New York Primary

After last night

Featured image New York, Florida, and Oklahoma held primaries yesterday. New York also held a special election for its 19th Congressional District. I only want to note a few races that caught my attention. • The special election was held to fill New York’s old 19th CD in the Hudson Valley — “old” because it will disappear as of the November election. Democratic Ulster County Executive Pat Ryan faced off against Republican »

Chaos is winning the New York City mayoral primary

Featured image The race for New York City mayor was always going to be a s***show, at the least on the Democrat side. Given the new ranked-choice voting system and pre-existing problems with vote counting, the Democrats weren’t expected to declare a winner until weeks after the voting. Things took a turn for the worse yesterday when the Board of Elections released updated results showing that what was a substantial lead for »

Law and order candidate leading in New York City

Featured image Last night, I wrote about the Democratic mayoral primary in New York City. Steve wrote about the same subject today. Both of us pointed out that Eric Adams, a former cop who promises to increase the city’s police presence, is the frontrunner. An Adams victory, we thought, would send a strong message to Democrats. The message? Voters want more, not less, policing. Tonight, the results are coming in, and with »

All Eyes on New York City Today

Featured image Keep your eyes on New York City tonight and tomorrow, as it goes to the polls for the primary election for a new mayor. That sound you’re not hearing is the worry of progressives that the winning candidate just might be Eric Adams, the black Brooklyn borough president who appears to be the most conservative candidate in the field, at least when it comes to law and order issues that—big »

Trump crushes it in New York

Featured image Until tonight, Donald Trump had not reached 50 percent in any primary or caucus race. In his home state of New York, however, Trump has won 60 percent of the vote, with almost 90 percent of precincts having reported. John Kasich is in second place with 25 percent. Ted Cruz is at 15 percent. No one expected Cruz to do well in New York. The RCP poll average had him »

Trump way ahead in New York

Featured image The New York primary is less than a week away, and at least four new polls are out. The polls are by Quinippiac, PPP, Baruch College, and Liberty. Donald Trump is far ahead in each. His share ranges from 51 percent (PPP) to 60 percent (Baruch). Ted Cruz runs third, just behind John Kasich, in all three polls. His share ranges from 14 percent (Baruch) to 19 percent (Quinnipiac). In »

Is corruption thicker than socialism?

Featured image Aspects of the campaign financing practices of New York City mayor Bill de Blasio are under federal corruption investigation, the New York Times reports. The investigation centers around two businessmen with ties to de Blasio — Jona Rechnitz and Jeremy Reichberg. Federal agents reportedly have interviewed roughly 20 senior New York Police Department officials as part of an examination of the ways Rechnitz and Reichberg wielded influence in New York »

Giuliani says he’ll vote for Trump

Featured image Former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani intends to vote for Donald Trump, he said today in an interview. Giuliani isn’t formally endorsing Trump, though. He will be a delegate to the Republican convention and believes he will have more sway on the floor if he hasn’t endorsed anyone. Whatever. It’s natural that Giuliani supports Trump. Cruz is far to the right of Giuliani. Moreover, the ex-mayor says he didn’t »

On to New York

Featured image The New York primary, the next big GOP contest, is less than two weeks away. Matt Flegenheimer and Maggie Haberman of the New York Times offer a good preview of that race. Donald Trump is way ahead in his home state. A Monmouth University poll released on Wednesday had Trump in first place with 52 percent support. John Kasich was second with 25 percent. Ted Cruz, with 17 percent, was »