Mitt Romney

Why Romney Will Win

Featured image Lately a simple question has been coming to mind: just how did Mitt Romney get elected governor of heavily Democratic Massachusetts ten years ago?  Romney could have run for governor of Utah instead, which would have been not only easier but would have spared us the egregious Jon Huntsman.  Saying that he ran as a moderate, pro-choice Republican is not a fully adequate explanation.  Nor is a weak Democratic opponent »

Big choice, big changes

Featured image In case you missed it, the big political news yesterday was Meat Loaf’s endorsement of Mitt Romney in Defiance, Ohio. Wasn’t it? Alluding to a highlight of this past Monday’s presidential debate, Mr. Loaf cited Romney’s “backbone.” Video of Mr. Loaf in action is accessible here. The Washington Post’s Phil Rucker covers the story here. I love that dateline: Defiance. Thanks to RealClearPoltics, I found the NBC video of Mitt »

Romney at Red Rocks

Featured image Last night, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan appeared at the Red Rocks amphitheater outside of Denver before a packed house. The Romney campaign sent out these photos of the event this morning: This one is from Hugh Hewitt’s site: The Denver Post, no Republican outlet, acknowledged how extraordinary the event was: “GOP nominees pack Red Rocks Amphitheater to capacity.” A confident Mitt Romney, two weeks out from Election Day, spoke »

Mitt Romney, Bringing People Together

Featured image With the Romney campaign surging, this new ad, which came out this morning, seeks to close the deal with undecided voters. Titled “Bringing People Together,” it is brilliant. It combines a sharp attack on Obama’s economic record with the themes of unity and leadership, and features a split screen from one of the debates where Romney is talking earnestly and Obama is smirking. This is a truly great ad, I »

Mitt kills (with add-ons from John and Paul)

Featured image Governor Romney spoke tonight at the annual Alfred E. Smith Dinner, followed by President Obama. I thought Obama was good, but Mitt was great. He had excellent material and the audience was incredibly receptive. He is feeling it (and Obama is feeling the heat). As the Right Scoop has it, Romney “delivered line after line, mostly about the president. In fact he landed some pretty hard blows on the president, »

Romney is winning the Bain wars

Featured image Almost six years ago, as Mitt Romney prepared to enter the 2008 presidential campaign, his team believed that Romney’s business experience would be a huge plus. According to my sources, Romney and his staff saw a public that yearned, in the aftermath of President Bush, for a super-competent leader. Given Romney’s enormous sucess at Bain and with the 2002 Winter Olympics, he seemed to ooze super-competence. Things didn’t go according »

Essentially a draw, but whom does it help?

Featured image Many of us expected to see a vastly improved Barack Obama in tonight’s debate, and that he would find his groove at around the mid-point between his laid back first performance and Joe Biden’s over-the-top performance art. As it turned out, Obama met, and probably exceeded, these expectations. He debated quite well, attacking Romney effectively, defending his record as well as he could, and presenting himself to the audience as »

Mitt Romney, Most Generous Candidate Ever?

Featured image I hope this comes up in tomorrow night’s debate. Barack Obama says that he is going to be more aggressive this time, while not coming across as a lunatic like Joe Biden. So what lies in that middle ground? Many observers think Obama will renew the attack on Mitt Romney’s career at Bain Capital and, closely allied to that, the assertion that Romney doesn’t pay enough in taxes. Of course, »

Foreign policy — a growth opportunity for Romney

Featured image With the presidential race extremely tight, and both sides having pulled out most of the stops, it’s worth considering what the candidates can do at this late date to move the needle. For Obama it will be all about turning in strong debate performances. A win in one or both of the two remaining contests might well restore the race to something like its pre-debate status. Two solid performances, even »

Romney on Foreign Policy: Does It Matter?

Featured image Tomorrow Mitt Romney will deliver a “major foreign policy address” at VMI. His speech is titled “The Mantle of Leadership.” Today his campaign distributed the following excerpts from the speech, embargoed until midnight. I will reproduce the excerpts in their entirety, and then comment on them: Of all the leaders who have called Lexington, Virginia their home, none is more distinguished than George Marshall—the Chief of Staff of the Army »

Ann Romney’s Diagnosis, and Mitt Takes the Lead

Featured image At The Corner, Robert Costa has a nice interview with Ann Romney that includes this exchange: NRO: Speaking of people who are making claims, what do you make of President Obama’s telling a Wisconsin crowd that the governor was duplicitous during the debate? ROMNEY: I hadn’t heard that, but that’s interesting. Mitt’s positions are exactly what they’ve always been, and if he had done his homework, he would have known »

Romney unfiltered

Featured image Writing about this week’s presidential debate, Andrew McCarthy titles his weekly NRO column “Obama unfiltered.” Yet from the debate Andy takes Romney unfiltered. “With no slavish Obamedia filter between the candidates and the viewers,” Andy writes, “the Obama campaign’s ludicrous distortion of Romney collided, one on one and for all to see, with the reality of Romney.” Andy gives us Romney unfiltered in this paragraph: Whatever you may think of »

Romney Hits the Air Waves

Featured image Until now, President Obama has been vastly outspending Mitt Romney on television ads in the swing states. Those of us who were cheered by Romney’s excellent fundraising–he can’t possibly equal, but has actually approached the totals achieved by the Obama money machine–have been waiting impatiently to see that money spent in a visible way. With 30 days to go in the campaign, Romney is hitting the air waves in a »

Mitt Romney on the new jobs report

Featured image In the post immediately below, I offered my view on the Labor Department’s jobs report, which says that the unemployment rate dropped from 8.1 percent to 7.8 percent last month. In sum, the purported improvement indicated by these numbers appears to have little or no basis in reality. Mitt Romney responded quickly to the report: This is not what a real recovery looks like. We created fewer jobs in September »

The Debate in Animated Form

Featured image Gotta love those Taiwanese news folks for rendering the Romney-Obama debate in animated form. (You don’t need to know Chinese to understand what’s going on, though you can click in the upper right hand corner to get a YouTube version in English).  I especially liked taking the chain saw to Big Bird while the Sesame Street cast looks on in horror.  (By the way, looks to me like Big Bird »

My Two Cents

Featured image Obama got Eastwooded last night.  Or should we say Romney took Obama to the Eastwoodshed?  (Hat tip to Bob Owens for the imagery here.) Last night was one of those nights when it is really fun to watch MSNBC.  There’ve been many of those—the 2002 midterm election (though James Carville putting the paper bag over his head on CNN that night was something to savor, too), the 2004 election, and »

Well, that was terrific

Featured image It’s difficult to see how Mitt Romney could have been much better than he was in tonight’s debate. Romney was crisp, forcful (without being disrespectful or obnoxious), and almost always on point (especially during the crucial first hour). Most importantly, he was vibrant and even passionate. I have seen stiff lawyers come alive in a court room (I’ve even been described as having done so myself). To some extent, that’s »