The Voters Are On To Biden

Featured image This Harvard Harris poll has lots of interesting results, pretty much all of which are positive for us conservatives. Among other things, it finds the GOP with a 51% favorability rating, compared with 43% for the Democrats. But I want to focus on voters’ perception of Joe Biden. Anyone who pays attention knows that Biden is more or less senile. Yet the press has tried to gaslight Americans into thinking »

The Dem Midterm Wipeout Watch (4)

Featured image Last week my pals at the Jack Citrin Center for Public Opinion Research at Berkeley held a panel on “(Why) Are Democrats Losing the Latino Vote?” You may pick up the subtle aspect of the way the question is presented, as lots of progressives think there’s nothing to see in changing hispanic vote patterns—that the results in Florida, for example, are just those Castro-hating Cubans, who aren’t really Latino at all. »

Ask not for whom the Klain clangs

Featured image Chief Biden White House daycare minder Ron Klain tactfully observes — “just FYI” — that President Macron’s win over Marine LePen in France’s presidential election yesterday came with Macron’s bargain basement approval rating. He leaves us to make of it what we will. Just fyi, President Biden’s bargain basement approval rating — 40 percent in the Morning Consult poll (of adults) to which Klain links, 33 percent in the Quinnipiac »

How low can Joe go?

Featured image Byron York has a terrific column exploring Joe Biden’s fall in the polls. He turns to three Republican pollsters and political consultants to ask if he has bottomed out or might have further to fall. My sense of humor is in a challenged condition, so forgive me, but their responses still have me laughing. I remember each of the points of reference they invoke. How low can Joe go? Byron »

Americans Say: Biden Is Bad For America

Featured image I have been saying for a while that Joe Biden’s approval rating, around 40% in most polls, is overstated because Democrats are lying to pollsters to support their party. There is no way 40% of Americans look at the events of the last year and say, “Heck of a job, Joe!” Rasmussen approached the question a little differently and got some interesting results: More than half of American voters say »

Biden: Still Sinking

Featured image Today’s bad polling news for Biden comes from the Marist Poll, which pegs Biden’s approval rating at 39 percent: President Joe Biden’s post-State of the Union job approval rating bounce has come back down. 39% of Americans approve of the job President Biden is doing in office, down from 47% immediately following his address. Biden’s current job approval rating is identical to the score he received in February and matches »

Biden Still Falling

Featured image Yesterday, noting the results of a national survey by the Iowa Poll, we asked, “How Low Can Biden Fall?” Answer: More! NBC News has a new poll that, while having Biden’s overall job approval rating (40%) slightly higher than the Iowa Poll, still represents slippage: 40% is his lowest level ever on the NBC Poll. But the all-important crosstabs have much more grim news for Biden: Amid Europe’s largest land war »

This Party Will Not Fight for King and Country

Featured image Students of the disastrous interwar appeasement will recall the famous 1933 Oxford University debate resolution which carried heavily in the affirmative: “This house will not fight for King and country.” Today one can well ask that question of Democrats, who always bristle when you question their patriotism. The Quinnipiac University poll is out with a new survey this week which shows strong American support for ending Russian oil imports, as »

Do Republicans love Trump as they once did?

Featured image Recent polling shows they do not. However, it also shows that Republicans still like Trump enough to nominate him in 2024. Dan Balz notes that on the eve of the 2020 election, 54 percent of Republicans and independents who lean Republican said they considered themselves more a supporter of Trump than of the Republican Party, compared with 38 percent who said they considered themselves more a supporter of the Republican »

Polls: Dems are less accepting than Republicans of election defeat

Featured image Democrats and their mainstream media allies express dismay, if not alarm, over a poll that shows 58 percent of Republicans don’t believe Joe Biden was elected legitimately. However, Byron York points out that in the Fall of 2017, the same pollster found that 67 percent of Democrats said Trump was not legitimately elected. Given the drumbeat of unfounded claims by mainstream media outlets of Russian collusion in the election of »

Biden’s approval rating keeps falling

Featured image The price of a gallon of gas might be creeping down by a few pennies, but that development doesn’t seem to be helping Joe Biden’s poll numbers. If anything, the spread between approval and disapproval of Biden’s performance is creeping down too. A new ABC News/ISPSOS poll finds Biden hitting new lows on approval of his handling of key issues. Prominent among them are the “economic recovery,” inflation, crime, gun »

Good news on the Latino vote, poll shows it’s evenly split [UPDATED]

Featured image According to a new poll by the Wall Street Journal, Latino voters are evenly divided between Democrats and Republicans heading into next year’s election. Asked which party they would back in the midterms if the election were today, 37 percent said they would support the Republican congressional candidate and 37 percent said they would favor the Democrat. 22 percent said they were undecided. Last year, Latinos gave Democratic House candidates »

Trump vs. Biden, the Rematch

Featured image Yesterday Rasmussen published this stunning poll result: in a national survey, Donald Trump beats Joe Biden by a whopping 13 points in a rerun of the 2020 election: While most voters aren’t looking forward to a Biden-Trump rematch in 2024, it’s clear that the Republican would be favored. Forty-five percent (45%) of voters would choose Trump if the election were held today, while only 32% would vote to reelect Biden. »

Biden’s approval rating falls as inflation rises

Featured image A new survey by NPR/Marist places Joe Biden’s approval at 42 percent. That’s a new low for Biden in this particular poll. 37 percent of those surveyed strongly disapprove of Biden’s performance. Only 13 percent strongly approve. At 42 percent, Biden’s approval number is exactly the same as the percentage that approves of the way he’s handling the economy. Clearly, “it’s the economy stupid.” Or maybe it’s the stupid way »