteran reporter

Featured image Meg Kissinger, a veteran reporter for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, was assigned to cover Michelle Obama’s speech in Milwaukee on behalf of Mary Burke, the Democratic candidate for governor of Wisconsin. As she has done for the past 35 years, Kissinger tried to talk to people in the crowd. She was not allowed to do so. Kissinger stated on her Facebook page: Assigned to cover Michelle Obama’s speech today and »

Evict Obama’s mother-in-law from the White House?

Featured image The idea sounds harsh to me. But, as Michael Rubin notes: The news is full of stories of private residences on public land being shut down because of the government shutdown. Here, for example, is a story regarding an elderly couple temporarily evicted form a cabin they own on federal land. And [the federal government] is also turning people away from privately-run inns on federal land. Why then, Rubin asks, »

What Is It With Liberals and Food?

Featured image Scott beat me to the story (yes, we often scoop each other here on Power Line) about how the conventional wisdom about salt has been turned on its head.  Memo to Mayor Bloomberg: Can we have our salt shakers back now, please?  Will overturning the conventional wisdom on soda be far behind? One thing we do know: Like Nurse Bloomberg’s dietary dictates, Michelle Obama’s school lunch fatwa is a dismal failure. »

Michelle Obama’s “Shhhh” Moment, and her husband’s plans to spread the wealth

Featured image In his book The Promise, left-wing writer Jonathan Alter recounts the following incident from President Obama’s first year in office: A congressman approached the first lady at a White House reception after the [stimulus] bill’s passage and told her the stimulus was the best anti-poverty bill in a generation. Her reaction was “Shhhh!” The White House didn’t want the public thinking that Obama had achieved long-sought public policy objectives under »

Bush portraits unveiled at White House; Obama is “congenial”

Featured image Former President George W. Bush and his wife Laura returned to the White House today for the unveiling of their portraits. The former President’s parents – themselves a former President and a former First Lady – were also in attendance. They received the longest ovation of the day. President and Ms. Obama both spoke. Peter Wehner, who was present as a former member of the Bush staff, got it exactly »