Third Precinct arsonist charged

Featured image The office of the United States Attorney for the District of Minnesota has charged a defendant with aiding and abetting the arson of the Third Precinct police headquarters that was abandoned and burned to the ground in south Minneapolis this past May 28. Here is the heart of the press release announcing the charge: United States Attorney Erica H. MacDonald today announced a federal criminal complaint against BRANDEN MICHAEL WOLFE, »

O brother, where art thou?

Featured image We’re all tired of Minnesota Fifth District Rep. Ilhan Omar, no one more so than I am, but it would be wrong to tune her out. She seeks to lead the revolution that we now need to face down. The Daily Wire has a good account of her bid to lead the revolution in her district in “Democrat Ilhan Omar: Defund Minneapolis Police, They’re ‘Cancer,’ ‘We Don’t Want Your Damn »

You Can’t Be Sane Here–It’s Minneapolis!

Featured image Today at a rally in Minneapolis, Boy Mayor Jacob Frey addressed a crowd that was even more left-wing than he is. Dutifully wearing a mask, he told the crowd that he doesn’t favor defunding the Minneapolis Police Department. I’m actually not sure what “defunding the police department” means. I take it that these people really want to live in a city that has no police services. So, if you see »

Keith Ellison for dummies

Featured image I wrote the Weekly Standard article “Louis Farrakhan’s first congressman” and wrote the companion Power Line post “Keith Ellison for dummies” in October 2006, when Ellison was on the verge of election to Congress representing Minnesota’s Fifth District. I was provoked to write these pieces by the poor job Minneapolis’s Star Tribune had done documenting Ellison’s troubling past. Indeed, I had been contacted by several prominent Democrats who had dealt »

Walz turns the dials

Featured image Governor Walz conducted the daily COVID-19 press briefing yesterday along with a supporting cast of commissioners. Walz is turning the “dial,” as he puts it, toward the opening of restaurants, salons, gyms, and churches. He continues to exercise his emergency powers to micromanage the operation of virtually every aspect of our daily lives. Walz has turned up the dial on racial claptrap to 11, Spinal Tap style. He takes his »

Inside the MN apocalypse

Featured image Jon Justice & Drew Lee host the morning talk show from 6:00 to 9:00 a.m. Monday-Friday on Twin Cities News Talk 1130 AM. They and their show have proved an invaluable source of timely information and biting commentary during the Minneapolis meltdown — a lifeline to sanity. Podcasts of the show are available here. This week they interviewed an anonymous Minneapolis police officer regarding events at the Third Precinct on »

A distance memory

Featured image Minnesota Governor Tim Walz has exerted close control over our lives since March 25, when he declared the statewide shutdown to suppress the spread of COVID-19. Governor Walz continues his rule by decree in minute detail as he slowly turns the “dials” affecting our daily activities. According to Walz, it’s a matter of life and death. Churches, salons, barbershops, restaurants, other retail establishments remain subject to Walz mandates that include »

Thoughts from the ammo line

Featured image Ammo Grrrll laments the meltdown in CRY, THE BELOVED CITIES. She writes: Warning: there is nothing funny in the following column. Maybe next week. I am “borrowing” the lovely title of Alan Paton‘s beautiful book about the tragedy that is South Africa, Cry, The Beloved Country. To look at something you love going, as my Grandpa would have said, “to hell in a hand basket,” is nauseating, heartbreaking, and enraging. »

The Walz ultimatum

Featured image Minnesota Governor Tim Walz has gone all in on the “systemic racism” campaign that fuels the agenda of the radical left. I would say he’s lost his mind, but it may be everything he had to begin with. I don’t know. He is a cagey guy who has thrown down big time with the radical left ascendant among the metropolitan base of the DFL. In a press conference yesterday, he »

Ellison enters stage left

Featured image It has been my mission since June 2006 to id. Keith Ellison for what he is. A/k/a Keith X Ellison and Keith Ellison-Muhammad, he first rose to prominence in Minneapolis as a local leader of the Nation of Islam and supporter of the Vice Lords gangbangers who murdered Minneapolis Police Department Officer Jerry Haaf with a shot in the back in 1992. “The Vice Lords wanted to kill a cop. »

The night they drove old Minnie down

Featured image Alpha News live streamed the night they drove Minneapolis down as authorities stood down and let it burn. The video below was shot overnight late Wednesday evening and early Thursday morning May 27-May 28 at around 1:30 a.m. to document the destruction of the six-story affordable housing project that was under construction at Lake Street and Hiawatha Avenue in south Minneapolis. The destruction of the project is representative of the »

Live from Minneapolis

Featured image John served as the guest host on the June 1 edition of the Dan Proft show. John opened the show with an interview of Kyle Hooten, who has provided incomparable coverage of the Minneapolis meltdown. I have embedded a podcast of the entire show below. Kyle packs a lot of information into his two segments with John. The headlines on the home page of Minneapolis’s Star Tribune provide a glimpse »

Wailing Walz takes on MPD

Featured image Looking for yesterday’s Minnesota Health Department press briefing at 2:00 yesterday afternoon, I found instead Governor Walz and his crew announcing the filing of a state civil rights investigation of the Minneapolis Police Department (video below). I have posted the video below. Featured among the Walz crew yesterday was Lieutenant Governor Peggy Flanagan — the self-advertised “light-skinned Native woman” who specializes in racial emoting. By her own account, she “grapple[s] »

The Forgotten Man

Featured image Scott has written about Bogdan Vechirko, the driver of a tanker truck that found itself on Highway 35W, the major North-South artery in the Twin Cities, suddenly facing thousands of illegal “demonstrators.” Vechirko, it turns out, had made a delivery to a black-owned gas station and innocently ventured onto the highway before authorities had effectively closed it. Fortunately, no one was hurt, but Vechirko was hauled out of his cab »

Scenes from the MN apocalypse

Featured image I was one of the first customers in the door at the huge Cub Foods store in Eagan on Sunday morning. I found a surprising portion of the food shelves emptied like an old-time Soviet Union grocery and asked the employee stocking the vegetables what had happened. He said they’d had their biggest day ever on Saturday — the Eagan Walmart and Target stores were boarded up until Monday. Their »

Coronavirus in one state (55)

Featured image Breaking news interceded when I left off this series in part 54 with a current total of 967 deaths attributed to COVID-19. In the data released over the past four days we had 29 (May 29), 30 (May 30), 14 (May 31), and 10 (June 1) daily deaths attributed to COVID-19 by the authorities. The current total of all deaths attributed to COVID-19 is 1,050, including 848 in long-term care »

That elusive white supremacist (not)

Featured image I wrote here yesterday morning about the tanker truck driver who drove into the crowd of “protesters” walking north on Highway 35W through downtown Minneapolis on Sunday evening. Minnesota House Majority Leader Winkler couldn’t wait to declare that he had finally found the elusive white nationalist sought by him and his ilk in the maelstrom of destruction that hit us last week. According to the preliminary investigation, however, the authorities »