Who is Keith Ellison?

The devastating Ellison report

Featured image Lukas Mikellonis reports for FOX News that “Lawyer who cleared Ellison of domestic abuse allegations is partner at firm that donated $500G to Dems.” The lawyer is Susan Ellingstad. Her report on the abuse allegation against Ellison summarily concludes that the allegation is “unsubstantiated,” but the report in total is full of evidence that makes a devastating case supporting the charge. Read it for yourself below, which Mikellonis shows no »

The case against Ellison [With Comment by John]

Featured image The Democratic National Committee has delegated investigation of the current domestic abuse allegation raised against Keith Ellison by Karen Monahan to the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party. Ellison is of course the deputy chairman of the DNC an dthe DFL candidate for attorney general. DFL Chairman Ken Martin retained Minneapolis attorney Susan Ellingstad to conduct the investigation. Susan’s report was made public yesterday. Her report finds the charge against Ellison to be »

As always, Ellison abuses the truth

Featured image Local public television affiliate TPT hosted a discussion featuring Minnesota attorney general candidates Keith Ellison (Democrat), Doug Wardlow (Republican) and Noah Johnson (Legalize Cannabis) last night on Almanac. The 36-minute segment is posted here. Even before the full legalization of cannabis in Minnesota, we have high times that cry out for an intervention. Hosts Eric Eskola and Kathy Wurzer let Ellison bluster his way through the discussion, but they homed »

Keith Ellison: No sale yet

Featured image A KSTP/Survey USA Poll gives us the first glimpse of the state of play in cop killer loving cum lawman wannabe Keith Ellison’s bid for Minnesota Attorney General. Only Republican candidate Keith Wardlow stands in his way. The poll results show a dead heat at 41 percent each. Democrats have held a lock on the office roughly since the memory of man runneth not to the contrary. While Republicans have »

Covering — or covering for — Keith Ellison

Featured image Star Tribune reporter Jessie Van Berkel purports to cover the words and deeds that should haunt Keith Ellison as he runs for the office of Minnesota Attorney General in “Keith Ellison faces and navigates controversy, again.” Ellison is unfit to serve in any high office, but he is particularly unfit to serve as the chief law enforcement officer of the state. Van Berkel’s article touches on the matters I document »

The Ellison enigma

Featured image The New York Times takes up the latest accusation of domestic abuse against Keith Ellison in “A Broken Relationship and Accusations of Emotional Abuse: The Case of Keith Ellison.” The Times assigned two reporters to the story. It comes under the bylines of Julie Turkewitz and Farah Stockman. They spoke to “more than a dozen people who knew the couple.” Note that Ellison declined a request for an interview by »

Ellison off the brink

Featured image John observed that Minnesota Attorney General candidate Keith Ellison — incumbent Fifth District representative and deputy chairman of the Democratic National Committee — might have been on the brink of being forced off the DFL ticket by domestic abuse allegations that surfaced this past weekend. I don’t think so. The rules of the game have never applied to Ellison and and they aren’t going to be applied now. Yesterday the »

After last night

Featured image When I went downtown to the studio yesterday to appear for a segment on Tucker Carlson Tonight, I thought that Tucker wanted to draw me out on the points I made about Keith Ellison in my Weekly Standard column on Wednesday. In the column I asserted that the domestic abuse allegations against Ellison were the least of his disqualifications from office. Taking advantage of his news sense, Tucker only wanted »

Tucker Carison Tonight…tonight

Featured image I am scheduled to appear on the 8:30 p.m. (Eastern) segment of Tucker Carlson Tonight on the Fox News Channel to talk about Minnesota Attorney General candidate Keith Ellison and Minnesota Fifth District congressional candidate Ilhan Omar. That is a lot of ground to cover in one segment. I will have to try to hit the lowlights and leave out a lot of the details that support my comments on »

The Ellison factor

Featured image Will allegations of domestic abuse against DNC vice chairman Keith Ellison hurt the Democratic Party ahead of this fall’s midterm elections? DNC chairman Tom Perez says “no.” With three contributing to the story, the AP reports Perez’s assurance yesterday that allegations of domestic abuse against Ellison would not hurt the party ahead of this fall’s midterm elections. “Yet four days after the first public accusation of physical and emotional abuse »

Ellison responds, sort of

Featured image Over the weekend I laid out Keith Ellison’s record of unabashed support for cop killers. It is a record that should disqualify him from any office of public trust, let alone congressional office. It hasn’t stopped him yet, but perhaps it will become an issue now that he seeks office as Minnesota Attorney General (i.e., Minnesota’s top law enforcement officer). Yesterday afternoon we received this message from Ellison finance director »

Keith Ellison supports cop killers

Featured image Bernie Sanders came to town yesterday to support the candidacy of Minnesota Fifth District Rep. Keith Ellison for state attorney general. Sanders made appearances with Ellison at First Avenue in Minneapolis and at Denfeld High School in Duluth. I cannot imagine a political office for which Ellison is less fitted than the head of any organization devoted to law enforcement. Ellison’s candidacy is a disgrace, as is Sanders’s support of »

Tappin’ on Ellison’s door

Featured image As we have pointed out a few times over the past 12 years that he has served as Minnesota’s Fifth District Congressman, Keith Ellison is not an apostle of peace and love. He made his name in Minnesota as an advocate of Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam. When he first sought legislative office in Minnesota, he ran as an acknowledged member of the Nation of Islam under the »

If so I can’t imagine why

Featured image As we previewed yesterday, Minnesota Fifth District Rep. Keith Ellison has chosen to give up his sinecure in Congress to run for the office of Minnesota Attorney General. There is now a scramble among Democrats for both offices and for the office of governor as well. It is only sketched out by the Star Tribune story here. State representative Ilhan Omar is among those who will seek the DFL endorsement »

We’ve all got time enough to cry

Featured image Yesterday afternoon, in “Does anyone really know what time it is? (Minnesota DFL edition),” I noted the rumors that Deputy DNC Chairman/Minnesota Fifth District Rep. Keith Ellison would leave his House seat to run for statewide office as Minnesota Attorney General. Ellison’s departure from Congress would create an opening for state representative Ilhan Omar, among others, to run for his seat in Congress. I thought what I heard about Ellison »

The Ellison evasions

Featured image I wrote about DNC vice chairman and Minnesota Fifth District Rep. Keith Ellison last week in “The never-ending evasion.” I first summarized Ellison’s long relationship with the Nation of Islam for the Weekly Standard in the 2006 article “Louis Farrakhan’s first congressman.” Jeryl Bier has continued to work on unraveling Ellison’s never-ending evasion. Over at the Weekly Standard this morning he asks “Has Keith Ellison really distanced himself from the »

The never-ending evasion

Featured image I am sorry to repeat myself on the subject of Keith Ellison, but Ellison keeps repeating his lies. As vice chairman of the Democratic National Committee, he is a consequential national figure. In Minnesota, the Star Tribune sits in Ellison’s congressional district. It continues to avert its eyes from Ellison’s repeated lies. Who will call him on them? Ellison repeated his lies again most recently in the March 18 column »