The casino exception…and how to get it

Featured image Twenty-one tribal casinos dot the Minnesota landscape (see list here). Many of the casino set-ups include hotels, bars, and restaurants. They are big business operations and substantial contributors to Minnesota’s DFL Party. And they remained open for business as usual throughout the recent shutdown that otherwise hobbled smaller restaurants — smaller restaurants that had managed to survive so far. Many haven’t been so fortunate. So far as I am aware, »

Coronavirus in one state (149)

Featured image I enlisted the assistance of attorney Theresa Bevilacqua to recommit the Minnesota Department of Health to good faith compliance with the terms of the settlement agreement resolving my lawsuit against Commissioner Jan Malcolm and press flack Michael Schommer. MDH counsel stated that they want to make my arrangement with them work as intended. Previous deficiencies will be cured in due course, in part by my reformulation of a poorly phrased »

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Featured image Today is a big day for the subjects of King Tim. Our governor has graciously relaxed the strictures of royal decree 101 of 2020 in his first royal decree of the new year, effective at 11:59 p.m. last night. These are the highlights: • Indoor dining at bars and restaurants can open at 50% capacity, with a maximum of 150 people. Parties of no more than six people must remain »

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Featured image When I obtained evidence making out the illegality of the Minnesota Department of Health’s exclusion of me from regular press briefings, I retained Dorsey and Whitney’s Theresa Bevilacqua to represent me in a lawsuit against MDH Commissioner Jan Malcolm and MDH press flack Michael Schommer in federal district court. The case was assigned to Judge Donovan Frank, who promptly denied MDH’s motion to dismiss my lawsuit. Malcolm and Schommer then »

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Featured image The Minnesota Department of Health held its first and only press briefing of the week yesterday morning. It was also the last briefing of 2020. It is difficult to overstate the servility and compliance of the press in toeing the lines peddled by MDH throughout the epidemic. Yesterday’s briefing serves as a good example. One would have to be a fool to miss the obvious fact that the virus has »

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Featured image Minnesota state Rep. May Franson has compiled her own review of COVID-19 death data in Minnesota. She discussed her review with retiring state Sen. and Dr. Scott Jensen in the video at the bottom of this post. Anthony Gockowski of Alpha News (on whose board I sit) posted the video and reported on it on December 19 in “State lawmakers call for audit of COVID-19 death certificates.” Rep. Franson’s findings »

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Featured image The Minnesota Department of Health favored me with the courtesy of a reply to my six pending questions submitted on December 15 (1-3 below) and December 21 (4-6 below). I asked questions 2, 3, and 6 at the suggestion of Kevin Roche. Check Healthy Skeptic for comments Kevin may have on these responses. I asked question 5 at the request of Center of the American Experiment’s John Phelan. John will »

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Featured image Governor Walz convened yet another press briefing yesterday afternoon. I have posted the audio below. I certainly have overdosed on these events, but I have found them useful in tracking the mix of politics and public health issues that has usurped our freedoms since this past March. Through the lens of the briefings and my own ordeal with the Minnesota Department of Health we can also throw the performance of »

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Featured image The Minnesota Department of Health conducted another of its regularly scheduled press briefings yesterday afternoon (the audio is at the bottom). MDH Commissioner Malcolm noted in her opening summary that trends continue to move in the right direction, but she insists that we remain at “high risk” with the epidemic out of control. This is necessary to justify the incredibly destructive shutdown regime imposed by Governor Walz. At 8:45 of »

Tim Jong Walz Is Shutting Us Down

Featured image Our friends Justice and Drew created this parody video, to the tune of “Santa Claus is Coming to Town.” It is aimed at Dim Tim Walz, but could apply equally to many of America’s governors: »

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Featured image The Minnesota Department of Health held its final press briefing of the week yesterday. While most of the briefing was devoted to vaccine distribution, the first question (from Jeremy Olson) addressed the the shutdown of indoor service at bars and restaurants throughout the state. I have posted the audio below. Olson’s question comes at about 12:00. Olson’s question is premised in part on the obvious recession of the current wave »

Who Goes to Jail? One Governor’s Perverse Answer

Featured image We have often written here about Minnesota Governor Tim Walz and, among other things, his irrational response to the COVID virus. His fecklessness (or worse) is now becoming a national story, as in this column by Daniel Horowitz at The Blaze. Walz is now explicitly threatening to imprison Larvita McFarquhar for the “crime” of trying to feed her family by operating her restaurant, Havens Garden, in a small town in »

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Featured image Yesterday Governor Walz rolled out E.O. 20-103 — that’s the 103rd executive order of 2020 — to give citizens their marching orders for the immediate future. If you seek to enjoy a beer outdoors here in the coldest months of the year, as of Saturday you’re golden. If you seek to celebrate Christmas with your family, not so much. The whole thing reeks of the madness of the Central American »

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Featured image We have passed the peak of the current wave of the epidemic in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, and Iowa. The surge was regional in nature and has receded regionally regardless of the varying approaches taken by the authorities in these states. That’s the way it appears to me (tweet below). It has now been 4 weeks since "cases" peaked in the northern Great Plains states; they have now »

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Featured image I believe that our current wave of the epidemic in Minnesota peaked around the time Governor Walz imposed the current shutdown regime on November 18 in Executive Order 20-99. Kevin Roche set forth his argument to this effect in the Star Tribune column “COVID’s fall surge peaked before Walz order.” The shutdown regime has imposed great harm on many businesses throughout the state. Contrary to the assertions of state authorities, »

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Featured image Governor Walz conducted another dog and pony show for the press yesterday afternoon. I have posted the video below. He produced two physicians (Drs. Kevin Croston and Peter Bornstein) and a nurse (Mimi Keeler) to convey stories reflecting the stress produced on them and the health care system by the epidemic. What was the point? We are to understand that we are not taking the epidemic sufficiently seriously. If we »

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Featured image If you have time to take in one video on COVID-19, I recommend the Power Point presentation by Kevin Roche immediately below. Kevin originally gave the presentation via Zoom to the Edina Morningside Rotary Club. I watched it live on December 1 thanks to the kind invitation of Dan Hunt and found it to be among the most educational presentations I have seen on the epidemic. Constrained by time from »