Not liking it

Featured image I literally liked Elon Musk’s mockery of the trans madness along with his disrespect of public health wrecking ball Anthony Fauci in the tweet below. I therefore served it up as a “Thought of the day” via Twitter’s embed function on Monday. My pronouns are Prosecute/Fauci — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) December 11, 2022 Minnesota Timberwolves center Rudy Gobert is one of the more than 1,000,000 Twitter users who “liked” Musk’s »

Sam Brinton: They are terminated

Featured image Just over two weeks ago Alpha News editor Anthony Gockowski broke the scrupulously detailed story of the alleged theft of a woman’s luggage at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport by one Sam Brinton (they, them, theirs). With his caper captured on airport surveillance video, the perpetrator was perhaps most notable as the first openly genderfluid individuals to serve in the leadership of a federal agency — in this case the deputy »

Who wants to be a Minneapolis cop?

Featured image The correct question is “Who in his right mind would want to be a Minneapolis cop?” It’s a question I have asked more than a few times on Power Line, frequently while observing the generous contributions of the Star Tribune to the climate of opinion that is shrinking the police department. Today the Star Tribune publishes an op-ed column asking “Who wants to be a Minneapolis cop?” It’s not quite »

Twitter Files missing at Star Tribune

Featured image I thought when the New York Times published Michael Grynbaum’s December 4 meta-analysis of the Twitter Files coverage on page B5 earlier this week, it would give the Star Tribune permission to mention the story in one way or another. I have searched “Elon.” I have searched “Musk.” I have searched “Twitter” (below, by recency). Wrong! Readers who get their news from the Star Tribune remain clueless. Since I wrote »

Sunday morning coming down

Featured image I saw three shows over the past week. Last weekend I saw the Belfast Cowboys, a 20-year-old Minneapolis group I had not heard of before. This week I saw the Todd Rundgren/Daryl Hall show at the State Theater. They played to a packed house. Both Rundgren and Hall appear to have tapped into the fountain of youth. I thought to myself, I’ll have what he’s having (what they’re having). The »

Sam Brinton: Their physics, their husband

Featured image Randy Newman’s “Mama Told Me Not To Come” is a funny song. The Tom Jones video that I posted here over the weekend milks the humor by placing Jones’s performance at the party depicted in the song. I observed that the premise of the song is wide-eyed shock, but added that nothing is shocking anymore. The saga of Department of Energy Deputy Secretary Sam “Not the Man” Brinton tests the »

Sam Brinton: What “they” said

Featured image I serve on the board of Alpha News and am proud of the work that this small outfit does to provide an alternate source of news in the Twin Cities. Editor Anthony Gockowski’s scrupulously detailed story on Sam “Not the Man” Brinton has struck a nerve. It has been featured on FOX News and covered across the pond. On Twitter Bill Glahn has noted the impact of the story. In »

Feeding our fraud: The video

Featured image Complementing this year’s Center of the American Experiment Golden Turkey Award to the Feeding our Future fraud, the center has released Bill Glahn’s 20-minute video summarizing the story so far (below). Bill is the indefatigable chronicler of the fraud’s highways and byways. He shot the video before the first wave of informations and indictments in the case were handed up on September 19, but I concur with Bill’s assessment that »

How fluid can you get?

Featured image Alpha News editor Anthony Gockowski reports: “Controversial energy official charged with stealing woman’s luggage at MSP.” Subhead: “The MIT grad went viral earlier this year when he announced his new role as the deputy assistant secretary of the Office of Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition in the U.S. Department of Energy.” The story opens: Sam Brinton, one of the first “openly genderfluid individuals in federal government leadership,” was charged with »

And the Golden Turkey Goes To…

Featured image Remember the good old days, when the most obvious difference between conservatives and liberals was that conservatives objected to wasteful government spending? Now we live in a world where wastefulness is one of liberals’ better qualities. Still, it should make us angry. More than ever, government at all levels is cavalier with taxpayers’ money, viewing it not only as their own, but primarily as a means of buying votes. Moreover, »

When the Ship Comes In

Featured image Bob Dylan seems to have written “When the Ship Comes In” after a hotel clerk insulted him for his shabby attire. So Joan Baez told Anthony Scaduto for his influential Bob Dylan: An Intimate Biography (1972). Last year the University of Minnesota Press published transcripts of Scaduto’s interviews for the bio in The Dylan Tapes: Friends, Players, and Lovers Talkin’ Early Bob Dylan (2021). Most recently, Clinton Heylin refers to »

Tea leaf of the day

Featured image David Schultz is professor of political science at Hamline University in St. Paul and writes at Schultz’s Take. I first met Professor Schultz at a taping of the local public television show Face To Face some time around 2000 with my then boss Bill Cooper. Bill was chairman and chief executive officer of TCF Financial Corporation as well as chairman of the Minnesota Republican Party. Face To Face was a »

Cloak and Dagger In the Free Food Scandal

Featured image Earlier this week, an anonymously-mailed package arrived at the American Experiment office. It was addressed to Bill Glahn, an American Experiment employee who has probably done more than anyone else to delve into the intricacies of the Feeding Our Future scandal. Regular Power Line readers may recall that more than $250 million was stolen brazenly by fraudsters operating under the umbrella of the nonprofit Feeding Our Future and two other »

Off the top turnbuckle

Featured image Former professional grappler and Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura has jumped in off the top turnbuckle to endorse Governor Tim Walz for reelection. I have no confidence in my sense of the race between Walz and Dr. Scott Jensen, but Walz must think he needs help with independent voters. The Ventura endorsement is a wild card. Elected as an independent in 1998, Ventura stood down for reelection after one turbulent term »

How Keith Ellison fed our fraud

Featured image The nonfeasance of Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison led to the losses taxpayers sustained in the $250 million Feeding Our Future fraud, according to the Star Tribune story “Could Minnesota officials have stopped Feeding our Future fraud sooner?” The story by reporters Jeffrey Meitrodt and Ryan Faircloth essentially answers the headline question in the affirmative. The headline question should have been reformulated as a declarative sentence: Attorney General Keith Ellison »

Ellison remembers to forget (again)

Featured image I’ve banged my head against the wall on the matter of Keith Ellison for 16 years. He is unfit for any public office. He is most unfit for a public office with responsibility for law enforcement. One such office is the position of Minnesota Attorney General. Unfortunately, that is the position he currently holds. His run for the position in 2018 prompted my column “Can Keith Ellison turn lawman?” Ellison’s »

Trafalgar revisits Minnesota

Featured image Alpha News (on whose board I sit) commissioned Robert Cahaly’s Trafalgar Group to conduct a second poll of likely Minnesota voters. We knew that other Minnesota polls would be released around this time. We thought that it might be helpful to hear at the same time from the pollster with Trafalgar’s impressive record of accuracy. When Blois Olson reported Trafalgar’s Minnesota results in his Morning Take newsletter this past Friday »