Nikki Haley

Trikki Nikki?

Featured image Lots of chatter and criticism this morning for Nikki Haley going on Saturday Night Live for the cold open last night, as it is taken as an indicator that she’s part of the hated liberal establishment, since SNL does not have good wishes for Republicans. The riposte is that Trump hosted SNL back in 2015 after he had entered the race (even doing a great Oval Office sketch about Mexico »

After last night

Featured image President Trump prevailed against Nikki Haley in the New Hampshire primary last night. The race was called for Trump within seconds of the polls closing. As I write, Haley is down by 11 points with 91 percent of the vote counted. Haley took the opportunity to concede relatively soon after the race was called, when the audience viewing the results on television might have been at a maximum. PBS video »

Nikki Haley, Squish?

Featured image Nikki Haley did a good job as Governor of South Carolina, and an excellent job as Donald Trump’s UN Ambassador. That was where she became a favorite of many conservatives. At the same time, there is legitimate doubt about how conservative she really is. Several times, her first reaction to events has been misguided and not at all conservative–among others, after George Floyd’s death she tweeted about the need for »