Pete Buttigieg

Pete Buttigieg as healer of the nation? Don’t make me laugh.

Featured image Rep. Anthony Brown of Maryland has endorsed Pete Buttigieg for president. Who is Anthony Brown? His biggest claim to fame is that he managed to lose a race for governor of Maryland to a Republican, something many of us thought was nearly impossible to do. Brown is important for Buttigieg’s purposes, though, because he is African-American and member of the congressional black caucus. Buttigieg is desperately seeking African-American support, of »

Pete Buttigieg, Sane Democrat?

Featured image “Mayor Pete” Buttigieg has been touted as a favorite in the “sane lane” of the Democratic presidential chase, but there is good reason to question whether any such lane exists. Earlier today, Buttigieg blamed Iran’s shooting down a Ukrainian passenger airplane on…President Trump: Iran allegedly shoots down a commercial airliner, and Pete Buttigieg’s first reaction is to blame America. Ridiculous. — Ronna McDaniel (@GOPChairwoman) January 9, 2020 This is contemptible, »

Poll: Jump ball in New Hampshire

Featured image Monmouth University is out with a new poll of the New Hampshire primary, the first one conducted entirely in 2020. It shows a logjam at the top. Pete Buttigieg leads with 20 percent. Joe Biden is right behind at 19 percent, followed closely by Bernie Sanders at 18 percent (the three are tied, statistically speaking). Elizabeth Warren is next. She polls 15 percent. After that, it’s all the way down »

Bernie Ascending; Buttigieg Descending? [Updated]

Featured image The “holiday season,” better known to Americans as Christmas and Hanukkah but now known as Impeachment Season to cosmopolite liberals, might be thought of as half-time in the presidential primary process. And the 4th quarter fundraising numbers for the Democratic field are starting to dribble out. News out this morning is that Bernie Sanders raked in $34.5 million in the 4th quarter (up from $25 million in the 3rd quarter), »

Fake religion from Pete Buttigieg

Featured image Pete Buttigieg has tried to carve out a niche among Democratic presidential hopefuls as the candidate who is comfortable talking about religion. Unfortunately, he’s only comfortable trying to use religion as a means of beating conservatives, especially religious ones, over the head. This annoying penchant was on display again in Buttigieg’s Christmas message. He tweeted: Today I join millions around the world in celebrating the arrival of divinity on earth, »

Fake labels

Featured image The Washington Post reports that some Democrats are mad as hell at Pete Buttigieg for abandoning some of his previous positions — e.g., Medicare for all and decriminalizing illegal border crossings. I think Buttigieg can live with their wrath, given that his move out of the hard left lane has corresponded with a surge in the polls, both nationally and especially in Iowa. However, the Post’s article, by Chelsea Janes, »

Elizabeth Warren in desperation mode

Featured image I didn’t watch the Democratic candidates’ presidential debate last night. In fact, I’m embarrassed to admit that I didn’t even know it was taking place. Based on accounts of the debate, I wish I’d tuned in. I take perverse enjoyment in seeing candidates I don’t like trying desperately to ward off defeat. Elizabeth Warren is such a candidate. Not long ago, she was right on the heels of frontrunner Joe »

Blacks for Buttigieg event disrupted by white “black lives matter” protester

Featured image John wrote below about Democrats gone wild. Let’s file the following story under left-wing Democrats gone wild. Pete Buttigieg hasn’t been able to garner significant support from blacks. One reason is said to be his disagreements with black activists over policing in South Bend, Indiana, where Buttigieg is mayor. I doubt that this is Buttigieg’s main problem with black voters, but I’m sure it doesn’t help him. In any case, »

Buttigieg and the Intersectional Blues

Featured image While “Mayor Pete” rises in the polls in Iowa and New Hampshire, it is a delight to watch the media tiptoe around his very weak pull with black voters. The New York Times today ran a story headlined, “Pete Buttigieg is Struggling with Black Voters. Here’s Why.” Except the story never really tells you probably the biggest reason why: American blacks are highly hostile to homosexuality. This fact goes completely »

Buttigieg used stock photos of blacks on his website. So what?

Featured image Yesterday, I discussed Pete Buttigieg’s impressive surge in Iowa, but noted that will face a big, if not insuperable, barrier when the primaries come to states with a large number of African-American voters. The first of those states is South Carolina where, according to a new Quinnipiac poll, Buttigieg’s support among black voters is zero percent. Buttigieg’s rivals have attacked Buttigieg over police practices in South Bend and his response, »

Polls: Buttigieg is ahead in Iowa

Featured image Two of the three most recent polls of Iowa Democrats flagged by Real Clear Politics show Pete Buttigieg in the lead. The most recent one, by the Des Moines Register/CNN, has him well ahead. In that survey, he leads second-place Elizabeth Warren by 25-16. In a Monmouth poll, Buttigieg edges out Joe Biden, 22-19, with Warren in third place at 18 percent. The other survey is by CBS News/YouGov. It »

Amy’s complaint

Featured image Amy Klobuchar is upset. She had hoped to become the second string non-radical choice for the Democratic presidential nomination behind Joe Biden, who she thought might fall by the wayside. Instead, Pete Buttigieg has grabbed that slot. How did his happen? Klobuchar declines to give Buttigieg any credit or to accept any blame. Instead, she attributes Buttigieg’s success and her her failure to sexism, expressing doubt that people would take »

The breathtaking arrogance of Pete Buttigieg

Featured image My conservative cousin formerly from New York (now from California) has closely followed presidential politics since the days of Dwight Eisenhower. He finds in Pete Buttigieg an arrogance he hasn’t come across before, not even from Barack Obama. Pete Buttigieg may well be the most arrogant candidate ever to run for a major party’s nomination in American History. Start with his record as South Bend, Indiana Mayor. Buttigieg admits to »

Buttigieg’s pander: a Marshall Plan for black America

Featured image Pete Buttigieg soared from obscurity to third place (at one time) in the Democratic race for the presidency. His candidacy struck me as interesting for about a week. Then, I realized that he’s just another left-wing Democrat, distinguished from the rest of the field primarily because he happens to be gay. And he has fallen back in the polls. Even at its peak, the Buttigieg campaign faced a huge problem »

Buttigieg stock falling in aftermath of police shooting

Featured image Pete Buttigieg’s presidential candidacy interested me for a few days. Then, I realized that he’s just another hack liberal politician. I reached that conclusion based mainly on Buttigieg’s treatment of Mike Pence. When Pence was governor of Indiana, his relations with Mayor Pete of South Bend, were excellent by all credible accounts. Pence’s religious-based view of homosexuality had zero impact on his dealings with Buttigieg. He wanted Buttigieg to succeed »

Trump unhappy to see Democrats on Fox News

Featured image Fox News has been hosting Democratic presidential candidates willing to appear on the network. It has staged “town halls” for Pete Buttigieg, Bernie Sanders, and Amy Klobuchar, and has scheduled one for Kirsten Gillibrand. President Trump seems unhappy about this. Before the Fox News event with Buttigieg, he tweeted: Hard to believe that @Fox News is wasting airtime on Mayor Pete, as Chris Wallace likes to call him. Fox is »

Can “Alfred E. Neuman” become president?

Featured image Donald Trump doesn’t think so. Here is the relevant passage from the president’s interview with Politico: POLITICO: What do you think about [South Bend Mayor] Pete Buttigieg? I know you mentioned him once in your rally, but do you think he’s a threat in any way? TRUMP: Alfred E. Neuman cannot become president of the United States. What, Trump worry? This put down reminds me of when Trump said of »