Merrily We Roll Along

Featured image Lonny Price’s Best Worst Thing That Ever Could Have Happened is one of my favorite documentaries. If you’re a Sondheim fanatic, you will recognize the title of the documentary as a play on one of the songs in the legendary Sondheim flop Merrily We Roll Along (book by George Furth, produced by Hal Prince). Price himself played one of the leads in the show. The film is a riveting and »

To whom it may concern

Featured image The Dean of the University of Minnesota Medical School has just circulated an advisory to faculty (partial screenshot below). We covered the school’s new white-coat ceremony in “Beyond the Hippocratic oath.” Reporting on the absurd oath foisted on incoming students at the ceremony has apparently raised public interest. If you are among those who help defray expenses at the University of Minnesota and would like to express your views, you »

In the Chauvin appeal: Hugh Hewitt edition

Featured image Hot Air‘s Ed Morrissey — my old friend — is sitting in for Hugh Hewitt this morning. Ed had me on to talk about this post and invited listeners to check it out. Having rotated off our home page, it is easy to miss. With thanks to Ed, I am taking the liberty of reposting it. * * * * * Derek Chauvin could not afford an attorney to appeal »

Angie Craig’s fake Republican, take 2

Featured image In my post on Angie Craig’s fake Republican yesterday I mocked Fox 9’s Theo Keith and more or less invited him to tune in to the story. He has served up his fact-check here. Dave Vesledahl is Angie Craig’s fake Republican endorser. As we noted yesterday and as Keith now confirms, “Vesledahl voted in the 2020 Democratic presidential primary, according to a voter file Republicans sent to FOX 9.” I »

Angie Craig’s fake Republican

Featured image I regret that Democrat Angie Craig represents me in Congress. In 2020 she narrowly defeated Tyler Kistner in the race for Minnesota’s Second District seat. I hope Kistner can pull it off this time around, but it’s an uphill battle in the Twin Cities and the media environment doesn’t help. At the local Fox affiliate, for example, Theo Keith has served up a couple of purported fact-checks of ads supporting »

Can We Have Accountability For the Covid Shutdowns?

Featured image From early in the covid epidemic, it seemed obvious that the shutdowns ordered by nearly all governors and many municipalities did little good and caused tremendous damage. Experience has borne out that conclusion, but almost everywhere, governments have moved on without any accounting for the mistakes that were made. American Experiment has just released two papers that address the consequences of covid shutdowns. While their specific focus is on Minnesota, »

In the Chauvin appeal

Featured image Derek Chauvin could not afford an attorney to appeal his convictions in the case of George Floyd. Chauvin’s insurance did not extend to appeals and the Minnesota Supreme Court denied him a public defender. Although I thought Chauvin could not have received a fair trial in Hennepin County, it looked like he wouldn’t be able to raise the issue on appeal either. I put out the call on Power Line »

At the struggle session

Featured image Over at the University of Minnesota Medical School, one probably shouldn’t be seen with books such as Arthur Koestler’s novel Darkness at Noon or Fan Shen’s memoir Gang of One: Memoirs of a Red Guard. It might reflect an inclination to think for yourself and other such bourgeois indulgences. I’m thinking that they missed a few strokes at this year’s white-coat ceremony for new students. The video below is a »

Beyond the Hippocratic oath

Featured image Last month Anthony Gockowski reported for Alpha News on the oath to “promote a culture of anti-racism” taken by incoming University of Minnesota Medical School students at their white-coat ceremony on August 19: White coats, the students said, are themselves a “symbol of power, prestige, and dominance.” Therefore, students will “strive to reclaim their identity as a symbol of responsibility, humility, and loving kindness.” “We commit to uprooting the legacy »

The Star Tribune judges Judge Guthmann

Featured image A week ago Ramsey County District Judge John Guthmann called out the Star Tribune by name in a a press release he authorized regarding the Feeding Our Future case. This is the key passage bearing on the Star Tribune: On February 26, 2022, the Star Tribune reported on a federal investigation of FOF. The article included the following false statement: “In April 2021, Ramsey County District Judge John Guthmann told »

In free lunch fraud: Analyze this

Featured image I’m scheduled to join Jon Justice on KTLK this morning at about 8:35 to discuss the massive $250 million free lunch fraud. The $250 million represents the payment of federal funds administered by the Minnesota Department of Education. The show can be live streamed here. I want to compile related materials for listeners in this post. United States Attorney Andrew Luger announced charges against 47 defendants in six indictments and »

In free lunch fraud: Bill Glahn explains

Featured image The Center of the American Experiment hosted a webinar on the massive Minnesota free lunch fraud that has now given rise to charges against 49 defendants and counting. When it comes to pandemic fraud, we’re number one. Center president John Hinderaker quizzed adjunct policy fellow Bill Glahn on the scandal before an online audience. Bill laid out the case as of this date for 30 minutes and then fielded audience »

Media feeding our fraud

Featured image Governor Tim Walz and Attorney General Keith Ellison have a line on the massive Feeding Our Future fraud. Their fallback defense is that the Minnesota Department of Education brought the case to the FBI and that MDE’s $250 million payout of federal tax dollars to the perpetrators of the fraud was required by the FBI so as not to blow the investigation. They count on the inability of friendly and »

An evening with Garrison Keillor

Featured image At the American Conservative Peter Tonguette recently reflected on seeing Garrison Keillor perform in Newark, Ohio. Tonguette’s column was published as “An evening with Garrison Keillor in exile.” Prudence Johnson performed with Garrison. Last month I included Prudence in my series on the Minnesota music scene in “Wash my eyes” (singing a song by Greg Brown). Tonguette covers some of the same ground I did this past December in my »

An in-your-face fraud

Featured image Talk to someone who has run a legitimate free lunch program funded by the United States Department of Agriculture as administered by the Minnesota Department of Education. You will learn that it isn’t a way to wealth and riches without fraud on a massive scale. Feeding Our Future gave us fraud on a massive scale. It was open, obvious, blatant, and gross. Aimmee Bock fronted the scheme and recruited a »

On Trafalgar’s Minnesota poll: Howard Root comments

Featured image I’m observing Rosh Hashanah today. My friend Howard Root is lending a hand to a few Republican campaigns this year. Yesterday I asked him if he would respond to my comments on Trafalgar’s Minnesota poll that I could schedule to post this morning. Howard offered these observations (and I thank him for helping me take the day off): 1. What I find so refreshing about Robert Cahaly and his Trafalgar »

On Trafalgar’s Minnesota poll

Featured image I have absolutely no feel for the state of play in Minnesota’s elections — early voting commenced this past Friday — so I was especially interested in the results of the Alpha News/Trafalgar Group poll results of our statewide races that Alpha reported here last week. I believe that the poll is the best out there and that the results are accurate within the margin of error as of the »