Nine months into Biden’s presidency, faith in government has plummeted

Featured image Dan Balz, the Washington Post’s senior writer about politics, looks at the results of a recent Gallup poll on trust of government. Based on these results, he suggests that the public’s souring on government bodes ill for Joe Biden’s agenda. That’s a fair conclusion. Gallup conducts an annual survey of attitudes about government. Last year, as the pandemic raged, 54 percent of Americans said the government should do more to »

Biden’s “bounce back” on hold as Americans realize he’s a fraud

Featured image FiveThirtyEight notices that Joe Biden’s approval number isn’t “bouncing back” after the Afghanistan fiasco. Its pundits had suggested that the number might well bounce back as news of that debacle faded. But, they acknowledge, “we’re now more than a month removed from Biden’s difficult August, and there have been no signs of a rebound in his approval rating.” Why? The FiveThirtyEight crew now says “the decline in Biden’s approval rating »

Iowans overwhelmingly disapprove of Biden’s performance

Featured image A poll from Iowa is getting plenty of attention, and deservedly so, I think. According to the survey, Iowans disapprove of Joe Biden’s performance as president by a ratio of 2-1. 62 percent say they disapprove. Only 31 percent say they approve. In June, in a survey by the same pollster, 43 percent approved of Biden’s performance and 52 percent disapproved. But that was before the Afghanistan fiasco and the »

Poll: Biden below water in seven key congressional districts

Featured image We’ve discussed the fact that Joe Biden’s approval rating is sinking in national surveys. John Fund points us to what might be an even more relevant survey of Biden’s approval — one that polled seven key House districts, each represented by a Democrat. Biden fares little better in these jurisdictions than he does nationally. He’s underwater in all of them, and by seven points on average: The American Action Network, »

Poll: 52 percent say Biden should resign over Afghanistan

Featured image It’s just one poll and the result may not hold as Afghanistan recedes from our consciousness, but the result is still noteworthy. A Rasmussen survey, conducted on August 30-31 among 1,000 “likely voters,” finds that 52 percent believe Joe Biden should resign because of his Afghanistan policy. 39 percent disagree. Furthermore, if Biden does not resign (and he won’t, of course), 60 percent of those surveyed said he should be »

Biden’s approval rating in free fall

Featured image A few days ago, Joe Biden’s approval rating dipped “below water” for the first time. In other words, more Americans disapproved of his performance as president than approved of it. Now, apparently, it’s not even close. Biden’s approval rating is sinking. USA TODAY/Suffolk University found that 41 percent of Americans approve of Biden’s performance, while 55 percent disapprove. That’s about where Donald Trump stood during most of his presidency, although »

Biden’s approval rating drops 7 percentage points

Featured image Reuters conducts weekly polls to determine the percentage of Americans who approve of Joe Biden’s job performance. Its latest poll found that only 46 percent of American adults approve of it. A week earlier, Biden’s approval number was 53 percent, according to the same poll. The 46 percent figure is Biden’s lowest ever. The decline surely is due to the debacle in Afghanistan. Surprisingly, though, 44 percent of respondents said »

Did the American public want the U.S. out of Afghanistan?

Featured image I would have thought so. Both Donald Trump and Joe Biden advocated abandoning the Afghans, so it seems likely that most members of their respective parties were fine this, at least in theory. However, an analysis of polling on the question suggests that perhaps only the party bases really wanted us out. A great many Americans didn’t seem to care one way or another and those who did care seemed »

A Bifocal Look at BIPOC

Featured image As everyone knows, the obsession with identity politics and pronoun correctness attempts to impose a lot of terminological exactitude on everyone, none more so that than use of “Latinx” for people of Hispanic descent. There have been some polls showing that actual hispanics dislike the term or are at best indifferent to it. The Gallup Poll is out with a new survey on ethnic nomenclature, finding that only 4 percent »

Biden’s approval rating slips significantly

Featured image Byron York points out that Joe Biden’s approval rating shows the first sign of meaningful decline. In the latest Gallup poll, Biden is at 50 percent approval and 45 percent disapproval — down from 57 percent approval and 37 percent disapproval at the start of his term. What’s the explanation for this decline? Gallup attributes it at least in part to “the law of political gravity” — the end of »

Who’s Proud To Be An American?

Featured image I don’t know whether these poll data are reproducible, but they are interesting. Most people, first of all, are proud of being Americans. That is a good thing. Conservatives are most proud, but 87% of moderates are proud to be Americans, too. Hispanics are slightly more proud to be Americans than whites, but Asians, for some reason, are less proud in this survey. Maybe it is a fluke, or maybe »

Poll: College students overwhelmingly favor race-blind admissions

Featured image The youth of America may not be as clueless as the more pessimistic among us suppose. According to a new survey by College Pulse, 67 percent of college students strongly support “race blind” admissions. Another 18 percent “somewhat support” such admissions. This leaves only 15 percent who oppose race blind admissions. Of that group, only 5 percent strongly oppose them. The survey defines race blind admissions as meaning that “colleges »

The Economy: A Winning Issue for Republicans

Featured image The Democrats entered 2021 thinking they could do pretty much anything they want, and coast to future victories on the back of the inevitable economic rebound from covid shutdown-depressed 2020. No matter how much they held back the economy, their thinking went, it would show vigorous growth and thereby insulate them from political fallout. The Democrats’ cockiness was exemplified by Joe Biden’s absurd assertion that “no serious economist” is worried »

Dems Say: We’re In Trouble

Featured image Someone passed on to me a report done by a Democratic Party consulting group called Future Majority. The report covers polling done by Future Majority in 37 Congressional swing districts, along with additional polling in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Arizona, Michigan and New Hampshire. Along with poll results, it includes extensive recommendations to the Democratic Party. The polling was mostly done between May 10 and May 14. The report is embedded »

Americans Are Confused, But the Democrats Are In Trouble

Featured image The Harvard/Harris poll surveyed over 2,000 Americans a few days ago. The results are interesting, in some ways confounding and in other ways encouraging. You can look at the whole thing and draw your own conclusions. Here are a few observations: * More respondents say we are on the “right track” than at any time in recent years. I assume this mostly has to do with the fading of COVID, »

Trouble for Dems in Battleground States

Featured image Earlier this month, the National Republican Senatorial Committee and the Republican Governors’ Association employed OnMessage Inc. to conduct a poll of 26 states where important Senate and gubernatorial races are shaping up in 2022. The poll included 1,200 likely voters, but it is not clear how those voters were distributed among the 26 states. Of the states that were surveyed, ten were classified as red, nine as purple, and seven »

Trouble ahead for Democrats?

Featured image Joe Biden’s average approval rating is 54 percent. That’s not bad, though it lags behind the 100-day numbers of every post-World War II president except Donald Trump. But our friend Michael Barone looks behind that number and sees worrying signs for Democrats. For one thing, Biden’s 41.6 percent disapproval number is about equal to Trump’s. And Biden’s real numbers may be worse than what the poll average shows because, as »