Power Line Prize

Shovel Ready? Not Shovel Ready Enough!

Featured image We and others have been posting entries in the Power Line Prize competition that didn’t quite qualify for a cash prize. This one, a music video called “Shovel Ready,” wasn’t in the top ten, but is a rowdy and effective lampooning of the stimulus bill that cost close to a trillion dollars and accomplished little or nothing. “Shovel Ready” is by Steve Riggs: »

PL Prize Countdown: 7…6…5…

Featured image The top finishers in the Power Line Prize competition are being posted around the web. Number seven, called “Fiscal Child Abuse,” is a video submitted by the Independence Institute in Colorado. It features three young girls who want to start a lawsuit; it is funny, and is one of my favorites in the competition. Roger Simon of Pajamas Media has posted the video. Number six was Hugh Hewitt’s favorite entry »

The PL Prize Countdown: American Dream

Featured image We are counting down the top finishers in the Power Line Prize contest, and I will be linking to other sites where finishers 7, 6 and 5 will be posted. In the meantime, here is one of my favorite entries in the contest. It didn’t make the Top Ten, but I think it is one of the best songs we received. It is by Fabian Chavez. I don’t know anything »

The Power Line Prize Ballots Are In

Featured image The Power Line Prize jury met via conference call yesterday afternoon and selected the winners of the Power Line Prize contest. Readers who don’t remember may want to refresh themselves: at the beginning of the summer we offered to give away $100,000 to the Power Line reader who best dramatizes the national debt. Boy did you come through. It wasn’t easy, as we had far more excellent entries than there »

What I Did Tonight

Featured image As regular readers know, the Power Line Prize competition has been going on for the last couple of months. The deadline to submit entries was midnight on Friday, and Joe Malchow, Mike Scholl of the Freedom Club and I spent last weekend winnowing the several hundred entries down to 43 semifinalists. We put those onto USB drives and overnighted them to our distinguished panel of judges–Hugh Hewitt, Glenn Reynolds, Marcheta »