Race and racial bias

American Fiction, Part Deux

Featured image With lines such as “the dumber I behave the richer I get,” Cord Jefferson’s American Fiction does sound like cinematic dynamite. What this film does for the literary world, Robert Townsend’s Hollywood Shuffle, from 1987, has already performed for the movie industry. Townsend plays aspiring actor Bobby Taylor, who finds that Hollywood prefers to cast blacks in gang movies. Script in hand, the eloquent Bobby must rehearse lines such as, »

Racism and “American Fiction”

Featured image Even before the horror of October 7 blew the lid off the anti-Semitic rot on our college campuses, it was starting to look like the “social justice revolution” was starting to come apart. Think of how Ibram X. Kendi’s famous center for anti-racist research at Boston University hit the wall, as was easy to predict when it launched, along with the obvious corruption and self-dealing of Black Lives Matter that »

Glenn Loury Offers Another Helping

Featured image Last week on the 3WHH podcast I included Glenn Loury’s rant about Ibram X. Kendi from several months ago, but it is worth noting that 25 years before Kendi bamboozled Boston University’s moronic leadership into funneling millions into Kendi’s bogus Center for Anti-Racist Research, Boston University had a premier research institute on race issues headed by . . . Glenn Loury. He recounts some of this, and doubles down on »

Recidivist Disney

Featured image Disney Corporation is in freefall, with one film flop after another. Its share price has suffered accordingly: Disney pretty much defines corporate wokism, and most people think the company’s far-left orientation largely accounts for its decline. CEO Bob Iger, brought out of retirement in a desperate move, seemed to agree: The culture wars are bad for business, said Disney/ESPN top dog Bob Iger recently, and he vowed to “quiet the »

Confronting BLM at Berkeley

Featured image In the hectic days before departing for my current overseas assignment (more on that shortly—I’ve got a lot in the can already), I didn’t have time to relate hosting Heather Mac Donald, the most fearless journalist in America, for the Federalist Society at Berkeley Law. A substantial contingent of Black Lives Matter protestors turned up to register their displeasure at Heather’s presence and message. Let’s just say it was a »

Kendi Kar Krash

Featured image Ibram X. Kendi, ne Ibram Henry Rogers, is this generation’s Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton on steroids: race hustling shakedowns perfected. His target has been universities, which have been content to shower him with money, the most recent being Boston University, which lured him and his Center for Antiracist Research away from American University several years ago. Twitter founder Jack Dorsey gave Kendi a $10 million unrestricted grant, among other »

Racist Law Enforcement in Oakland

Featured image In recent years, we have heard a lot about racism in law enforcement. Sometimes, those claims have turned out to be false. This one, however, is true: Heather Mac Donald shows that law enforcement in Oakland engages in vicious race discrimination under the leadership of District Attorney Pamela Price. Mac Donald obtained a copy of a Power Point used to train social workers in Oakland’s Victim Services Division. They are »

Proof That Law Enforcement Does Not Discriminate Against Blacks

Featured image In May 2020, the world was turned upside down when a massively-overdosed George Floyd died on a Minneapolis street while waiting for an ambulance that could have saved his life. The narrative that Minnesota’s criminal justice system was biased against blacks immediately took hold, encouraged by Minnesota’s own state and local officials. In response to that narrative, states and local jurisdictions across America, and even around the world, enacted “reforms” »

Race Discrimination, Cocaine, and the Hottest Day Ever

Featured image Those were the topics for my appearance last night on Sky News Australia’s excellent Outsiders program, as I continued my effort to explain the inexplicable to Aussies. Note the frequent Power Line plugs: »

Liberals Beclown Themselves in Reaction to SCOTUS Decisions

Featured image Liberal reactions to the high profile decisions from the U.S. Supreme Court this week read like a parody account. On Thursday, the Court dealt a blow to affirmative action by invalidating race-based college admissions programs in favor of a merit-based system and the responses from many on the left were downright racist. Rev. Al Sharpton said the decision was “tantamount to sticking a dagger in our back.” He’s saying that blacks »

“Break the Wheel,” or something, part 5

Featured image Keith Ellison’s Break the Wheel: Ending the Cycle of Police Violence posits the death of George Floyd in the custody of the Minneapolis police as representative of the murderous rampage of law enforcement authorities against black Americans. Yesterday I noted that Ellison fails to cite any statistical analysis or study of deadly force police encounters to support the premise that the “cycle of police violence” exists. He also fails to »

“Break the Wheel,” or something, part 4

Featured image Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison’s memoir of the Chauvin prosecution — Break the Wheel: Ending the Cycle of Police Violence — was published last week. It’s good to be Keith Ellison. He’s got the Star Tribune doing public relations for him. He’s got the New York Times doing public relations for him. He’s got the Washington Post doing public relations for him. He’s got NPR doing public relations for him. »

Behind the Left’s Addiction to Racism

Featured image As is well known, the problem with addiction is that it requires larger and larger doses to get results, until it becomes fatally destructive to the addict. This medical fact may well be a political fact for the left, as its obsession with all things race has lead it progressively over the last generation to find more and more of it, requiring ever more outlandish remedies, such as trillion-dollar reparations »

Susan Rice: Discrimination against blacks cost the US $16 trillion

Featured image Domestic Policy Council Director and former National Security Advisor Susan Rice made an astonishing claim during remarks before Al Sharpton’s racial justice advocacy group National Action Network last Wednesday. She said that between 2000 and 2020, racism against blacks cost the US $16 trillion in lost GDP. That’s quite a statement. She told the audience: In the last 20 years, the US had a GDP shortfall of $16 trillion due »

Is Childbirth Racist?

Featured image Everything else is, so why not? This question is prompted by the revelation that the University of Minnesota paid a diversity consultant more than $200,000 to develop an online anti-racism training course for the University’s hospitals and maternity centers. Does anyone seriously think that the University of Minnesota’s hospital system is racist? Of course not. This course is meant to combat “implicit bias,” which means that no one in these »

Target Customer Demands Reparations, Gets Punched by Security Guard

Featured image The New York Post reviewed the police report of an incident that occurred at a Blue Ash, Ohio, Target store in October. Upon hearing that her bill totaled over $1,000, customer Karen Ivery became irate and demanded that it be paid by reparations. Ivery became so aggressive during her encounter with the manager, the store’s loss prevention officer, Zach Cotter, was forced to intervene. The confrontation ended when Cotter punched Ivery »

Time to Call Out the Cowards

Featured image One of Stan Evans‘s many great quips was that it was fortunate Republican politicians were pro-life, since they spend so much time in the fetal position. The lack of fight in congressional Republicans was a source of endless frustration for Stan, and despite some indications the new House GOP majority may pick some worthy fights, in some areas they are already proving to be a colossal failure. The Washington Free »