Is It Minneapolis Or Is It Oakland?

Featured image When I moved to Minneapolis in 1974, it was considered a model city. Prosperous, clean, progressive, low-crime. It has been declining ever since. After four decades of monopoly Democratic Party rule, Minneapolis has deteriorated beyond recognition. The George Floyd incident and nearly a week of rioting, looting and arson, which did around $500 million in damages–no one has any plan to rebuild the destruction–has brought Minneapolis’s decline to public attention. »

Coronavirus in one state: Special edition

Featured image Minnesota Governor Tim Walz issued his first significant COVID-19 shutdown order on March 16. The order was subsequently continued and extended on March 25 with the ensuing loss of some 795,000 jobs. I wondered if Walz took any account of the economic devastation he was causing before he promulgated his shutdown orders. On April 23 I submitted a Minnesota Data Practices Act request to Governor Walz seeking “all economic data »

Media access in one state: Notes (4)

Featured image I continue this series of exclusive reports on my section 1983 lawsuit against Minnesota Health Commissioner Jan Malcolm and Minnesota Department of Health press officer Michael Schommer with an account of the argument on the two motions heard by Judge Donovan Frank via Zoom yesterday morning. I was the only reporter in the Zoom. When it comes to the story of this lawsuit, as the old Hair Club for Men »

Coronavirus in one state (62)

Featured image There are many people in the world who say the COVID-19 epidemic will sweep us all away. Let them come to Minnesota. There are some who say that COVID-19 is the wave of the future. Let them come to Minnesota. And there are some who say in the United States and elsewhere we can work with the COVIDians. Let them come to Minnesota. And there are even a few who »

Media access in one state: Notes (3)

Featured image I set forth the direct and circumstantial evidence supporting my motion for a preliminary injunction in the sworn statement posted in previous installments of this series. I am seeking to be reinstated to the daily press briefings conducted by the Minnesota Department of Health. The motion is to be heard by Judge Donovan Frank later this morning. The only contrary evidence before the court is the sworn statement submitted by »

Coronavirus in one state (61)

Featured image If there is an ongoing emergency created by the COVID-19 epidemic in Minnesota, it is a crisis of government suppression. The authorities told us incessantly in April and May that the epidemic would peak in June and July. This was according to their super fine tuned Minnesota models that culminated in Model 3.0 in mid-May. The models appear to have erred from day 1, however, yet the authorities are not »

Media access in one state: Notes (2)

Featured image The Minnesota Department of Health uses a conference call set-up for its daily COVID-19 press briefings and sends out the conference call information to reporters on the MDH media distribution list. I was included on the conference call distribution list for the briefings from April 11 to April 27. On April 27 I was cut off without explanation. Something happened on April 27. I think what happened is that I »

Coronavirus in one state (60)

Featured image Governor Walz conducted yesterday’s press briefing touching on the status of the epidemic in Minnesota (video below). After his first few seconds at the lectern, however, this briefing was all politics. Walz promoted the “robust” bonding bill he seeks to push through during the current special session of the legislature. “Robust” was the word of the day. Walz was required to call the special session to extend his emergency powers. »

Media access in one state: Notes on my lawsuit

Featured image I have brought a section 1983 lawsuit in federal court alleging that I have been unlawfully excluded from participation in the daily Minnesota Department of Health press briefings. I have of course reported on these press briefings in my Coronavirus in one state series. I embedded a copy of my complaint in my post on the lawsuit here. We have since amended the complaint to drop the Minnesota Department of »

Coronavirus in one state (59)

Featured image Even though the emergency raised by the COVID-19 epidemic has long since dissipated, assuming it ever existed, Governor Walz continues to exercise dictatorial emergency powers. He enjoys turning the dials of our lives. To the extent that a crisis exists, it is a nursing home crisis. However, I have yet to see a serious analysis of excess deaths even in that setting. Yesterday the Minnesota Department of Health reported six »

Imagine there’s no MPD

Featured image The Minneapolis City Council has 13 members. Of the 13, 12 are leftist DFL loons. The 13th is a leftist Green Party loon. They are missing only a local member of the Legal Marijuana Now Party for the trifecta. Minneapolis sits within the congressional district represented by Ilhan Omar in Congress. Perhaps she makes the trifecta. The Minneapolis City Council made big news when 9 of its 13 members pledged »

Coronavirus in one state (58)

Featured image I may need to call on the spirit of Houdini to escape from this series, but why stop when the good news continues to accumulate? In the data reported late yesterday morning, the Minnesota Department of Health attributed only 15 new deaths to COVID-19. Eleven of the 15 new deaths occurred among residents of long-term care facilities. Of the 1,298 deaths attributed to the disease by the Minnesota authorities to »

Coronavirus in one state (57)

Featured image I think the song remains the same in this series. We have a nursing home crisis with which Governor Walz has shut down the state. Even though Governor Walz has “turned the dials” of our lives to moderate the torture, he has retained control of the dials and the shutdown continues to wreak enormous damage in the state. On a personal note, I was thrown out of the daily Minnesota »

Disgrace in St. Paul: Compounded

Featured image Yesterday afternoon Governor Walz called a press conference and assembled his band of racial gurus including “light-skinned Native woman” Peggy Flanagan. As always, the press conference was broadcast around the state. Walz called the press conference to pressure Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka into adopting the gurus’ agenda during the special session that convenes this week on account of Walz’s continues exercise of his emergency powers. That is the sole »

Disgrace in St. Paul

Featured image A statue of Columbus was pulled down on our state capitol grounds in St. Paul yesterday afternoon. This vandalism seems to have taken place with the blessing of Governor Walz and his crew of idiots. Tom Hauser of KSTP News has posted the timeline of events yesterday as follows along with three videos including Hauser’s incredulous live commentary on the statue coming down that I have posted at the bottom. »

Revolutionary theater in Minneapolis

Featured image Minnesota’s Farmer-Labor Party merged with the state Democratic Party in April 1944. Thus was the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party born. Working from inside the Democratic Party, Hubert Humphrey helped engineer the merger. The Farmer-Labor Party was riddled with Communists. Humphrey knew it, but he had no trouble working with them. At the time he was a Popular Front kind of guy with no enemies to the left. Packing the 1946 party caucuses, »

Coronavirus in one state (56)

Featured image The COVID-19 epidemic appears to have stabilized and moved into a downward trajectory in Minnesota, yet we remain subject to the edicts issued by Governor Tim Walz under his emergency powers. Whether or not the epidemic is on a downward trajectory, the rationale for these edicts has long since dissipated. Nevertheless, Walz won’t let go. Under the edicts applicable to commercial establishments that take effect June 10, “[c]ustomers and employees »