Why is this woman smiling?

Featured image Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar has a certain genius for avoiding outspoken stands on important issues and leading the way on trivial matters calculated to garner broad public support. If she secures a favorable headline or two in the process, it’s no coincidence. It is the true object of her efforts and it’s not too difficult. The hometown newspaper is always happy to pitch in on public relations, as Stephen Montemayor »

The Ellison enigma

Featured image The New York Times takes up the latest accusation of domestic abuse against Keith Ellison in “A Broken Relationship and Accusations of Emotional Abuse: The Case of Keith Ellison.” The Times assigned two reporters to the story. It comes under the bylines of Julie Turkewitz and Farah Stockman. They spoke to “more than a dozen people who knew the couple.” Note that Ellison declined a request for an interview by »

Will Keith Ellison Drag Down Minnesota Democrats?

Featured image Minnesota will be the eye of the hurricane in November, with two Senate races, at least four competitive House races, and the governorship at stake. The Democrats nominated their strongest candidate for governor, 1st District Congressman Tim Walz. But if Republicans have their way, Walz and all other Democrats on the ballot will be tarred by association with Walz’s de facto running mate, Keith Ellison. The national press is beginning »

Disgrace of the Star Tribune

Featured image The Star Tribune fancies itself the newspaper of the Twin Cities and certainly dominates metropolitan if not regional news coverage. Yet it is a pathetic simulacrum of a newspaper. Take Keith Ellison — please. He is a national figure running for Minnesota Attorney General. He is both the odds-on favorite to win the election — no Republican has won the office since 1966 — and manifestly unfit for the office. »

Super Eid is here

Featured image Minnesota Muslims are celebrating Eid today and tomorrow at US Bank Stadium in downtown Minneapolis. Harking back to the Super Bowl hosted at the stadium earlier this year, the organizers are calling the event Super Eid. Animals will be sacrificed at an undisclosed location off site in connection with the festivities. Animal sacrifice is apparently still a thing in Islam. The Star Tribune is discreet about this in the article »

Ellison off the brink

Featured image John observed that Minnesota Attorney General candidate Keith Ellison — incumbent Fifth District representative and deputy chairman of the Democratic National Committee — might have been on the brink of being forced off the DFL ticket by domestic abuse allegations that surfaced this past weekend. I don’t think so. The rules of the game have never applied to Ellison and and they aren’t going to be applied now. Yesterday the »

After last night

Featured image When I went downtown to the studio yesterday to appear for a segment on Tucker Carlson Tonight, I thought that Tucker wanted to draw me out on the points I made about Keith Ellison in my Weekly Standard column on Wednesday. In the column I asserted that the domestic abuse allegations against Ellison were the least of his disqualifications from office. Taking advantage of his news sense, Tucker only wanted »

Tucker Carison Tonight…tonight

Featured image I am scheduled to appear on the 8:30 p.m. (Eastern) segment of Tucker Carlson Tonight on the Fox News Channel to talk about Minnesota Attorney General candidate Keith Ellison and Minnesota Fifth District congressional candidate Ilhan Omar. That is a lot of ground to cover in one segment. I will have to try to hit the lowlights and leave out a lot of the details that support my comments on »

The Ellison factor

Featured image Will allegations of domestic abuse against DNC vice chairman Keith Ellison hurt the Democratic Party ahead of this fall’s midterm elections? DNC chairman Tom Perez says “no.” With three contributing to the story, the AP reports Perez’s assurance yesterday that allegations of domestic abuse against Ellison would not hurt the party ahead of this fall’s midterm elections. “Yet four days after the first public accusation of physical and emotional abuse »

After last night

Featured image The interesting races in Minnesota’s primary yesterday took place on the DFL (Democratic) side. I commented on all of them and anticipated the results yesterday morning before the polls opened in “Primary day in Minnesota.” John provided his observations on the results after the polls closed in the adjacent post. I find what is happening here in Minnesota illustrative of national themes. I want to add 12 observations in the »

Primary day in Minnesota

Featured image Today is primary day in Minnesota and a few other states. Primary day in Minnesota raises issues of politics and party — the routinization of party politics — elections, history, tradition, loyalty, gab and more, putting me in mind of James Joyce’s story “Ivy Day in the Committee Room.” Readers may recall the that the memory of Parnell looms large in the story. “Parnell is dead,” says Mr. Henchy. After »

Welcome to my world

Featured image In the adjacent post I link to PJ Media New York City editor David Steinberg’s reiteration of the public source evidence he has collected regarding endorsed DFL congressional candidate Ilhan Omar’s marriage fraud or marriage related fraud of one kind or another. David’s intensely researched PJ Media column is “Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) Perjury Evidence Blacked Out by Minnesota Media.” In the headline David notes the ensuing silence. David Steinberg, »

The sound of (media) silence, Minnesota edition

Featured image Keith Ellison’s alleged domestic abuse of a former girlfriend is not his leading disqualification to serve as Minnesota Attorney General. I think his leading disqualifications for the office are his past involvement with the hate cult known as the Nation of Islam (and his continued lying about same) along with his support for cop killers. Yet we have heard not a word from the Minnesota media about Ellison’s public record »

How to help Ilhan Omar

Featured image Ilhan Omar really doesn’t need help in her quest to win the DFL primary this Tuesday. She’s the endorsed DFL candidate in a contest that was wired to give her a leg up to succeed Keith Ellison in Congress. To the extent they have followed her at all, the local media have followed Omar respectfully, failing to raise any uncomfortable questions or explore unresolved issues. Yesterday one Laura Loomer disrupted »

Scooping the Star Tribune (2)

Featured image This week The Intercept has broken a couple of stories regarding Minnesota Attorney Genera Lori Swanson, now seeking the DFL gubernatorial nomination in a wildly competitive primary contest in which the endorsed DFL candidate appears to be lagging the field. I noted the stories by Rachel Cohen yesterday in “Scooping the Star Tribune.” I credited Cohen with breaking these stories from her perch in Washington, D.C. In today’s Star Tribune »

Scooping the Star Tribune

Featured image In Minnesota this year we have every state constitutional office on the ballot as well as both senators and, of course, all congressional seats. It is an unusual year. I don’t think we have seen its like since 1978. This year in addition we have competitive primary races on the DFL side for one of the Senate seats, for Fifth District representative, for governor and for attorney general. The primary »

Message to Maya

Featured image You’d almost not know it from reading the Star Tribune, but in the primary next Tuesday Democrats will select their candidate to replace Keith Ellison and represent Minneapolis in Congress for life. The paper has only given the most superficial attention to the three serious DFL candidates. It has left Ilhan Omar untouched since her endorsement by the party at the special convention held on June 17 despite the apparent »